Shifting Homes!

  The dilemma of moving out of the house where you’ve been living since forever is way too challenging and complicated but when you are living in a house,one like mine,it becomes even more difficult.

   To me, just thinking about leaving that raucous filled place seems disheartening.Just imagining to forget those lovely moments spent in this venue gives me goose-bumps.

   The adrenaline rushes in when I worry about what will I ever do without my joyous chattering cousins-my everyday pals!There won’t be real bliss in doing anything without them.No crisp in the mid-night sneak-peeks to the kitchen or playing in our humongous garden or the late night chats or even those horrible cat-fights.Oh!How much am I going to miss  these things! 

   So well,as right now I am moving out,I feel regretful but on the other hand I am exuberant too.Everything is happening so swiftly,there’s no time to think,just act.We’ve been sitting for hours and hours packing and going through things that are needed to be taken.

   From the tiniest little make-up box to the biggest cupboard,everything is being carried away.The house looks as if a bomb has been exploded in it.Whereas, the new one is as untouched and novel as plausible-with snow-white walls and the scent of newly polished furnitures and paint.It all looks surprisingly radiant.

   I really do wish that we settle in safe and sound and that even though my cousins won’t be near me,they’ll always dwell in my heart and I will never forget all those ravishing and refreshing memories which have enlightened our lives for so many years.

Maria Sadri. 

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26 thoughts on “Shifting Homes!

  1. Mujtaba

    wooww….maria great piece of writing….n i know that one person to whom you going to miss alot in ur new home… 🙂

  2. hamza aqeel

    hey.!!very well written loved it.1!:)

  3. Maryam Sadriwala

    Oh my God Maria, This took my breath away. Literally! Because its beautifully written and because your writing style resonates mine. I’ve been in your lovely home and know the wonderful people who live there. You are taking this change well. May in love in your hearts grow with each day!

    So aptly described…I loved it! Simply LOVED it!

  4. Writer's Apprentice

    Thankyou bhen!and haha your comment took my breath truly honoured!thankyou so much!love you and your writing!:)

  5. Ammar Esmail

    I never knew the hidden pearls of my school had such luminosity and glow. Keep it up!!! I surely adore your description, and the vocabulary, mashallah!

  6. Ammar janab i am obliged!:)
    MSB has great talented students as well as teachers!:)

  7. Mujtaba sir thankyou and yeah i will miss HER!:P
    thanks hamza.Keep reading!:)

  8. Ruqaiya Lokhand

    Mariaaaaaaaaa!! It’s WONDERFUL!!! TOtallyyyyyy ❤ 🙂

  9. zainab hamid

    amazing!!! loved it maria keep it up…:)

  10. M Huzefa

    Nice work, also try to write in exploratory and descriptive form

  11. Maria loved it! 🙂

  12. Writer's Apprentice

    Thanks Ruqaiya, Zainab and Sarrah!:)
    Huzaifa janab thankyou so much-and yes i’ll make a point to write on those too!:)thanks for appreciating!
    Keep reading!:)

  13. rabab ali asghar

    maria simply loved it……<3<3<3

  14. Writer's Apprentice

    Thanks Rabab!:)

  15. Maria I loved it! 🙂

  16. Wow Maria. 🙂
    Great contribution.
    Well, this is an amazing post.

  17. Writer's Apprentice

    Thankyou Hussain!
    Keep reading!:)

  18. Quaid Hazari

    Great piece of work Maria,
    and Maryam ben great to see you backing young writers like maria and all… keep it up.
    We want to see in the near future more writers like Maryam Ben is!!

  19. writersapprentices

    Thankyou Janab!it’s my ultimate dream to be a writer and a human-being itself like her!
    Thank you sooo much for appreciating us.:)

  20. Maryam Sadriwala

    Thank you Quaid bhai for encouraging these writers. Here I would like to say that it was Quaid Bhai who had been wanting to start a blog where students would be able to express themselves. Even though you aren’t at MSB Shabbirabad, your idea has borne fruit!

  21. writersapprentices

    Yeah you told us.Janab jow tamaro sapno puro thai che!:D

  22. Zainab Murad Ali

    haha so experiences are also bieng shared here.. good 🙂

  23. tasneem rangwalla


  24. Haha thanks soo much tasneem. keep reading!

  25. Hasnain

    Good choice of words, great way to express the enjoyable moments of life spent at one place in few paragraphs. See I told you that you had a writer inside you…. Keep up the good work and keep posting.

    P.S. You are a great person who comes from a great family and has a great brother in law. 😀

  26. Hasnnaaaiinn bhaaii! I am out of words now. Your compliments have and always will mean aloot to me! Thankss alloott!:D
    And yeah vi dont know about the rest but seriously you are a great brother in law-infact a brother only!
    Love you.

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