For the Love of It…

“Pure Mathematics is,in its way,the poetry of logical ideas.”

Looks like English is not the only language which has poetries!

I have never been a Math freak.I always had interest  in maths.Although as I grew older my brains shifted downwards and became smaller for the methodical part,I never got disheartened or felt low.Even though it presented me with many enigmas,I never quit trying,I always kept trying to make logic in the numbers.

This year,came with lots of expectations and faith(as there’s always a chance to start a new journey along a fresh page of life)so I started my voyage by getting a maths tutor for myself.

I don’t have enough  words for this particular man.I mean, not just did he teach me maths but also made me fascinate the subject,even after teaching he would go home-I would keep pondering over it for hours.I remember I once called him out of curiosity for not getting one equation right!

It’s him because of whom I initiated to perceive the language and its numbers and the weirdest signs and formulas.They appeared to look meaningful and mystical,how in the world could minus into minus be equaled to plus?!But it did,and surprisingly it all made so much sense.It looked like a significant mystery,which I had to solve-by hook or by crook.

Everything seemed so much engrossing and piquant;the Geometry was mere Arts with sketching of pyramids and cones,which astoundingly I loved to draw.Algebra was the crossword puzzle which I craved to solve.As if,if I didn’t the world would never count on me again.

The best were the tables and with it the 4 operations,which, with lots of expertise he made me memorize it on my finger tips.Maths was everywhere around me,I couldn’t believe but I had started to dream about it too.

It looked like he had done the hocus-pocus.It was like I was merrily trapped into his sorcery,and I didn’t even mind.In fact in the last few days I counted minutes for his arrival.It was like God had sent me my own personal Maths angel.

I wouldn’t yet say that I hated the subject and then something happened and then,tada!I love it now-that would be such a common cliché,but now that I and most importantly he have faith in me can I say that I have keen interest in Arithmetic.

Also that few days back I came with this conclusion that “Maths is just not numbers and calculations but an extent to how much can our mind take the logical part!”

Now,because of him-I am sure that my mind can bear the logical theories very well and all the praise and cheers is for the one who taught me.I cannot obviously do something like this for him but I can surely thank him humbly and dedicate him this article!:)

Maria Sadri.

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27 thoughts on “For the Love of It…

  1. Maryam

    You are lucky to have developed a penchant for numbers. As you well know, my father tried for ages to make me fall in love with numbers, but i guess some things are not meant to be:)

    As fast as the article goes, brilliant usage of vocabulary and fascinating wordplay!
    Keep it up darlings! You make me proud!

  2. Maria it’s really great 🙂 ! Totally . Everything has its own art. 😉

  3. Wow maria, u should every one how beautiful the language and the art of Maths is………. Simply terrific 😀 😉

  4. Rabab Saifuddin

    No words..the way u hav used the vocabulary its totally outstanding!umm this might be inspiring for others who hate maths…loved it!keep it up with your writing skill..sure u will go ahead! =) =D

  5. Oh my godness, this post and this blog is tooooo goood! Likes likes and likes!

    • Khadija Nathani

      Akhir this is the msbian students blog .. obviously it will rock..
      soo lucky to hav them as my classmates =)

  6. Mariaaaaa Fit! (:
    Maryam ben you make me smile! 😉
    Zohair-Thanks for liking the blog! keep reading yar!

  7. writersapprentices

    Maryam bhen i am just glad that we make you feel proud!It’s your magic only!:)

  8. writersapprentices

    Aww Ruqaiya thanks for appreciating!:)
    Rabbaaabb thanks soo mucch!keep reading and commenting!:D
    Hehehe Zohair thankgod you woke up:P anyways thanks!:)
    And Sarrah thanks aloott!:D

  9. hamza aqeel

    OMg.!!!1SiMpLy AWSOME.!!!!!INFINITE LiKEs.!!!!:):):):):):):):):):)

  10. very well written . keep it up!

  11. MMAaarriaaaa….!!!!
    Your habit of making people excited n surprised will never end….
    Dear, it was a pleasure teaching u ….we all surely miss all that moments which v enjoyed …n inshallah will continue this journey of cross word puzzle 🙂 but will miss one person 😦 …any ways u were n u r a brilliant one … a little effort was required which I did in your way that is Fun + Math… and u did prove that this subject can b taught in this way…. and that was the big reason why i had faith in u till the last day. When u were saying the day before your final paper that Sir will I do it??!!! And the next day u got your answer which I was already expecting as I did trust u… the formula was simple, I always tried to give u something to take home to think about besides homework. …all credit goes to u and u deserve it was such an unforgettable time spent with both of u, I would only like to say that thanks for behaving like a responsible student, caring friend and naughty sister :-)……will miss this 3 in 1 package 🙂 and yr sorry I didn’t fulfill my promise to b the first one to comment on this article…GOD BLESS YOU…KEEP WRITING…I have become your fan.
    Mujtaba S.Ra:-)

  12. I think what you’re doing is awesome, and keep at it. You’re mature for your writing, and you will probably be appreciated more in future. Just hang in there 🙂

  13. writersapprentices

    Thankyou soo much Mohammad!maybe because of this,your liking for maths and even add maths will increase!:)
    Hamzaa thankss yaar-looks like both of us grew interested in Maths this year only!:)
    Mustafa Ajmair-thankyou very much!:D
    And Hussain-thankss alloott!!:):D
    Keep Reading!:)

  14. writersapprentices

    Hehe Mujtaba Sir! besides your role as a teacher and everything else we did,has another blog in itself!:) You’ve said everything else and i just want to say that,you’ve been a great teacher and i am looking forward for a beautiful tutoring ahead!:)Thankyou very much!

  15. Rabab Dawson

    its too good yr……maria keep it up.
    vocabulary u have use is excellent…love it 🙂

  16. Hehehe Thaankks soo much Rabab!I remember we used to solve all the equtions together in class!:) good times,good times!:)

  17. Zainab Murad Ali

    Atlast.. after reading number of wonderful passages and sweet poems.. ! i came across ur article.. despite of my dried throat i just cant stop my self frm readin abt this Maths 1.. Maria.. being a medical student i ‘l always regret on not studying maths.. cox i got to know now tht cud also maths be such an enjoyful subject.. ??

  18. Mubaraka

    i am loving this blog…

  19. Rabab Dawson

    ya..maria raelli true..will nevh forget tht momentz…. !!! 🙂

  20. Writer's Apprentices

    Thaaankks soo much Zainab!I was really waiting for you to read it!:)
    Mubaraka-thankyou so much. Keep reading!

  21. Maria, I’m a retired college professor who loved my work because I wanted to make a difference in peoples’ lives. It’s clear that this math teacher made a big difference in yours. I really hope you shared this post with him. It was the kind of thing that made my day/week/month as a teacher.

  22. Lorna it was really nice of you to comment.Thank you very much;)
    I am glad that you could relate to it!:)

  23. yrr u u guyzz hav done something mind blowing !! surely loved it!! 🙂

  24. wenn started reading one i read 4 or five nd dunno hw the time passed:p
    want to read more nd more nd will surely read it!

  25. Fatima Dawson

    i can undestand ur feeling about maths
    bcox i m also strike of maths
    nd u have spectacularly explained it..:)
    keep it up..:)

  26. Fatima I’m glad that you liked it! Keep reading and giving your feedbacks!

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