The Camp Rock!

I was awake at the first light 

But on the sky there was no sun, 

The grayish clouds were in fight

And my prayers were undone


I got my clothes and my torchlight                                                                                

Thus my camping kit was done

Now ready to go to the campsite

Its three days of full on fun!


My scouting team and I

To our families, said goodbyes

Congregated all our stuff

 And reached our camp with sighs


At daybreak was a rigorous inspection

Of the gadgets we had to construct

All night we toiled to attain perfection

And few seniors were there to instruct                        


With no time for any to doze off 

We slogged for countless hours

At lengths when all concluded

We went for morning prayers


Then dressed up as subservient scouts

We stood outside our encampment

The judges who came with doubts

Went away with much contentment


The victuals we made were adequate

And the appearances were well astounding

On the whole it was a buffet

Which to us was immensely spell bounding


With prayer’s of our two Moulas (TUS)

Scouting camp has ended well

So I humbly pray to Allah

That in every heart They always dwell.

 Mustansir Burhani

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8 thoughts on “The Camp Rock!

  1. tasneem rangwalla

    this is great mustansir!!!!hats off to you!!!!:)

  2. Mustansir, you’ve combined the whole adventure in this poem so well! great work partner.

  3. Maryam Sadriwala

    Not everyone can write poetry..the rhyme, the meter…its a gift! Keep writing!

  4. zainab hamid

    wel writen mustansir.. 🙂

  5. Mustansir its great! 🙂

  6. hamza

    ahhaaan.!!!its just amazing man.!!!:)

  7. mustafa

    gud one boy..!

  8. alifyah

    Amazing!!..keep writting:-D

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