Adding up!


Till now Writer’s Apprentices has been a great success and many people-specially our classmates got influenced by us. So a thought popped up that what if we let the other great writers join our platform too! It would be a great experience and a road to success for us all friends!;)

So, the four of us have opened our heart to all of the better stuff and have solemnly agreed to let the other talents to be shared with you all!

The more people + the more talent = the more success!

Cheers to the old and new!:)

Love always,

Writer’s Apprentices

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11 thoughts on “Adding up!

  1. Good for all of you! I love the new look of your site, too!

  2. Ah!
    Thank you for your generosity and selfless initiatives dears! Admire you all even more after this!
    Keep writing and inspiring. Always!

  3. Sarah Ezzi

    All I would say is “Better late than never!” 😛

  4. Hahaha bhen it was veryy difficult for us! but whatever happens, happens for the good!:)
    hahahaa yeahh right Sarrah!:P

  5. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    Wow , I’m filled with admiration at your generosity! keep up the spirit. You’ve been an inspiration and a motivational force for other students to bring out and share their talent as well! Great job, you certainly fill us with pride!

  6. The pleasure is truly ours Arwa bhen! We are just lucky to have you all to motivate us all the way!

  7. Ibrahim Joriawala

    bhai likhna to bachpan se sekh rahe thora bohat ata hai hame lelo……… mazak ke elava famous ho jao ge………….. soch lo!!!!!!!

  8. Haan haan zarur, karlo aap join hamein. World famous ban jaengay.
    Wow yaar! hamaray aesay naseeb. 😛

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