What to do?!

I’m 14 years old and the eldest of the 3 most unruly children of my dearest mum and to have such kids around all day is sometimes a headache, to make it a habit of having a compulsory cat-fight with my sister and then also to give a full-stop to an unstoppable tussle of my 2 most innocent brothers is a complete work of bravery. To endure the shrieking and the crankiness of my 3 year old brother is something to be given award for.

Not that I take all the credit, I have my mum to monitor at all times but I’m talking about those unfortunate days when she has to attend a wedding function of a so-called friend’s sister or brother and I get the responsibility.

But oh, don’t you worry now that I’ve been living for so many years have I mastered the traits of my mother and can very gracefully handle the home alone situation with my expertise.

With this entire hustle bustle going on all day, indeed there is this flick of wink when they do something so endearing that you over-look all the dim-witted things and adore them all the same. The one time when they cry asking for mommy and come running to hug you that are the times I relish the most. The cracks of time when you sit beside them to watch their favourite cartoons with them with oodles of interest and times when they peck you on the cheek in return of making them sit on the tri-cycle. Aren’t they just the most pleasing flashes? For me, yes, they are.

At times I remember I used to curse myself for being the eldest and longing so awfully to be able to get an older brother. But having these two angelic boys as my brothers made me realize how much it takes to be the responsible one. And miraculously they do at times take care of me and my sister so to cover up.

And as much as I hate them, I also love them the most, for being a sister is better than being a superhero!

Maria Sadri

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21 thoughts on “What to do?!

  1. hahaha maria you’re hilarious! 😀 Loved it ! 😀

  2. Being an elder sister is surely a privilege…and i’ve seen–you are a responsible elder one. The love siblings share is such a gift. So glad that you treasure it.

  3. Thanks ruqaiya!:)
    Maryam bhen-thanks so much! Surel it’s a pleasure to have younger siblings!

  4. Tasneem Rangwalla

    w0w maria! truly amazed! i love love love love lovedddd itttt!!!:)

  5. hehehe thanks tasneem! keep reading!

  6. As a middle child, feeling invisible to my mom, it’s neat to get the perspective of an oldest child in the thick of it. You characterize very vividly. I think I appreciate being a middle child a bit more! 😉

  7. It’s a pleasure to know that you were touched by this article Lorna!
    Keep visiting:)

  8. Sarah Ezzi

    As always I loved the way you played with the words to present this awesome write up :). Essay is always best if its not made up, so you should be thankful to your siblings for every compliment you get here who just not made you ponder over “what to do?” but also made you write on it 🙂 😀

  9. ibrahim shabbir

    it was realy awesome……no doubt u r a great writer but also u can express ur feelings on paper>>……thats really a good thing!

  10. ruqaiyah

    wow i am truly amazed i loved it.. 😀

  11. Sarrah thank you so much. I really wanted you to see this one as you know all of them so clearly. And thanks for complimenting my writing, i think i may have possesed it from you ! Love you.

  12. Ibrahim im really glad that you read it. thanks!:)
    Ruqaiya even though i dont recongnize u. i am really touched by your comment.!

  13. Arwa Sadri

    This things really happens to me too, but the different is i have the most annoying, brutish but loveliest sister and a davil brother to handle. Looks like you have written for me.

  14. hamza

    hey.!!:)its amaizing yar.!!!just keep writing like that.!!:)

  15. Rabab Dawson

    w0nderfully written yawr .. i l0ved it 🙂

  16. Hahahaha Arwa! Just chill!:)
    Thanks so much Hamza and imglad you read it Rabab!:)
    P.S keep visiting guys!

  17. fatema lilyawala

    tada!!!!!! same here with 2 unruly . but it better suits to my bigg sissy!!!!

  18. Fatima Dawson

    gud work..:)

  19. mustafa poonawala

    itz a heart touching one. just have to say that, Hats off to u Maria.

  20. Thank you so much you guys!
    please keep reading and motivating us!:)

  21. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    The creation of younger siblings I feel is nature’s way of creating a slightly (or very) different version of us, isn’t it Maria? And I loved reading the way you blended in your love and exasperation at your role as the eldest. Believe me, Maria your brothers and sisters are very lucky to have you as a role model to follow.

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