Love Birds

The night of the darkness ,
began with a red sunset,
another hectic day awaited us all, 
but much harder for the two love birds.
Poor sweetheart got out her house, 
and waited by a weak old tree, 
where she’d first seen him, 
In the beginning of the summer. 
The lover with his head in his arms, 
looked around full of despair , 
for he would hold his beloved the last time. 
He spoke in desperation as she arrived,  
she cried against his shoulder all night, 
and convinced him with a few words, 
“Tomorrow never comes my love no earthly soul can take us apart.” 
He was going to be killed, 
for falling so deeply in love, 
As the sun would rise in the east, 
and brightness cover the ground, 
He held her firmly in the chilly night, 
His eyes deep red and lips cold white, 
the hearts beating against their chests so fast, 
like the seconds of a minute, would that last? 
As the time of the end started to near, 
he stood up and went,terribly filled with fear, 
not knowing what might happen, in a few split seconds, 
would his life be saved by God was his question. 
He was about to be guillotined,  
she hurried to the judge, 
and spoke while she catched her breath. 
With a lot of plucked up courage, 
she delivered her words in haste, 
she made them remember that Gods mercy
is blessed over twice to Whoever shows It 
She requested the judge to look towards him, 
Did he actually see an evil face 
the judge’s heart melted away, 
with a few strong words she had won the day 
And at once the judge announced aloud, 
the man should be released and renounced, 
the lovers cried,with happy cheers  
living together happily the rest of their years
Ruqaiya Lokhand
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15 thoughts on “Love Birds

  1. Nice Poem RuqaIyah ,Gud Job

  2. Maryam Sadriwala

    I’m so glad you got to share this poem Ruqaiya. A wonderful adaptation of ‘Curfew must not ring tonight.’ Keep writing!

  3. Ammar Esmail

    Wow! that was touching, but alls well that ends well. Keep on reading and writing.

  4. Ruqaiya Lokhand

    Thank you everyone. Ammar janab and maryam bhen.. and my partners who made this poem more wonderful :)! I’m blessed to have you all!! 🙂

  5. Ruqaiyaaaaaaa!! i LOVED it! 🙂

  6. Thanks SArrah!!! 😀

  7. Mufaddal

    Keep it up!!!

  8. hamza aqeel

    Nicely written RUQAIYA.!!!keep writng

  9. thank you mufaddal bhai and hamza 🙂

  10. rabab ali asghar

    amazingly written ruqaiya..keep it up…!!

  11. Batool Zohair

    u are damn good….. i love it

  12. Lamya Halai

    Extremely touchy.. you’re surely an amazing poet 🙂

  13. Thank you rabab. thnank you veryy much batooliiii.. 🙂 and thnx lamya for ur support too 🙂

  14. somebody

    Beautifully described a love story in a for of poem …. shud read it loud for the 1 u wrote it for …
    nice poem !!! keep it up !

  15. Thank you veryy much! 🙂

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