What about looks?

Physical appearance is inevitably important for humans. From the day history has begun, writers have written poetries and musicals about handsomeness and comeliness, and painters and sculptors have shown the essence of beauty through their art. However, the people have become so cautious about their appearances that sometimes they become too possessive about it.

The actions of people in today’s world are self centred and they just look at the benefits they get out of every thing. For instance, when making new friends it is better to ascertain their motives and actions for becoming your friend and keep a constant vigil on them ,because if there is jealousy between friends on the base of how they look it is destined to lead to disaster. So keeping a broad mind, always try to make friends with people who project well wishes, kindness and are not too possessive about their appearance.

For some people, their appearances are a way to stand up and present themselves to others ,as they believe it shows their personalities and taste.Some also believe that their appearances make them different,giving them chances to hide or change who they are from the inside, and look appealing to the world.Apart from this, most people agree that having self-esteem is related to being satisfied with the way we look and by being pleased with how one’s image is, it is easier to get by in life and relate to other people.

But one thing they do not pay enough attention to understand is that looks are not everything, and that things can be judged in two perspectives the 1st by its cover, meaning the way it looks from outside,and second from the matter,that is what it actually is from the inside.So even though they may look great , they will remain the same in the way they talk and walk,  as it is often said however hard you try you can never turn a metal into gold….

So have a happy life with a pure soul!

Mustansir Burhani

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15 thoughts on “What about looks?

  1. Dearest partner, I agree to the fact that appearance shouldn’t be that important but having a look to these modern days apppearance does matter.
    Physical appearance includes the clothings too and we mumineen are more than proud to show-off our rida’s and topi’s in the society to stand out!

    Brilliantly described!:)

  2. Sarah Ezzi

    Wow! You have summarised this topic beautifully! 🙂

  3. Zainab Hashim

    Nicely summed up. It describes all the problems we teenagers the most face today. How can we determine that behind that mask is a devil or an angel? Nice work.

  4. What you say is so true and so sad. The “beautiful people” on the outside get more opportunities in life, regardless of the quality of their character. How much talent and greatness have we missed because someone was turned away because they didn’t “look” right.

    I think it’s important to present yourself as well as you can to others, but that we all should look beyond the externalities to judge a person’s value.

  5. Lorna what u say say is so true ,this is how life goes it gives the good looking the most opportunities even if the dont deserve it..thnk u for responses u are a great ifriend :)..
    ANd thnk u Maria,zainab and sarrah really appreciate your active responses.

  6. but maria its not about that,, we wear our dresses to show that we are one community,not because we want to show off that we are the best or we look the best, and if some are trying to show off by wearing such expensive or embroidered clothes, thats wrong. and on special occasions its okay to wear heavy clothes as we are expressing joy.

  7. well .. appearance matters a lot. obvi you can not wear shabby clothes and tell you have good manners, that sounds very lame act! the thing is you can judge a book by its cover!
    Loved the essay mustan!

  8. No, Mustansir!I said to show-off to stand-out, don’t take me wrong. Some people are there who do not wear because they feel embarrassed to do so, these are the people who go wrong!

  9. I love this discussion you all are having Writer’s Apprentices. Keep those juices flowing! I know what Mustansir means and I can relate to what Maria says! Best of luck for today Mustansir. We are praying for you.

  10. Tasneem

    We need a post by Mustansir telling us about his spelling bee experience. You all did well! We are proud!

  11. Thank you bhen.. We gave it our Best but unfortunately luck wasn’t on our side.But still it was a wonderful experience and truly heart warming to see all my friends there to support me..:) that and going as far as we went is a victory itself for me…

  12. ibrahim shabbir

    well written mustan………..but i personally believe that wearing topi or ridasss make us different from others and we also look great while we r wearing them………………nicely summarised writing

  13. Nice work Mustansir.

  14. Rabab Dawson

    w0nderfully written Mustansir! 🙂

  15. Fatima Dawson

    nyc one..:)

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