My first bosom pal

When I was born, I was tied into an outstanding relation of a granddaughter & a grandfather. My grandfather is an exceptional person with a very unique personality. Who brightens my life more with his love & faith in me. Who loves my fearless-expressive ways & lively nature which makes us so close to each other. We have been laughing together, playing games-ranging from rattles to badminton, teasing each other, asking for advices, sharing stuff & never ceasing to bring a smile on each other’s faces-‘He was the first bosom pal I met’

A gentleman he is. With polite looks & a fair complexion.His smile (which I love the most) does the magic! It lightens the situation & makes me smile even when I’m upset. He looks a lot like the Bollywood star-Naseeruddin Shah!

The very considerate and joyful personality possesses lots of traits. His strength lies in his forbearance and optimism with intense faith in Allah. He is a highly disciplined man & a deeply religious person, always trying his best to pray in the masjid. He’s my role model!

What he taught me is how to look to the brighter side of life and how to handle dilemmas. He’s the only one individual who makes me blissful even in my times of grief. When I relinquished he was always there for me saying ‘Prayers are a believer’s most potent weapon’ with his soft voice and that would illuminate the expectancy. The mastermind in mathematics loves to play with numbers in his spare time and cajoled me to learn timetables-which I hated. But he made it appealing by buying me my favorite candies if I got all my answers correct.

He relishes my company. Even in his busy schedule he takes out time for me, makes me sit down and then we chat-discussing how our day went & making me realize the mistakes I made in the entire day. 
He loves to read & makes me do so whether it maybe riddles, jokes, stories or articles.
I’ve always been a mango freak. To this point I remember a few years back when I was a kid, it was summer and my mum didn’t want me to have too many mangoes(as abundance of them tend to give me a stomach ache).Disheartened I went to my room and hid myself from everyone in the house. He secretly took me to the balcony with a plate full of lush-fresh mangoes and we delighted the treat accompanied with the cool breeze.
I’ve always loved to spend time with him like this and I cherish all these memories.

Though he’s far from me and I can’t hear his voice every day but still he’s here. He’s here in a locked chamber in my heart!

I would like to remark-
I read this somewhere and I dedicate it to u-‘What greater love is there than one which instantly squeezes the heart and brings tears of gratitude to the eyes’
first of all I’m grateful to Allah for sending me someone who thoroughly understands me & then to you for always being there for me, always stimulating me and specially loving me with all your heart. I vow to be there for you always
. May Allah grant you a long healthy life in Aqa moula TUS’s abady saya -love you unconditionally.

-Sarrah Mustafa Malir

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39 thoughts on “My first bosom pal

  1. hamza aqeel


  2. Lamya Halai

    brilliantly written.LOVED IT! ❤
    I feel honored to have a talented bestiee like you!
    and i must say your grandfather must be proud to have a granddaughter like you (:

  3. Thank you so much Lamya and Hamza!(:
    Lamyaaa-loveeee yooouuu!;)

  4. Hehe Sarrah im reading it for the 4th time and still i love it the same!one touchy writing this is-great work!:)

  5. zainab hamid

    great!!!…loved it…

  6. Seriously Sarrah,speechless.I totally LOVED it!!! Awesome 😉
    maaassssttttt likhes tu! 😉

  7. very well written Sarah,great job..;)

  8. Thankyou all-I’m glad! (:

  9. rabab ali asghar

    fabulously written! Loved it 🙂

  10. Sakina Noman

    i dont know why but i’m loving your nana after reading this.
    you’re lucky to have such a great man 😉
    this is truly amaazing.

  11. Thanks Rabab!
    Sakina: haha,thaaaanksss yaar!I know he’s a GEM for me (:
    keep reading.

  12. Maryam Sadriwala

    Sarah, Im blown away by this piece… its outstanding–the vocabulary, the emotion, the structure of the sentences–everything is exquisite! Keep writing!

  13. Sarah,Awesome!!!I agree with maryam…the vocabulary,the usage of words at right places makes the whole article a master piece.Seriously,Uncle is admirable.Its seriously worth reading and u should definitely publish it in a newspaper!
    Ami read this and she’s saying-u are admirable and intelligent since ur childhood!
    Love yooouuuu,MAHWISH 🙂

  14. awesum!!!:)
    well wriiten:)

  15. Fama

    Pretty cool. 😉

  16. zainab hamid

    beatuifully written sarrah well done!!!!!!!…..

  17. Maryam ben-Thank u! ur feedback means a lot to me! love you! (:
    Mahwish-Thank you so much! keep reading.

  18. Thank you Murtaza,Fatema & Zainab! (:

  19. Munira Khambaty

    This is ruqaiya’s friend…Hi..!
    umm Sarrah Excellent work..! you have so beautifully expressed your love in this masterpiece, your article left me with tears….. Keep it up…!

  20. Hey,Munira.Yea i know you! Yusuf’s and Ruqaiya’s friend na.I’ve heard a lot about u 🙂
    Thank you so much! i’m glad it touched ur heart.Keep reading (:

  21. fatema lilyawala

    Its beeeaaauuutifullly written!!!!!!…mmmuuaawhhh!!!LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!Fabulous!!!!!!

  22. Well done. 🙂
    Btw, were you finalizing this piece at KC Library?

  23. Quaid Hazari

    Sarrah great to see you as a writer keep writing it…

  24. Thanks Alifya & Fatema.
    Hussain,No i started there.Btw thanks!
    Thank you,Janab! (:

  25. usuffyy

    Certain brief sentences are peerless in their ability to give one the feeling that nothing remains to be said !!!
    Sarrah you have beautifully described your “GRANDFATHER” with all your feelings, your words expresses the writer inside you , really impressed ! its not just a article but a mixture of all ur thoughts,love an affection you possess for your bosom pal (:
    You should start writing for magazines and newspapers…GREAT JOB ((:

  26. Thank you so much Yusuf!…. keep reading! ((:

  27. Dawood Mithai

    Sarrah,i think u are a person full of heart and joy,ur grandfather must be so proud to have a grand daughter like u.u are an extra-ordinary talented and dynamic person..keep going on


  28. Thanks Dawood! (:

  29. Zainab Murad Ali

    why u compared ur bloved Nana wid tht Naseeruddin Shah.. ? :/
    besides tht ur grandfather ‘d be very happy after reading this.. beautiful 🙂

  30. hehe Zainab,he just looks like him a li’l bit lol 😛 anyways thanks (:

  31. Mubaraka


  32. Thanks Mubaraka (:

  33. fatima

    wow sarrahhhhhh its really amazinggggg!!!!!!!!!

  34. Thanks girl! 😉

  35. fatema

    Excellent girl,Writtten very beautifully!
    love u 🙂

  36. Fatima Dawson

    itz soo touchy..
    this is a marvelous eassy i have ever read..
    i cried while reading it..
    becauz i have also lost my gradfather(dada) missing him alot..

    • It’s truly a pleasure to know that my writing touched your heart. I’ve always been afraid to lose my dear ones.
      May the soul of your grandfather rest in peace. (:

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