The Game of Fate.

Summer vacations-aah! The word itself brings so much ecstasy and elation in us that when the actual vacations arrived, there was no limit to anything for us friends. Like everyone else, we also started our wonderful holidays with a bash of a class picnic. It was the most raucous filled day for us and the beginning of our roller-coaster holiday ride.

I had concocted every little thing that I was going to do this time and decided to have a blend of a dynamic and an entertaining summer. So, I and three of my friends planned to make this blog and earnestly vowed to keep writing on it for the rest of the summers and further on.

But-but with all of this writing and stuff on our mind we never forgot to have merry times. In fact we did the most bizarre things ever possible on Earth. Often they were fun but sometimes we just made fools of ourselves, but when friends are together, what really matters is “we” and “us”-right?

So, in short, we were having the most peerless time of our lives. But silly we, thinking that the bubble would never burst but unfortunately it did.

            The fate altered its game and started to repel us.

On the 23rd of June, a ghastly flu knocked me and my brains went numb and my nose started running, more so I got such a killer fever that I swear you could cook on me. But this was just about me. The next day Ruqaiya L (my friend) got into an accident and fractured her nose and ruined her lips.

Then comes Sarah M who already had a wounded toe and had daily appointments to the doctor. And what about Mustansir B? He, well he didn’t have anything exciting to write about.

It was like whenever we thought about writing or planned to meet for a write up, something horrendous would happen. The word or even the thought had become a taboo for us.

You won’t believe that with all of these awful things something more real and depressive had to happen. Ruqaiya L’s grandma died. It was an atrocious time for her and we gave her our condolences but obviously that wasn’t enough and it took time for her to recover from the horrifying shock. And with all of this going on, writing had no chance at all. But thanks to God my passion and our pledge to the audience kept nagging on my conscience and made me write AT LAST!

So as they say “whatever happens, happens for the better one”-and so it did!:)

Enjoy the lazy blogging!

Maria Sadri

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18 thoughts on “The Game of Fate.

  1. haha,great! 😀 well written my friend(:

  2. thanks maria and very well written! 🙂

  3. Pleasure pleasure!:)

  4. hamza aqeel

    woow.!!!!!nYCe yAr.!!well written!!!:)

  5. Thanks Hamza:)

  6. Maryam

    Maria dear…again its always refreshing to read about whats on your mind. Luck–Ah! Life is all about luck and opportunity–‘fate and fortune’. But I do believe that good deeds and a clean soul attracts good luck!

    Also, i’m a lazy blogger or maybe just too occupied with other stuff! Whatever the reason–hope to blog more in future.

  7. Indeed!:)
    And hahaha I can understand that now as we are on the same level.:)
    Enjoy the blogging!:)

  8. haha Thankyou Arwa! And thanks for opening our blog-it’s pleasure to know what you think of it!:)
    Keep visiting:D

  9. Zainab hamid

    Maria wel written.. i liked it and it was nt boring or lazy at all..:)

  10. Aah!Thanks Zainab!:)

  11. very well written ! dis is really ausumn ! teach me how to ryte an essay ! 😀
    Unknown !

  12. Haha yeah sure!;P

  13. arwa qbs

    nice written 🙂 miss u guyzz ………..keep on doing soo 🙂

  14. Thanks so much Arwa! and we miss you too!:)

  15. good written……………………….akhir khar mane sikhaya tha………………………………….. jokes apart well done

  16. Rabab Dawson

    Haha.. very nicely written .. its excellent.
    Keep it up!! 🙂

  17. thankyou Ibrahim and Rabab!:)

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