10+6!! Guess what it makes?

Who knew such a day would come, when I would actually reach the 9th grade!  And the excitement will overflow all the way. Last year, on the result day, just as our class was called out, to proceed to our classes with our respected class teacher. I was shocked to see a bunch of so many boys waiting to leave the assembly hall in a queue. And we girls were standing next to them, in a collective number but yet, less then them. It was just until I entered my new classroom, I found out… “I had a class of 10 mischievous boys and comparatively 6 talkative girls.” I was at first confused if this would really work out.  But, slowly and gradually, I learned to get along with everyone and we built unity amongst ourselves. It only took me about a month to be comfortable and understand each one of my classmates. