‘H0lics’ all around! ;)

Addictions- synonymic to extreme! It’s a state of being enslaved to a habit.  Most people think addictions are always bad and so they try to fight ‘em. But let’s try to be a li’l optimistic, eh? I feel, addictions help keep up the zing in life! If you want to live life to its optimum, then you do need to have some addictions flowing in your blood (I’m not talking about stuff like smoking and alcohol here).

There are a variety of freaks in this enormous world with different kinds of fanatical addictions. Here are some commonly listed manias:-

♫ Music \ Songs ♪ -listening addictions:  
Listening Songs is the most common craze, especially for teenagers.  Moiz claims, “It’s ten times easier to study for exams with my ear phones connected”.  Also, listening songs in full volume is an energy booster for me. Emotionally, it makes me happy. Whenever I’m disconnected from the typical world while listening songs (through my earphones), my mother interrupts ten times in between to tell me to slow down the volume. And with respect, I do obey her. But unconsciously, after a few minutes, the volume is high again. 😛

This particular addiction requires a lot of hard work and energy. With that, the workaholics earn a lot of respect and admiration. Some workaholics get involved in their work so much that they forget to give proper attention to people around them.  “I hardly get to see my father thrice in a week. That’s because he’s too involved in his business” says Zainab with a sigh.


Well, its 90% a female thing! Being a girl, I exactly know what it’s like when you enter an environment with a variety of exciting stuff all around. Shopping is an adventure in itself; first of all, the ecstasy of the purchase, different styles and colors all around & sometimes the noisy crowd. We do enjoy all this! Right? 😀 “My friends request me to go shopping with them because I’m the one who is fond of every shop around the town” says Sakina with a grin.

Ironing addictions:
There are many people who won’t even like a crease on their clothes. Also, I specifically had to mention this because, my cousin who travels a lot wearing rida everywhere. Always has a handy, battery hair straightener in her handbag and whenever there’s a crease in her pardi(the flap), she irons it with the straightener. Hahaha, it’s strange, I know!

Gum addictions:
People in my world would smile after reading this. Because they exactly know what a packet of gum means to me. It’s not ‘just’ a packet of gum. It’s oil to my engine. It’s a drug to me. The Pakistani politician, Imran Khan is also a gum addict. Yesterday, on television, I saw him chewing a gum throughout the procession, LOL!

Internet addictions:
Once, a tutor told me, “It’s better to surf on the internet than staying glued to an idiot box”. Very inspiring, indeed! Internet addicts use internet for hours without getting tired. “I love to surf on the internet late nights. We get aware of a lot of stuff that’s happening around the world” says, Lamya with interest.

Junk food addictions:
Junk foods have a strong appeal to the primitive and infantile emotions. They are usually very sweet, very rich and very filling. Similarly, chocoholics:  I know a HUGE amount of individuals who are crazily addicted to chocolates! It is the most frequently purchased junk food item. The diet conscious, 28 year old, Insia says, “I am ready to run miles and not eat the whole day, for a bar of chocolate.”

Reading addictions: 

They surround themselves with books everywhere they go. Resulted in a research, there are many people who read eight hours a day. And surprisingly, they have no problem with that. Fatema says, “honestly, I will not be able to sleep if I don’t get to sneak a peak at the next few chapters”

So, likewise, there are a load of more addictions piled up. These are just a few I’ve described. I’m sure you all can also relate to them like I did. But if you flip flop the coin, you do have the power to limit your addictions so that they don’t give a negative result ahead.

Psychologically, we have built a mindset for addictions as our weakness & find it difficult to get over it. But yes! we can! As Santosh Kalwar beautifully says, “We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”

-Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

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36 thoughts on “‘H0lics’ all around! ;)

  1. Sarah! Absolute brilliance! What a fantastic piece of soft journalism. This MUST be published. Email it to Young World ASAP! Ill email you the address of the editor.

    Also, I can relate to so many of these addictions! Chocolates and junk food being one, reading being another and shopping being the third! I might fall into the workaholic category too!
    You are right, addictions do keep us going and help us rise above the diurnal routine of life. It fills us with enthusiasm…as long as they are positive!
    My turn to say ‘Hats off’

    • Maryam ben! Dear Maryam ben! Your comment made my day! seriously!
      And yeah i’ll do that soon.I know pretty well about your addictions… 😀
      And a journalist says ‘Hats off’ to an amateur writer!? That’s an honor for me! I’m filled with gratitude.

