Why Not Real?

I like to socialize-Getting along with people, meeting fascinating personalities & learning new ideas. To this point, I meet different personalities every day. Some are enthusiastic, some are bland, some are merry, and finally some totally two-faced (‘fake’!)

I often wonder why they pretend to be someone else? Well, it could be to appear more attractive or interesting or maybe because of yielding to social pressure or lack of confidence-which always leads to trouble. That’s why millions of people today lead lives of frustration and desperation.

Disappointingly, there are a lot of individuals who do that. They are simply tagged as ‘made in China’ by me. Some do that for their own advantage, some by having a fake accent, giving false statements to satisfy the other one and then ending up talking behind their back and some by behaving like an angel for the need of admiration & what not!
Well, as far as the affection part is concerned, everyone tries to impress that special someone, but if you can’t get them by being yourself, then they can’t be that special, of course.

Imagine that same old world with no different styles or ideas. If there would be people who knew nothing except copying others then everything would seem so dull. The world is successful because of those confident and unique minds that entirely changed the daily life style. And believe me! The real ones do have a beauty within!

We all should realize the importance of being undisguised. You never know when a person is impressed by your originality and then brings you a good fortune. And everyone has weaknesses, so what if you have some? Only those with the courage to live their dreams willingly can ever hope to find lasting satisfaction with their lives. Never mind if you face disapproval for your behavior. At least one day someone will value what unique qualities you possess. As it’s said by Raymond Hull that who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. Because it is better to suffer being who you are than it is to be someone who you are not!

-Sarrah Mustafa Malir

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21 thoughts on “Why Not Real?

  1. Arwa

    wow Sarrah! thats quiet an amazing piece of writing!!!:)
    Arwa Sh Khuzaima

  2. You are right Sarah, I think every individual is an original piece. Every person is unique in their strengths and weaknesses. A genuine person can be easily identified by his or her eyes and smile. Such genuine people are rare.

    You also talked about ‘Knowing ones self’…knowing ones own self is a life long journey. We label ourselves as ‘bold’ or shy’ or ‘talkative’ or aggressive’. How do you know you dont have other multiple personality traits buried away inside.

    I used to think like this too. I used to demand that I be accepted for what I am. But then i realized that if you refuse to change yourself for the better then its being stubborn. I read somewhere, “God loves you just the way you are; he loves you too much to let you remain what you are.”

    I love the flow of this post. The vocabulary is wonderfully crisp. You guys keep getting better with every post.
    I need more posts from you all.

    • My dear mentor, I knew you were waiting! Your feedbacks are always cherished by me! Thank you for everything.

      I agree,Every individual is an original piece from the beginning but sometimes some of them disguise themselves,which ruins their originality & the beauty they possess.

      And yes.Of course,we all have multiple personality traits buried inside us.It’s just we tag everyone from our point of view which we think is the most suitable one for them.

      Maryam ben, It’s very good to change yourself for the better in your own original way. But it’s too bad to be two-faced–Sweet from the outside and bitter from inside.

      I’m glad the flow & vocabulary appealed. Thank you again! (:


  3. sir

    an impressive piece of work.
    Just for thought: “you cannot please all, so whom should you please?….”

    • Thank you Janab.

      It’s our Maula (T.U.S). Because if we please him, then along with it we’ll gain the happiness of the creators of all creations as well,that is Allah almighty.
      As it’s said “no prayers are accepted if there is no taa’at”-because the happiness of Allah is the happiness of Maula (T.U.S).


  4. I read this earlier today, and really enjoyed it. Very much to the point. Thanks for sharing.


  5. So very aptly described Sarrah!:)

  6. Thank you Maria! (:

  7. hassan

    Awesome xD

  8. Rabab Dawson

    0wsum piece of writing Sarrah! this fully amazing
    i l0ved it! :):):D

  9. Fatima Dawson

    wel have no words to discribe..
    wel according to u if everyone behave the way they r then there wil be no stress nd fake personality..:)
    keep it up..
    tremendous work..

    • It’s good to know that you’re reading each and every post of our blog. Thank you to you and Rabab for that!
      We don’t need fake people…we need uniqueness.That’s the point (:
      Thanks again! keep reading. ((:

  10. Fatima Dawson

    Thanky0u Sarrah! 🙂

  11. usuffyy

    very well written :)! u should write for the Dawn magazines. ill be the first one to read your articles 😀
    keep writing!

  12. Lamya Halai

    This is so true and its wonderfully written !
    – Lamya

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