Vroom! Vroom Vroom Vroooooooom!!

Last weekend might be the weirdest one for you all when you heed what I did but for me-I was in heaven then! My cousin Taher, whom I call “Taher bhai” (out of respect) went to meet a mutual friend in Defence and the only means of transport available to us was his 100cc handsome unique bike. Well it wasn’t excellent to me until I rode on it but the passerby’s were stunned by its looks which made me think that maybe they were mesmerized by me.

The dilemma was that I was riding on a bike for the first time and I was completely bothered to sit on it and I continuously kept on fiddling because I didn’t know how to settle. As the drive started I kept on chanting ‘Ya Ali! Ya Ali!’ and he kept on giving me those sarcastic looks. So as we came on the main road I asked him if I could sit with my legs parted and he laughingly agreed to it. I was wearing my rida and jeans under it so it did not look as bad as I thought but it surely looked outlandish but uff! I felt really unperturbed and comfy then and could relish the brief venture.

As we reached Share-e-faisal road he gave me this bizarre hysteria and told me that he didn’t remember the route clearly and by god! I was petrified. Then the ritual of questioning the bystanders had begun. I was really embarrassed then for a moment, because women here in Karachi don’t usually sit like that on a motor-bike but I had and people had really started to notice it now. But then I thought who the hell knows me here? I can do whatever I want and we laughed out loud. We reached this lane where there was traffic and you wont believe because it’s not a very classy act but I shouted ‘jaga banalo, jaga banalo’(‘make way, make way’) on the top of my voice and I swear I would have fallen down because of my consistent laughing.

We reached our destination and did our work then, while returning Taher bhai very politely tells me that he doesn’t know his way back and I tried to absorb that little piece of information he gave me and then I burst on him. But mercy is filled in our Karachi and a gentle man guided us. Also then he had to ask many people on the way. Because of this short memory of his I think he made me see the whole of Karachi, we had reached till the Cantt station and where else not.

But thanks to God we got on our track and then we decided to dine in somewhere and there was nowhere better than our own Meerath Kebab House. So we peacefully ate our dinner and bordered home without anymore adventures. But seriously I loved the ride, I felt like a free sparrow – light and fast. The bike had proved itself to be the best and the swiftness it showed was remarkable-whoosh it went!

As the famous writer Benjamin says “Adventures are to the adventurous.”

Maria Sadri.

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24 thoughts on “Vroom! Vroom Vroom Vroooooooom!!

  1. Hahaha Maria! It sure was an enjoyable ride ha! 😉 Wonderfully described!

  2. Maria ,wonderfully described great job :O. i was in an awe position while reading…. 🙂

  3. tasneem rang

    i likeyyyy! haha i was laughing uncontrollably whilst reading your post! haha lol! hats off to you though! its excellently written!

  4. Thank you partners!!:-)

  5. Mariaaa! This is such a good piece! I also thoroughly enjoy fast rides on the bike.

    This reminded me of all the memorable adventures I had on a bike.And I can completely relate to the sitting part because I still sit on the bike with my legs parted:D
    Loved it!


  6. ibrahim shabbir

    nicely described ride!!!!!!!

  7. Maria, My mum read this and she says ‘loved it’ 😀

  8. Sarah Ezzi

    Maria! Really you’re pathetic and maybe that’s why i love you so much :P… Awesome write up dude! One tip: Feel on bike as if you’re riding a horse!

  9. JHONNY (burhan )

    haha nysshh =D

  10. Tasneem thank you so much for regularly following our blog and giving your feedback’s!

  11. Hahaha Sarrah Malir i’m glad that you could relate. thanks to you and your mother!:)
    Ibrahim and burhanuddin thank you so much!:)
    Sarraahhh thaannkks allott!Love you too!:-)

  12. I imagine that was quite daring of you. Good for you and I’m glad you enjoyed your adventure so thoroughly!

  13. Maria, Maria…I should stop being amazed by your antics now shouldn’t i? 😀 I can completely picture you riding on the bike and throwing your head back and laughing. Its Taher im feeling bad for:D

    Coming to the writing…brilliant expression! Spontaneous, just like you!

  14. Ammar

    Well expressed encounter. Write of your experience at CPE workshop. The article will be posted on our website, inshallah.

  15. Lorna everyone of us have our own little adventures and things we thoroughly enjoy-it’s just i have by the grace of god been given the platform of writing it up and showing to the world!
    Thank you for appreciating!

  16. Hahaha bhen don’t feel pity for him, it is he who made all the trouble come our way:P
    Any ways I’m glad that you enjoyed reading it! Love you!:)

  17. Janab I’m working on it only, today only i was called by Arwa bhen and she asked me to write on it! Thank you for giving me the chance!

  18. zainab hamid

    MAAARIAAA!!! u have written it soo nicely!!!! loved it seriously!

  19. Thankkss Zainab! Miss you!

  20. zainab hamid

    mishhh u too

  21. Huzefa Hazari

    kewu pare maria…. written creditably 🙂

  22. Rabab Dawson

    Hahaha.. wa0w its fun t0 ride 0n bike.. with so adventurous m0ments.
    l0ved this piece of writing.. Amazing Maria 🙂

  23. thankkss huzzi:)
    Rabab its good to know that u follow our blog! thankyou:)

  24. Fatima Dawson

    gud work..:)
    keep it up..

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