Life-A Bunch Of Roses!

The light of the sun reaches the ground. The ground allows the seed within to rise and enter the world above. As time passes, each bud blossoms into its own rose. Where, its stem becomes green and thorny.

Roses are a symbol of relationships. Bunch of roses are exchanged when a relation is formed. But why do people give roses with thorns to their loved ones, instead of other pretty flowers in the world? Because roses always come with a thorn, which is its real beauty. And a rose received by a loved one indicates that, no matter how the world moves on, there are negative things that will overcome each relation. Because, with every positive thing comes a negative one.

Life is like a bunch of roses. Where there are ups and downs. But its up to you, how you tackle each rose with its thorns. Life is made up of family, friends and comfort. All this make up our bunch of roses. There are dilemmas that overcome friends and family relations. But it’s your part to hold your rose without getting pricked by the thorns in its stem. With time, to keep our bunch evergreen, we learn to accept new roses with their thorns, no matter how sharp and pointy they are.
Everyday the sun rises with a new hope, shining upon the delightful bud. The moment you look at them, they seem to be fascinating. But the secret of their elegance is hidden beneath them, in the stems; the thorns.

In life, happiness is seen at first and other problems are hidden beneath it. Your bunch is your part to take care of! It’s up to you to take care of your rose and save it from withering. You accept each new rose with its stem, but some thorns aren’t visible in real life. With time, each bud blooms into a full flower.Β  And each thorn becomes harder and sharper. No matter how hard you try to discard the thorns, they’ll always be a part of your rose. Your life!

So, be proud of what you have! Be patient for what you don’t. Accept life in whatever state it is. Life has its own thorns ready to prick you when you hold them. But it is you, who will choose whether to hold your bunch by the thorns or by its roots.Β 

Never forget to scent the enchanting fragrance = Never forget to have fun in your life!:)

Alefiya Rao.Β 

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24 thoughts on “Life-A Bunch Of Roses!

  1. An excellent expression of Roses and thorns, keep it up Alefiyah

  2. well done Alifiyah and congrats on your first entry> πŸ˜›

    • Burahnuddin Mannan

      Nice superv i m from your school and i like your work and Mariya and Sarah appa ask your bro about me

  3. Maryam

    Alefiya…such clarity of thought; such a breath-taking analogy of life and its lot. Your profound sensibilities and depth of thought come through in this post. Welcome aboard! May this be the first of many.Keep writing.

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou very much, Maryam bhen this is what you have taught me. Its all the result of your dedication. I am glad you liked it. =)

  4. Also, Maria’s lovely drawing breathes colour and vivacity into this post. Great job as always Maria Tayyeb.

  5. This is β€œThe” real stuff! great work girl!:) hoping to see more posts!

    • Maria Tayyab

      πŸ™‚ Thank you!.. still u have not seen the real stuff that is coming up! πŸ™‚

    • Alefiyah Rao

      A special thanks to THE WRITER’S APPRENTICES… for letting me be a part of their blog.
      And thankyou, ruqaiyah, maria and mustansir.

  6. Alifya i Loved it! πŸ™‚ Welcome πŸ˜€

  7. Rabab Dawson

    nice one alfia πŸ™‚

  8. this is superb aleifya!:)
    Shehrebanu Sh Khuzaima

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou rabab and shehrebanu. I am glad you went through my article.

  9. Ummehani Rao

    This is an awesome piece of work. Keep it up Sis..! πŸ™‚
    And Maria your art work is really beautiful. Great job..!

  10. Sarah Ezzi

    Great work of relating physical beauty with the nature of life, Alifiya! πŸ™‚
    Maria Tayyab beautiful piece of art! πŸ™‚

  11. Friend! You’ve connected the Roses and life beautifully! I loved the blend. Great work!

    And Maria, I LOVED the drawing. It clearly seems that you’ve put a lot of hard work! Thank you… (:
    Sorry for the late reply.

  12. Alefiyah Rao

    it was a great essay, i think you will be a great writer.keep it up

  13. Elegantly conveyed. Excellent profound interpretation. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

    It would have been helpful if u ‘grouped’ the comparisions in separate paragraphs, with sub-headings may be ; like:

    Acceptance of New Roses – New people.

  14. Ibrahim Joriawala

    itwas rosely awesome!!!!!!!

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