Our Pride!

Three was the age, when my mother sent me into this monstrous place where I didn’t know a single soul. I got jittery; all the eyes were glued on me. I mean, there was this peculiar woman who was persistent about speaking to me and the others. Well, then as I grew up-I came to perceive that she was my TEACHER and the place which I called monstrous was my SCHOOL!

It had become my HOME! I adored my school not just because it was a place where I met my peers and became social but because I devoted 8 hours and 5 days of the week to it and stunningly I never got fed up of it. Some of us have been there for like forever and some have just arrived, either way the emotions for this specific venue are so vigorous and hearty for everyone, that the minute we step in, we feel like home, it’s like Allah has sent a significant chamber from his kingdom for the followers of Him and His staggering angel on Earth.

This angel, our beloved Aqa Maula TUS has sowed the seeds into this school which have bloomed and have turned it into a spectacular educational institute. And then he proudly says in one of his bayan’s that the tree has been transformed into a fruitful one.

Al-Madrasa-Tus-Saifiyah-Tul-Burhaniyah has been our typical haunt where we have been going everyday and have been experiencing and mastering fitter ways of living.

The place is divided into 2 campuses-the primary and the secondary with gargantuan caramel bricks and bulky teak wood doors.

The corridors are pale tiled cubicles with homely classrooms. The glorious gurfah where we learn Quran-majeed is like you’ve walked in paradise.

At one point if you see the school it looks like a deep well with royal blue shades on the top.

 What to say about the humongous grounds? They are the big check boards with a king’s point at the side where everyone is feasting.

Here, not only are we grasping worldly education but also the miraculous guidance towards Islam and Imaan. His Holiness has made us momineen so mighty that today we (the new generation)  can follow both the paths together so that we reach our destination by walking on ‘Sirate-Mustaqeem’ .

Also the ones who have consistently given us a hand to stay on the righteous track are our ever-loving teachers!

They are the most stupendous people in our lives playing the roles of a mother or father, a mentor and most importantly a friend.

FAMILY? Whenever we think of our school this word clicks in. Why is it that whenever we want to share something or have merry times we think about this place. Well, this is itself a mystery to our minds but our heart speaks-all these years spent into this place has brought us mere happiness and has always enlightened our lives. THIS is the place where every one of us has been successful or is succeeding in this atomic age!

For all of this, we humbly thank our Maula TUS who have always been praying for us and making this tree bigger and more gracious with lots of fruits to flourish.

And so these fruits pray to Allah that their bower lives till eternity and keeps blossoming the garden of Imaan! Amen.

Proud to be MSBians! 🙂

Writer’s Apprentices

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42 thoughts on “Our Pride!

  1. Batool Zohair

    its too good…..

  2. Its a terrific write up guys….. really i loved it….. Our school Is a Gold mine 😀

  3. Thanks Batool for your feedback!:)
    Mohaamameedd!!It iss!no doubt!:)

  4. thanks Batool & Mohammad (:

  5. Khadija Nathani

    on words =)

  6. ather

    nice, quite upright written. keep it up 🙂

  7. hamza aqeel

    OMg ThIs is oNe Of THe Best ArTiCle i’Ve EVeR ReAd.!!!KeEp it Up.!!!!:)

  8. Amm

    Well described, truly the unique blend of an MSBian visible in the script. excellent work

  9. thanks Hamza ((:

  10. Jumana Ali

    *applause* that was a master piece i must say, keep it up 🙂

  11. Thankyou very much everyone!I am sure all the MSBians feel the same way-we just tried to deliver everyone’s feelings through our voice!:)

  12. Maryam

    Ok you all, I’m running out of compliments and Im loving this speechlessness:)
    Where do I start? The language-stunning! The description–so very apt! The beginning: riveting! It evokes an emotion of such pride and gratitude: May Maula TUS accept this Khidmat!
    Love you all,

  13. Aaahh!Thankyou so much bhen!:)
    We are honoured!:) The credit truly goes to you all teachers!:)

  14. fatemahl

    Awesome!! Words which have been used are soo crisp and clear just love it!!

  15. Thanks all (:

  16. Quaid Hazari

    Well written keep it up MSBians!!

  17. thank u janab (:

  18. Mubaraka

    Amazingly written……!!.proud to be MSBian

  19. Rabab Dawson

    superb….its wonderfully written keep it up !! 🙂

  20. Thanks Mubaraka & Rabab (:

  21. tasneem talib

    Woww! gud j0b girls! 😀

  22. Thanks Tasneem! ((:

  23. Writer's Apprentices

    Thanks all for your appreciating feedback!keep reading and commenting!:)

  24. Zainab hamid

    Hey girl truly writen from heart keep it up n sure proud to be a Msbian…:)

  25. zainab thank you very much ! but we have all written it together 🙂 😀

  26. Wonderfully described the school features. Excellent insight. You’ve portrayed the right and explicit vision for the education of MSB. 🙂

    Let me help you as a critic too. 😛

    1. I didn’t find proper balance between fact and perspective – vision and description.
    I feel you’ve been moderate less and just praising a lot.

    2. I found two grammar mistakes;

    a) “…some have just arrived either way the emotions…” : a comma should have came after “arrived”

    b) “…minds but our hearts speaks…” : “hearts” must have been singular.

    These mistake may cause disruptions in reading, so just recheck more. 🙂

    On the whole, brilliant language usage. 😉

  27. Salman thank you so much for your consideration! We are obliged by your sincere feedback.Thank you again!

  28. Quaid Joher

    its too good…..

  29. Thank you janab! 🙂

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