Why care ’bout Criticism,when we’ve got Hope

Life is perfect for everyone, But it is criticism that makes us vulnerable in mind and in body, Making our life miserable .Thus a person is never truly disabled or handicapped(even if he is, physically) if he is not continuously criticized and sympathized at. As these two things break the mental barriers of hope and forbearance and bring about helplessness in one’s life.

Though some people might have missing body parts, they can still achieve each and every one of their goals, if stimulated and encouraged properly. For instance, a one-legged person can learn to walk again with the help of a few doctors and strong willpower. But if he is continuously reminded that something is lacking in him and that he’s not the same or people keep on feeling sorry for him, It is obvious that the little hope that’s left in him will be devoured.

I remember watching a heartbreaking movie called The Soul Surfer in which there is a teenage girl who is an excellent surfer, but during one of her stunts she is attacked by a shark, and loses her arm.                                                                            
The story goes on that the girl has become the hot topic. The media started haunting her, and her family turned over protective-not letting her do much work, which makes the girl feel devastated as it keeps on reminding her about  her  accident.


But the girl has a very strong will and she tells her family that she wants to surf again. Her family being supportive helps her achieve what might seem impossible for a normal person, as balance is extremely important in surfing.

The point I am trying to make is that encouragement and support is always needed, even for people who are not handicapped. Children when very small need encouragement to talk, walk or to do any other challenges faced in life. It’s the same when we grow up, We need encouragement and motivation, and the idea that if we fall, Someone will be there to pick us up.

A famous author once said “ Just when I feel like giving up, I Think of you and hold on.”

              So be the one who give’s Hope. Not the one who takes it away…

Mustansir Burhani.

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14 thoughts on “Why care ’bout Criticism,when we’ve got Hope

  1. Tottaly.. who cares about criticism, when we’ve got hope! Excellently related Mustan!

  2. tasneem rang

    awesome! truly moved!

  3. Yeah seriously Mustansir if there are stupid people in this world then there are the witty one’s too who understand the human nature-for example like me and you:P

  4. Very well related Mustansir!
    Stimulation,support and courage is one needs the most in every stage of their life! And to have supportive people in their life is a blessing!

  5. ibrahim shabbir

    acha likha hai……….. aur wase bhi boht se disabled person dunya mein apni jagh bana lete hai!!!!

  6. People like Hellen Keller!

  7. thnks tasneem,maria,ruqs sarrah n ibrahim ,for ur appreciation n ruqs you re right hellen keller is truly amazing even though she had two dis abilities she was so determined and strong….

  8. Sarah Ezzi

    Great thought! Really it’s best to be what we are!

  9. Excellently related and brilliantly written.
    Great work Mustansir.

  10. All four of you–your expression and vocabulary, the structure of your sentences–its so gripping! So SO proud of you!

    It is so true, man needs a network of support, without that he is incomplete. Lucky are those who have constant motivation.

  11. Huzefa Hazari

    excellent mustan…. nicely expressed, related and summarized 🙂
    Best of luck

  12. Huzefa Hazari

    Getting criticized means people always give importance to you… but express it as to heart a person….

  13. Rabab Dawson

    very nicely related .. g00d j0b ..l0ved this piece of writing! 🙂

  14. ummekulsoom Mandviwalla


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