Read It To Know It :P

My school is my pride and I’m more than thankful to Allah to let me into this school where I’m always under the shadows of my two Maula’s TUS. It is the location which grants me with all the blissful memories which are engraved into my mind. This is the place where a student and a teacher loves each other unconditionally and are willing to do anything for each other. These are the grounds where a student calls her/his teacher “Bhen and Janab”, to give them wholehearted respect. The bond of love and respect which ties them becomes stronger and vigorous. Also that it is a common thing that every student has a much softer corner for a certain teacher. Like wise I’m also a student and have what we call a “favorite teacher”.

Writing about this individual does not make her bigger or smaller than others but it genuinely shows how much I love and respect her, and keeping faith in my writing I’ll start my article.
A being with a lot of religious beliefs she under go’s tremendous difficulties to do what her and my Maula TUS would expect from her. Striving to perform any khidmat she gets at hand. For that I admire her.

Till the day I remember I know that she as a teacher figure never, never under-estimated her students believing that they’ll shine one day. She was and is a role-model for all of us. She stimulated and encouraged us all the time, giving us a positive side to see at even in the darkest of our teenage times. A lover of the English language she always encouraged us to speak and write it. The ‘writer’s apprentices’ is the only proof of her 3 years hard work. She is a teacher of a kind-she kept her attitude as a teacher but in heart she was just our older sister.

I recall when at those rare occasions when she would scold me and I would be completely shaken. Tears would uncontrollably roll down my eyes making me realize what big blunders I’ve done and then that would be the end. I would directly go to her and ask for genuine forgiveness and would stand there until she would smile at me and say “it’s okay beta.” That would be the time of actual relief.

She has been the sunshine of us all the students. Going through the periods of teenage life herself she could completely understand our dilemmas and I don’t know how but she would come up with the best solutions! She was the best thing ever happened to our class.

Knowing her so deeply I know how she must have felt when her mother died, when she had to see her sister leaving her and marrying into another country and when she herself had to leave her family and join another one! Obviously being a human herself she might be going across all those problems and difficulties we go through but, BUT never a day has come when she’s not smiled and made our day or she’s acted strange or her mind has been diverted else where than the subject!

I know that I’m just praising her but I don’t know if there has been any time when she wasn’t a perfect modest human-being. I recall this article where she has written on her friend circle and then when it came to her, she just wrote”…and then it’s me.” I mean there can be pages written on that “me” and she just says it’s me?! Hahaha I was awe-stricken then!

I feel very proud to know such a teacher and I genuinely think that it were just my lucky stars which made her come into my life! I sooo much wish that every student should at least once in their life time be presented with a Maryam Bhen like mine so that they would really get what teachers are really like and till what extent they go for us!

Cheers to the beautiful profession teaching and to the fabulous teachers!:)

Maria Sadri

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20 thoughts on “Read It To Know It :P

  1. Great post and tribute.

  2. You got me longing for such teacher/s. 😛
    Well written. 🙂

  3. Maria, I was soooo excited for you to post this!
    Along the post, I could feel tears of affection and gratitude rolling down my cheeks. And i’m sure you know how i’m feeling right now.

    Whenever I started to write something about her for the blog, I would always think that I wont be able to compile all my feelings for her and then I stopped. But you have portrayed the feelings of each and every student of hers so well.

    I relished the end because it was too difficult for me to make those people understand who never felt the bond between a teacher and a student that why I love her so much when they use to get surprise because of the love I expressed.

    You’re right,there’s never a day when she has acted strange or not made our day! To this point, I remember, She would turn back from her thaal and talk lovingly to me with affection even in the jamaat khana during Ramadan and I would love that conversation going on.

    I agree with each and every para of yours and can completely relate to it. She’s one ‘down to earth’ kinda being. I remember her saying “I’m not deserving for the love you all give me” BUT she deserves it all.

    MSB has indeed blessed us with such fine mentors and DEAREST MARYAM BEN is undoubtedly one of ’em. May we all make them, And the mentors of all mentors-Our both Maulas(TUS) proud!
    Yet I have soooo much more to say!…anyways.. 😛
    Loved the meticulous post partner!

  4. usuffyy

    very well written 🙂
    she used to teach me poetry 😉

  5. great post partner! 🙂 loved it.. for her, pages would end but the words for her never would.. See you in a few weeks’ time! 🙂

  6. Sarrahh this is the only reason why we both get along:P
    No offence, but this affection for her which we 2 have is the only reason we can understand each other!:) loved your appreciation!:)
    Thankkss alotttt!:)

    Yusuff thankyou!!;)

    Lokhhii will miss you! have fun!tata!:)
    Love you all!

    • Maria, Egg-Jackett-lyyy!! 😀 Remember the conversation we used to have all about her for hours in the classroom? you’re right! This is one of the reasons how I got to know you. 😉 CHEERS!

  7. Ibrahim Joriawala

    well written………one thing about teachers”ustad ustad hota hai” and i think she’s the best teacher i have ever met…….

  8. Sarah Ezzi

    OH MY GOD!! Frankly in the end I realised that I had held my breath while reading the best article of yours ever!
    First I likeyyy your heading! Second writing about a teacher is difficult but yet the most amazing deed and you did it! And writing about Maryam bhen…. Well I can only say, a perfect personality she has!
    Keep writing and surprising! 🙂

  9. Maryam

    I dont know what to say. I am overwhelmed. I am privileged…privileged to be a part of MSB where I can perform my desire and thirst for Khidmat. Secondly, I am so lucky to have students like you. Every student is special, every batch is unique, but once in a while a batch comes along that you fall in love with. You are that batch.
    I cant express enough gratitude for the love and respect you give me.
    Praying for you all–Maria, Sarah, Ruqaiya!

  10. Hahaha!! yeah Sarrahh!!:)
    Ibrahimmm yeess how can we forgettt?!! “ustaad ustaad hota hai”

    Saarraah saarrraaahh saarraaahh!!!??? u know how manyy dayss i toook to writte thiss!!:) love you for your comment:)

  11. Maryamm bhen?! You know i had written this articles ages ago but whenever i used to open it, i would add one two sentences here and there. Also then with such a biigg article here, i feel i have missed some parts!:)

    Many of you might be thinking why i didn’t write it in my best language with the most exquisite words!? i think because your modesty and humbleness can only be described in these simple but pure words!;-)

  12. I hope she read this. As a teacher, I felt so rewarded for my hard work when I learned of the difference I made in a student’s life. Beautifully written…

  13. Lorna Lorna Lorna!! I was waiting for you to read itt. I know that u’re also a teacher and this article gives tribute to maryam bhen and all the teachers like her and i surely believe that u’re one of them!! Thankyou!:)
    Your comments are truly treasured!

  14. Rabab Dawson

    Amazing maria.I agree each and every paragraph of yours! best arcticle of yours!
    seriously Maryam Bhen is the best teacher and an ideal for me! she is just perfect! 🙂

  15. Indeed Rabab!
    Thankyou for sharing your feelings! Keep reading!:)

  16. Backbencher's Tyro

    Truely Maryam Bhen is good Teacher
    And she is the one who has motivated us to create this blog……..


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