Reviving in my way

“A photograph isn’t ‘just’ a picture, it isn’t ‘just’ art. It’s a memory frozen in time & emotions.” 

I’ve always wanted every attainable juncture or precious moment to be clicked. Some of my friends asked me why?  Why I always want to have photographs of every single hangout and then spend so much time on it just to make it look something imaginative. Instead, I feel why not? Don’t you want to keep your memories unscathed? Don’t you want to feel the beauty of ordinary things & fascinating colors which Allah has created?

Life goes on! And time to time in this diligent world, some of those alluring moments vanish from our minds and that typical loveliness is simply over-looked.

There is something in photography which makes it utterly unique. It’s not just an art of creation, but a riddle of words and sculpture. It brings life to unnoticeable little beauties and ravishes the instant when the photographer captures it. By holding it still, which obviously time can’t.

The verve which is put into it bewitches me. I chatter about seeing the engrossing extra-ordinary things and can’t help but feel an obligation to record them for souvenir. Obligation is just the word: an impulse to share what strikes the mind’s eye.

We friends, just recently picked up the laptop with interest to see our pictures. After spending 7 years together, we fancied how much we have changed now. Those endless striking memories, those childlike faces and silly things we used to do. All those Kodak moments reminded us of all the occasions we spent with each other. All those random flashes made us grin & laugh head over heels-we had captured something priceless and it made our hearts contented. It was like an index of our emotions which flowed out of the picture.

So, turn the pages of life & smile. Time waits for no one so treasure every moment you have with your loved ones & don’t let your memories slip away. Always remember,  “Photos certainly bring beautiful flashbacks!”

‘Keep posing & clicking!’ 😉

Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

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35 thoughts on “Reviving in my way

  1. Zainab Taher

    saarraah its beautifully written 🙂

  2. Thank you Zainab! i’m glad u read it! (:

  3. sarrah it’s really great ! 🙂 😉

  4. thanks Ruqaiya! (:

  5. its awesum sarah!!!


  6. Thank you! (:

  7. Sarah, is post was elegantly written. Bravo for capturing your feelings in such a vivid way–kind of like taking a word-picture of your feelings about photographs!

  8. yusuf

    ur a passionate writer 😉
    a master piece 🙂

  9. hamza aqeel


  10. Lorna,thank you for your response! i really appreciate it.keep reading! (:

  11. thanks Yusuf & Hamza! :]

  12. Zainab Murad Ali

    really ur base is very strong.. seems to be progressing faster 🙂

  13. thanks Zainab! keep reading(:

  14. Lamya Halai

    just one word that is WOW! beautifully written sarraah 🙂

  15. thanks Lamya! (;

  16. nafeesa mirza

    dude!!.. sarrah!! its amazing!! keep it up ..

  17. heeyyy Nafisa! glad to c u here (: thanks (;

  18. fatema lilyawala

    owsum!!!!…..go ahead with this inspiration

  19. thanks LILY! (;

  20. Alefiyah Rao

    amazing sarrah!!! keep up the spirit…!! =)
    Alefiyah Rao

  21. Thanks girl! (:

  22. fatima

    loved it!!!!! U rock girl!

  23. Lovely Sarrah! The languange you use is wonderful and so apt. It seems as if so much thought has beeen put behind every word, yet the flow is unbroken and spontaneous and your thought is conveyed with such clarity. Wonderful!
    Sorry for the late reply.

  24. It is just beautiful Sarrah..!!
    This essay shows that you cannot live without photography and that is the thing you are interested in..:) so go ahead and click beautifully as much as u can…!!!

  25. mustafa

    gud one sarrah 🙂

  26. Rabab Dawson

    superb sarrah its wonderfully written .. loving it 🙂
    keep it up!! 🙂
    Rabab Dawson.

  27. Thank you Rabab for the motivation (:

  28. The thing which i like most about all 4 of you is that you people write your hearts out.. which not everyone can do and thats what keeps us engrossed to your essays till the end! =)

  29. Thank you so much! I hope we continue to make our audience happy. (:

  30. This one is really Awesome! :D…i lykess! 🙂

  31. Thanks Murtaza, 😀
    Keep reading.


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