The Vanilla Cup!

..And the moment it vanishes into your mouth, activating all your taste buds and making you fancy more for it. That moment is actually very charismatic.

Yes, you’re right! It’s the most alluring and delectable thing on Mother Earth. The ice-cream.

That milky lip-smacking scoop of ice-cream instantly brings water in my mouth; I wonder if it brings in yours too?

It’s just that I have this zealous chamber in my heart for ice-creams and then when it comes to THE vanilla flavor, it’s like hitting the buzzer for my crazy cravings.

And ice-cream is something which mystifies not just me, but also the 2 year old toddlers and the 70 year old grandpa’s. Believe it or not-it’s irresistible. Lol!

And the power of it over-takes all the luxurious chicken and the sweetened soufflés. Its like a life-time deal to me, as in you can have it at any time and place. Even when you’re dead sick, you are delighted by an ice-cream scoop and yeah when it’s sunny hot, aah well! The ice-cream seller just gets lucky with his pockets full of pennies!

For me, not having the vanilla cup is out of the question. Now that I’ve completely lost it, I drag my father to the jumbo shop for that meager cup of happiness.

It’s just odd and magical that from the youngest to the oldest, all of us have sentiments for ice-cream and all of its flavors. And if by chance any of us don’t have that longing towards it then let me warn you- you are missing one of the most tantalizing parts of your life!

So I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE-CREAM!!

Maria Sadri.

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19 thoughts on “The Vanilla Cup!

  1. zainab hamid

    hey! Maria very well writen..loveeeeed it..

  2. Mariaa its totally GREAT! 😀

  3. tasneem rangwalla


  4. Maria,this is so interesting! I am a HUGE ice-cream lover too 😀

  5. Heeyy Zainab thanks yaar!
    Thanks alott tasneem and Sarrah!:D
    Keep reading guys!

  6. Maryam Sadriwala

    It is these litte pleasures which makes life interesting and its these details one must be able to relish. Icecream, chocolates, a sunrise, a walk, a good book…those little pieces which add flavour to living!

  7. Yes. These are the real things which actually makes up to a beautiful life!
    Cheers to the simply little things!:)

  8. This is a great piece about a simple pleasure. This post just oozed joy! Well done!

  9. Thank you so much Lorna!Keep reading!:)

  10. hamza

    heheh.1!!very well written.!!!!likey.!!!:)

  11. Thanks Hamza!:D

  12. kewu pare maria… itna din baad kholu n got a this gud essay

  13. writersapprentices

    hehehe thanks huzzi!:)

  14. fatema lilyawala

    i feel that tooo!!!! as its the most wonderful moment of my life when im having vanilla!!!! icecreamm!!! beautifully expressed .i think now u hav really started workin on my advice.keep it up

  15. Hahaha thanks fatema! Glad to know that somethin’s common in us.
    and hey what advice eh?:P

    • fatema lilyawala

      ADVICE-how to n express breathings of our heart in to a paper. i mean how to write n express feelings

  16. Fatima Dawson

    i feel the same!:)
    very nicely expressed yr i loved this piece of writing.. amazing!! 🙂

  17. Rabab Dawson

    i feel the same!:)
    very nicely expressed yr i loved this piece of writing …amazing!!:)

  18. thankyou rabab!
    and fatema-aap mahaan ho:P

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