And We Begin!

The world seemed just beautiful and vague-nothing majestic! But, when she polished us, everything became so appealing and bewitching. The grass was just green to us, but after all these years with her, they’ve become to seem prickly emerald carpets.


                                                   Writing and Her motivation did the magic.
Maryam Ben Sadriwala has sprinkled her enchanting writing talents on us, because of which we have reached the stage where we can make our own blog and can proudly call ourselves her apprentices.

We are writers, amateur writers, but we know what the art of writing is, as it’s often said “The pen is the tongue of the mind”. For us writing is a form of personal freedom because on paper we can do what we want to do and be what we want to be, we can easily vent our feelings down. Our words don’t need to make sense, if it eases our minds and conserves our memories. What else do we need!!

Well, then because of her, first reading, then writing has become our passion, everyone in the class has become eager to write. Reading is the only thing which makes us away from the real,mean world, and if one is a champion at reading, he will naturally be worthy of writing, as he’ll have the heart of a writer. 
A few days ago, She and her friend (our ex-teacher) Zainab ben Sadriwala started a blog – one with the significance of real writers, which became our inspiration towards creating our own blog.

She’s the Writer and ‘we are her apprentices’.

We vow to try our best and to make our audience happy.
Happy Blogging! 
Writer’s Apprentices
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19 thoughts on “And We Begin!

  1. Maryam Sadriwala

    I’m speechless! Really! At a loss for words. Thank you is all I can say very humbly. It is you all who are special and it was my privilege to get such eager, energetic and passionate students. You are every teacher’s dream come true! (most of the time) 🙂

    Happy writing. May you all touch the pinnacles of success and perform khidmat of our ultimate muse–our Maula TUS, who is the inspiration behind our every positive and worthy thought.
    Love you all!

  2. Thank you so much ben! V really appreciate your feedback.
    Love you toooo!(:

  3. Thank you sooo much bhen.. It’s you the reason behind this.. We really mean it 🙂 Love you toooooo 🙂

  4. thnk you very much bhen ….n we will keep on writing where ever we r..:)

  5. Writer's Apprentice

    They have said everything-i think i don’t need to repeat but one thing bhen-You are our writer and we are your apprentices!and that whatever good we have learnt,we have learnt from you!:)

  6. Umme Hani Hamid

    Maryam, hats off..I’m really impressed..U’ve made a difference in so many people’s life…and i am ofcourse one of them.I highly appreciate this effort of your students and will regularly visit this blog.Way to go Writer’s Apprentices!

  7. Rabab Dawson

    wonderfully written.. !! 🙂
    -Rabab Dawson 🙂


  9. Umme Hani Hamid: Thank you! we’ll appreciate the support and feedback! (:

  10. Thanks Rabab and Fatema! keep reading us (:

  11. Xeynab

    Best of luck to all the young apprentices 🙂
    Good luck to you all

  12. rabab ali asghar

    marvelous..keep it up…:)

  13. Writer's Apprentice

    Umme-hani bhen-yes you are right,she really has done a great deal of good deeds and so it’s our turn to repay her in our humble way so that she feels proud of us.And also that thank you very much for appreciating us and as said before-we’ll try our best to keep our audience happy and so we will.Keep visiting!:)

  14. Writer's Apprentice

    Heyy thanks rabab!:)
    and Fatema?thankyou but we didn’t get who you are-can you please write your surname too!:)

  15. Thankyou so much Xeynab bhen.You and Maryam are the only ones we got inspired from.!:)

  16. Xeynab apa,Thank you! we appreciate the feedback! (:

  17. An IMPRESSED! 🙂

    It’s wonderful that MSB is nurturing such talents like you all ‘apprentices’! And providing opportunities to exploit it’s disciples’ hidden qualities.

    You’re lucky to get such great grooming from a great teacher. Hats off to you Maryam Bhen. 🙂
    But yeah, for sure, you all possess that adequate potential to cope with this grooming and produce excellent results. May your blog prosper! Good luck. 🙂

    One advise, or take it as my perception.
    You said writing is for you to ‘vent your feelings’. Ofcourse, it’s your paper, your words, and thus your wish to put whatever sense to it to project your image.

    But remember! It’s vital to manipulate those words, and your sense, to the range of readers. Your ‘vented feelings’ must be effectively conveyed and read. So consider readers.
    NB: This does not criticize that you lack this ability. I haven’t yet read any of your works. Hope you all prove it positive. 😉

    Salman Shoukat Hussain.

  18. Thankyou you so much Salman for your feedback. we are more than obliged to hear our seniors advices and work on it accordingly.
    You might also love to read our entry ”Our Pride”

  19. alifiyah

    this is soo great…it reminds me of one of my teachers!

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