Gifted by the God!

Heyyy everyone! Long timee, no see!?:)

Well today you’ll see another me- one who really thinks prudent and deems wisely!

So well, I just wanted to ask that, have you ever picked up on this line ‘a horse safeguarded itself from a lion’. Maybe no or might be yes. I know I know, it seems to be sappy but then isn’t it said that “nothings impossible”. So this was a story I told my little brother, that a horse got off the claws of the Lion king! I truly believe that horses are brisk and smart animals and with their shrewdness they can easily rescue themselves from the dominant lion. (Now here comes my smarter side)->
Likewise, even though men look weak and timid in front of the humongous mountains but with their immeasurable creativity and  the tiny Grey matter they can indeed, over-take the mountains. Actually not just mountains but also can equate the skies.

Good God has created the universe and its creatures to live on it but humans are the only exceptional ones. To whom he has gifted with beauty and intelligence, and I hope that he trusts us and expects us to reach out to the Moon uncle and the twinkling stars. But excuse me?  Haven’t we reached yet! After challenging the mountains, bringing out of it whatever we could, didn’t we move on to planets and moons and whatsoever!?

A huge mountain is nothing! NIL actually! And cant do anything when a human is there, although its vast and the loftiest of the physical features but when a human climbs it, the human becomes the highest. Above all!


It’s always, always about the human mind and will power. If you have the will you have the power! In this running era, people actually have time for thinking. Because they know that if we think, we’ll be the king!(WOW! it rhymes too :P)

All the world’s a stage and every man and woman merely players. If you play well you win and if you don’t play well, well at least you can climb the mountain! Lol!

But the noble talk is that our brain is the only part, when combined with the beating heart, brings out wonders to the world! So whether it is the trees or the skies, men can conquer all if he tries!

Maria Sadri

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10 thoughts on “Gifted by the God!

  1. The mind and the heart! What a combination! And never can they work independently from each other.You are right, this is so wise and it echoes of ambition and this my dear, is the phase to ride high on the waves of ambitious; to dream and do to ‘conquer every mountain’ and eventually, the world!
    Love to hear you all talking like this!

  2. Sarah Ezzi

    I am impressed with the way you have discussed a thoughtful topic in a light and joyous tone which in others words can be said in ‘Maria’s way’ 😀
    Coming to the material… When the hell did you start thinking so ‘big big’? :p

  3. Yes! Ambition-wow! that didn’t strike my mind. thank you for giving me a new side to look at.
    Always look forward for your feedback.:)

  4. Hahaha thanks Sarrah!
    and bass dimaaag:P
    In fact i thought “dimaag ki batti jali” would be perfect for this article:P but then it would have been over-like me:P
    Well anyways thank you! love you!:)

  5. Maria, truly men CAN level Mountains! 🙂 Loved it 🙂

  6. Rabab Dawson

    this is amazing maria..:)

  7. Hahaha lokhandd they have indeed leveled the mountains!:)
    Thanks Rabab!:)

  8. Well thought off from the ‘horse’. 🙂

    And I’d like to add.
    Allah made us exceptional, right – but was it just to make the world advance? Was climbing mountains and reaching planets the real insight?

    Or…was it to understand and thus revere the Existence which created them? And find the best way to achieve this goal?

  9. Firstly thanks Salman!
    And secondly yes obviously that is our ultimate thought and that is why we are here today. The world and the religion goes together for us. and that is why we momineen are the winners!:)
    Happy reading!

  10. Farida M Kanchwala

    Maria ,I am truly impressed!When did you grow up to think like this. I still remember the little one going to Kolkatta for sports. KEEP IT UP, LITTLE ONE.I will be wating for more.
    Farida Kanchwala

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