What Happened In Karbala

Imam Hussain gave shahadat
For the momineen till qiamat
So in the end in Allah’s hall
Islam is the winner of all
The Kufi’s called him to Karbala
He brought with Him his kafala
His kafala was stopped by Hur
Who was enlightened by Imam Hussain’s Noor
What Happened In Karbala is full of sorrow
It is filled with love for the momineen of tomorrow
Just One tear on Imam Hussain
Eight  Jannat’s it helps you gain
On the Second of Moharram
The zulm started on the haram
Moharram’s Seventh the water was ceased
By the enemies of Islam, to steal their ease
The day of sorrow then began
72 shohadas were in kafan
thus Imam Hussain all alone
Bravery of Ali, He had shown
Angels came to Hussain-Ibne-Ali
To serve their Moula,Imam and Wali
There were Angels of air,land and seas
To kill all of the enemies
But He denied and Enquired
What Allah almighty desired
Jabriel cried and said with a weep
He wants you to obtain Daraja of Shaheed
He put aside His talwaar
Which was called Zulfiqaar
He sat by a date Tree
As shimar came with his bhuti churi
he sat on Hussains chest 
And did be-adabi
But his khanjar didn’t work on Hulqoom-e-Hussain
shimar stood up and backed away
while hussain gave a sajda for momineen
shimar struck on Hussains neck
While Hussain was in sajda for momineens sake
in the end i ask Allah a favour for all
To grant my moula a Life longer than all.
Mustansir Burhani
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9 thoughts on “What Happened In Karbala

  1. Maryam Sadriwala

    Mustansir, I remember this poem… its one of ur best work! Once again im impressed by your spontaneous rhyme and along with that you have also managed to express a very important event. Well done! Poetry is certainly your strength.

  2. Mustansir i read this poem in your poetry book.. You have described that moment so well!

  3. thank you very much Mariam bhen N ruqs

  4. writersapprentices

    B E A-utiful!:)
    Mustansir im soo glad that we have you and ruqaiya as our blogging partners!Loved itt!:)

  5. Awwn thnx maria ! 🙂

  6. Ammar Esmail

    Jazakallah, The zikr of shahadat well expressed. The usage of Islami English well done. Keep it up!!!

  7. hamza aqeel

    wow/!!!!AwSoME MAn.!!!!:)


    it was awesome… shadat was nicely explained

  9. alifyah

    This is..awsome!!..:)..keep it upp!!:D

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