Free Inspiration anytime, anyplace!

 Life! I don’t get it, do you? At about just the adequate amount of typical things take place and you are left twigging those occasions for hours and days. It just baffles me that just a little random assemblage could make me out-spoken and force me to vent my feelings here to share with you people. 

You all people have earnestly become members of my life. Your encouragements and your galvanizing comments are the only reason we try to write more. You guys are the ones to whom I secretly try to impress by my words. So thank you all! You all take out time to read our blog and then share your opinions about it, sometimes it gives us an altered prospect to think on, and we appreciate it all!:) So as I was saying. The other day in our morning assembly at school the deputies and the heads of prefects came up with a very novel and reveling concept.

 They awarded few of the prefects who had been loyal and flawless to their duties. They told us that every month they will honor the few ideals. When this thought hit the prefect’s ears, the mumbles spontaneously incepted. Everybody dreamed to be the next to be appreciated. A new light shone in our young eyes!

The following morning there was a casual all-prefect meeting to discuss more about the new initiative. Some of the teachers attended it and everybody started discussing their share of ideas and the problems they faced. After our over-views, one of the teachers whom I personally respect very much stood up to give us a speech. No, actually I think it was a heart to heart talk really.

She told us how our appearance and performance should be accurate so that it could become an example for our juniors and the non-prefects. These duties we do, we do it to perform mere khidmat of Aqa Maula TUS and so we should be flawless at it and that it was a very big responsibility to us and we should do it loyally and modestly.

These particular words of hers hit me instantly to the nook of my heart. “You are the ones your juniors look up to after us. You guys have to be the most perfect to be the PREFECTS!” I was rapidly left with thoughts of what I do and how I behave and what a show-off I become at times. I was moved by her words, she had inspired me to become a better person a better prefect abruptly.

I admire her for that! But at the same time I was filled with distress, now that I knew my real duty my young shoulders were burdened with immense authorities. I was actually abashed and solemnly hoped to get the strength to be able to make my beloved teachers happy and proud in the last years of my schooling life.

Yellow house Prefect, MSB

Maria Sadri

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12 thoughts on “Free Inspiration anytime, anyplace!

  1. Fatima Raziuddin

    How about motivating students to read and read something ,everything, explore reading material and enjoy reading.As leaders of our great school and all of you who read story books, help ,help, and help other students. If you can motivate two students with your good habits of reading ,our work will be so much easier.

  2. Im glad you took what Ramla Bhen said to your heart. You have interpreted it in the most genuine way and we look forward to dedicated prefects like you.

  3. Hahahaha! yes indeed Fatema bhen! we have started the initiative by motivating our fellow classmates already!:)

  4. Yess! thank you bhen! i’ve set my goal now!:)

  5. Sarah Ezzi

    Maria,no doubt AMSB is the only institute where you get ‘free inspiration any time!’
    And I am inspired by your earnestness despite of the fact that you’re a junior!
    Coming to Ramla Bhen’s speech, those few moments of her few words meant a lot to all of us! Hope we all become ‘perfect’ shadows of our disciplinarians! 🙂

  6. Nice journey to perfection my friend.

  7. Rabab Dawson

    best of luck for ur duty! Hope u do ur best duty!:)

  8. Hear hear Sarrah!:)
    Thanks Walter and Rabab!
    keep reading guys!:)

  9. Loved to see that prefects like you take such inspirations.

    As far as the “‘burden of responsibility” is concerned, I’ll advise you all, that even if you don’t became an ideal for juniors, you MUST NOT become for them an inspiration for any unacceptable act. This is the first step any prefect should take.

    Well written. 🙂

  10. Hahahah! Yes Salman! thankyou for your advise, its always appreciated!:)
    Keep reading and commenting.

  11. I can c the sensible Maria blooming
    Best of luck

  12. Thankyou so much Zainabb bhen!! its a pleasure to know that u follow our blog!:)
    Keep reading!

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