My Mirror!

For me you are my mirror….

There when I see You,

I see what to correct

There when I see You,

You show me how beautiful I am.

And when I hate myself sometimes,

You tell me how much I’m blessed and You make me love myself.

How, at times when I look at my reflection in You,

I notice that it has been You for every pretty little thing I have got.

As I see You a smile spreads over my face.

And there when I gaze at You,

I come to know where I truly belong.
-Ruqaiya Lokhand.

Inspired by: Maryam Bhen Sadriwala

For: a great friend who entered my life unusually, but made a difference who no one else could ever have. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “My Mirror!

  1. Maryam Sadriwala

    Ruqaiya, Thank you. You are too kind. This is beautifully written. You have all the germs to be a poet and writer. Not just because you are good at expressing yourself but also because you are thoroughly disciplined and have all your priorities right.
    Keep Writing!

  2. wonderfully written Ruqaiya! (:

  3. Rabab Dawson

    excellent ruq..its beautifully written <3<3
    -Rabab dawson


    written very beautifully ruqs

  5. zainab hamid

    heyy girl beautifully written!!:)

  6. Mubaraka

    really good work ruqaiya.. i nvr knew u had writer germs:P

  7. Maryam bhen thank you veryy much! will sure do so.. thank you sarrah and rabab 🙂

  8. thnk u zainab bhanpur n zainab hamid 🙂

  9. zainab hamid

    my pleasure!!!:)

  10. Thanks Mubi! 🙂

  11. hamza aqeel

    hey.!!!dun knw wht to say,1!!all that i can say is….EXCELLENT!!:)

  12. Thank you Hamza 🙂

  13. Alefiyah Rao

    hey that was amazing!!

  14. somebody

    touchy poem …… hope ur great friend liked it !
    keep writing !!
    Best ov luck !!!

  15. Rao thnx a lot!! n somebody i think i knw who u are well thnk u very much. n im sure my best frnd rly liked it! 🙂 I miss my friend!

  16. Fatima Dawson

    wonderfully written..:)

  17. thank you very much! 🙂

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