      Love ALWAYS,

  2. Excellent piece of work partner! love the Title especially!:) way to go Apprentices!

  3. Sarah Ezzi

    Double ‘R’ waali SaRRah! 😀 😛
    Your article isnt funny at all but yes it has boosted me with excitement. I really appreciate the tone you and Maria are using, it feels high and energetic! And also to mention my addiction of thinking is again on the process! 😛 God I feel like writing sequel to your post, uff again the addiction of writing is up! :p
    Ok now, your work is splendid! specifically the formation is out class! And I dont know why but I am loving your heading 😛
    Waiting for more! 😀

    • Single ‘R’ waali SaRah! 😀

      This time I just tried to sprinkle some fun & excitement on it-I tried to make it different.
      Haha, I can imagine… 😛
      And thank you so much for the detailed feedback! I love my title too.Hehe. ((:

      -Double ‘R’ waali SaRRah! 😀

  4. “Hats off”, APPRENTICE! 🙂

  5. Alefiyah Rao

    Sarrah!!! This was seriously, amazing! i believe, this is the best piece of your writings. it was simply splendid! 🙂

  6. Lamya Halai

    Firstly, the title is veryy appealing and secondly, the formation is outstanding 😀
    Excellent work Sarrah!!
    waiting for moree ! 🙂

  7. usuffyy

    Very well written ! being a gum lover i enjoyed this article ,it would be more interesting if ud add more addictions 🙂 people would get excited to find their Addiction in it !
    keep writing 🙂

    • Usuffyy! Thank you sooo much! 😀 About the CHEEE-GUM part, I would say, matching matching! hahaha Cheers!… 😀

      And I wanted to but it’s already so long… I had so much more stuff to add but already my article is filled with words nearly in 800s. 😛 Thanks again dude!

  8. this is amazing sarrah loved it!!!:)
    Shehrebanu Sh Khuzaima

  9. SARRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! I feel like shouting here.. Gadheri I JUST LOVED IT!! i completely agree to each and EVERY word of yours…. Ufff ‘mast likhes tu’ I swear! 😀 u just inspired me to write sumthng.. n yeh even i noticed imran khan chewing gum all the way :P.. hAHA! 😉 Its one of the best articles i have ever read.. if u get it in young world tell me then i want to buy when its there.. I’m florished with excitement sarrah.. like every time you hv won my heart ‘hot n sour’ 😛 😉

      After knowing you so well, I was completely sure you will be able to relate to me. Hahaha, The ‘mast likhes’ dialogue reminds me of something… 😀
      Will be waiting for your post. (:
      And and! InshAllah! I will let you know if it does. I’m glad. Truly glad. (:

      Thank you sooo much for such a lovely feedback! Oh man! i’m loving this platform I tell you. (:

      Yours, ‘Hot and sour’ *high five* 😀

  10. Interesting and well done post. I didn’t know where you were heading with this, but like it. We all have our “addictions.” You’re right!

  11. Farida M Kanchwala

    Sarrrah ,An absolute and fantastic piece of work. Keep it up dear, you are making all AMSBians proud. I enjoyed the music and Chewing gum part very much. Reminds me when I was a student. Once again KEEP IT UP!!

    Farida Kanchwala

  12. Was almost a PROFESSIONAL article! 🙂
    Especially, featuring the comments of people around on the -aholics was proficient work.

  13. Great work, SaRRah, you seem to be Aholic looking for issues to spill ink on. keep it up!!!

  14. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    Oh Sarrah that was a masterpiece! Roving through your writing was actually a trip down memory lane…..chocoholics, shopaholics, and…and… and…. Ah! aren’t these addictions part of what actually keeps us going? Hey and let me share a secret with you all, the manner in which you write is certainly turning a lot of us into writaholics…… So keep it up dear!

  15. Rabab Dawson

    SARRAAAHHH!!!! This is FANTASTIC! best piece i ever read.. loved it!
    each and every point of yours is very very true…
    truely loved this article.

  16. Ibrahim Joriawala

    addictely written…..haha it was filled with excitement

  17. Thank you Ibrahim! 😀

  18. arwa sadri

    off…… FIDA FIDA Think u wrote ths article indicating me and my thoughts ..SARA GIRL WHO ARE YOU ????
    beside icecream one….love you and your thoughts

  19. Sarrah I loved it. I could totally relate myself to almost all the holics.. man! you writing is so refreshing, i start with one article and stick to the blog, lets say I have turned into a Writers-Apprentices-Blog holic 😀

    Cheers! to The incredible writer and photographer 🙂

    • Thank you so much Jumana apa! Honestly, I have been in need of a lot of stimulation these days and so, thank ‘you’ for doing that. (:
      Keep dwelling in our posts.
      Cheers, Sarrah.

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