Happy Birthday Dad

You’ve been there for us,
Through it all.
Always ready to save us, 
If we ever take a fall.
Though usually we are in trouble,
You often take the blame.
Seeing all of that,
We feel guilt and are filled with shame.
We’ve never ever told you,
All the things we’ve felt-
Like how we’ve always loved you
And that in our hearts you’ll forever dwell.
 You try protecting us from this cold hearted World
Which humiliates us and doesn’t much care
You’ve dried our tears and made us bold
For that, we bring you all the well-fare.
When we lost all hope
You patched things up.
You pick us up from slippery slopes,
When times got rough, to even stand up
 Now we’ve got a chance, and we cheerfully say
Happy Birthday Dad, for this is the day
We celebrate for you and merrily say
May you live longer and your happiness stay
Mustansir Burhani.
For; My Dad who for years has been there for Me and My family in happiness and sadness
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15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad

  1. Writer's Apprentice

    Mustansir this is phenomenal!excellent work of words!loved it!:)

  2. wonderful! I love it mustan !! 🙂


    excellently written

  4. Maryam Sadriwala

    Very very well written Mustansir! The rhythm of the poem is very soothing! Hats off to your dad for raising such exceptional children! Happy birthday to him!

  5. Ammar Esmail

    Mustansir !!!! you can really write well, keep it up!!!
    “Though usually we are in trouble,
    You often take the blame.
    Seeing all of that,
    We feel guilt and are filled with shame.”

    When was this written???

  6. Ammar Esmail

    Would like to share the same compliments Maryamben gave you

  7. Thnk YOU very much Janab,I’am truly gratefull and indebted towards your friendly approval of our blog and our writing..

    It was written last year,i just rewrote it and published it..

  8. Wonderfully written Mustan!

  9. hamza aqeel

    wow.!!!totally awsome yar!!!loved it.!!

  10. rabab ali asghar

    marvelous…loved it..<3<3

  11. Quaid Hazari

    Know your dad very well and your writing surely tells the truth!! nice work done here.

  12. Fatima Dawson

    i really like it.. its awsum..: keep it up dear

  13. alifiya

    my god its awsum….i really like it.

  14. hey thnks 😛

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