I’ts Fun to be “ME”!

“Ruqaiyaaaaa! Kaha ho? (Where are you?)” My mom shouted…” Ji ammaaa! Aati hun!! (Yes mom! Coming)” I answered.

I have always been a person who would be ‘lost in her own world’ of mysteries and doing mischievous stuff.

When I would be with my family, they do not know what I am like from inside, my adorable face would show as if I am an innocent kitten, but yet, inside I was filled with… EVERYTHING! A blend of fun, annoyance, jealousy, sensitivity, hyper-activeness and a caring person I am. Well, the jealousy part, I find ways to control it, and astoundingly it ‘sometimes’ works out very well. I do not mean to brag about myself, but isn’t it true that everyone has got something special and unique in them, and each individual should be respected?

I am like a sly fox. I never mean to harm anyone of course and I don’t even remember if I ever have. Well, but I love maddening people, they would get infuriated, but then I find a way to make them laugh somehow! That is a part of my charm!

Back then, when I hadn’t made till my teens I was an unusually quiet and a shy one. Always trying to not get involved in a conversation with someone I didn’t know, in fact I would just pass a feeble smile and nothing else. Not that I am like that at all now with all the impish stuff going on in my mind.

I was a cry baby! And I am, still. I mean, I know, I am 15, and that would be considered as an immature act. But I can not control, I am like that thin piece of glass tagged as ‘handle with care’.

Apart from that emotional side of mine, oh bother! I was an all-time extremist.

My most wanted thing used to be, emptying the toothpaste, and instead filling it with water!  My mom, would then, shout at me and I would make that innocent kitty face.

I enjoy wandering on my own, and people say I am observant. It is a part of me that interests me more and more. But, in my friends’ company, I am the craziest person, who would make everyone laugh out loud with her insane acts and lame comments at the most unusual time.

I am sharp-tongued. Not in a bad way, but my dialogues are usually very challenging. I think of myself as an optimistic person too. I find myself irresistible taking risks! And then I feel delighted sharing and amusing people with what I have done, being the center of attention, hearing praises about myself, well, who does not like that ?

I am the youngest among my siblings, and the naughtiest! Though my elder sister and brother are second to none, but no one can beat me! 😀

I have this passion for doing adventurous things… climbing trees, discovering unusual places! Speaking of this, it reminds me of…

On my terrace, there used to be a ladder leading to the water tank, the tank was made with the building and is in a cubical shape with no boundaries.

Once I saw my cousin climbing the ladder and going up, watching him do so I plucked up all my courage and tried, it was rather a clumsy attempt, however, I made it! What made it so difficult was, that the weak wood ladder could fall any moment, and used to vibrate vigorously on every move I shoot, it was tied to pipes, but that was too loose and when you would climb higher, the danger was to fall down either on the surface, or in the duck that was quite close to the ladder. But, the jeopardy had not finished yet, climbing down was the most complicated part, but, there were these words on my lips that I kept repeating “ Ya-Ali, Ya-Ali, Ya-Ali” because of which I reached back on the terrace safely, and then it was a moment of happiness! Glad, none of the adults came to know about it.

I fancy walking to school, though it is prohibited for me… but rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they? 😛 (sometimes because I would miss my van or I would come down early that morning) Though I would have a bulky back pack, but the surroundings would catch my attention and then I would be lost with it, the 20 min walk used to be picturesque! The trees dancing with the wind, the fresh air swirling around, and the sun slowly peeking to see this little girl on her way to school. Then crossing the busy traffic road… Aah! Striking memories! 🙂

Like every human being, I have some weaknesses, one of them is that I am too trusting (like Marcus Brutus 😛 ) but one of my friends made me understand this, that; ponder over your own thoughts and decide whether you can or not believe the person, and some things are such which should be kept to yourself (I have understood that part now, by the way thank you for doing so). Another weakness is; I am afraid of cockroaches! They are such obnoxious looking weird creatures, and when they move their eerie looking antennas the shout comes automatically from inside and the expression… it can not be described! Hahaha!! I still hate them!

What I like about myself the most is that I can make anyone smile at their worst times, one of my teacher told me that ‘always work hard with a great smile because smile not only refreshes you; it also encourages you to work more.’ (Roma bhen) 🙂

And thanks for listening to me dote over me! 😛

So everyone! Keep smiling, checking and enjoying the blog! 🙂

Word up!

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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24 thoughts on “I’ts Fun to be “ME”!

  1. Hahaha i can say that i enjoyed reading it!great work partner!:)

  2. hamza aqeel

    hhaahah.!!!nyce well written.!!:)

  3. Thanks a lot maria! 🙂 Thanx hamza! 🙂

  4. Its just superb!!
    You r surely the one to make others laugh like anything in their worst times!!!
    Your “fascinating moments” interested me to read and read and read…!!

  5. OMG!! lamu thnk u soooooo much yaaaaaaarrr! It’s truly because I have you all 🙂
    thank u so much!!!! 🙂
    Lokhand! 😀

  6. Maryam

    Glad you are getting over your bad phase and are back to your smiling, cheerful self. Knowing oneself is a life-long process of discovery. Its good to realise your own strengths and shortcomings. That is the key towards self-development.

    All 4 of you are original pieces:D infact each individual is fascinating–human behavior is fascinating!
    Keep writing.

  7. Thank you so much maryam bhen! I was longing for you to read it! 🙂 Thank you soo much! 🙂
    Ruqaiya. 🙂

  8. Zainab hamid

    Ruqaiya u have described yourself so nicely.. That i kept reading n reading til the end.. Keep it up..

  9. tasneem rangwalla

    OMG ppl!!!!this is very inspiring and very very and very well written!!!keep it up guys!!missing you alott!!
    tasneem rang

  10. Thank you zainab! I’ll miss you a lott! 😥 Man i wish we would all keep on meeting again and again.. u now clas 8 was the best the final year to be together! i know i will miss you all very much! thank you soo much tasneem i already miss you! 😥 I dont want to lose you all! 🙂
    Lokhand! 🙂

  11. Zainab Hashim

    I was already laughing while reading it! You really have that charm! Its nice to know I have you in my life to make me smile! Very well written! You inspire us all! 🙂

  12. Thank you zain!! 😀 Kitty cat 😛

  13. likeeyyyy! 😉

  14. Hey sarrah! it’s good to hear from you! 🙂 Thanks!

  15. Fatima Raziuddin

    Ok, at last I am reading and enjoying the efforts, the truth, the observation of surrounding and descriptive writing.Good LUCK, to you and future authors of books published in this world by you and others.

  16. Alefiyah Rao

    hey, ruqz…. this was seriously amazing!!! i finally read it… you are seriously gifted gurl..!!! keep up the spirit.

  17. Thanks a lot alif! 🙂 😉 great to have you around! 🙂

  18. Rabab Dawson

    0h! l0ved it ruqx .. it wax soooo muxh amaxing dat i kept 0n reading nd reading ..
    You have very nicely described ur self .. nd yah u r d 0ne wh0 make us smile in our worst time.
    keep it up! 🙂

  19. thank you sooooo much rabab! 🙂

  20. Arwa Sadri

    Hats off…..i dont have a words to expess great

  21. Fatima Dawson

    wonderfully explained ur self..:) gr8 work dear..

  22. Thank u fatima aapa! 🙂

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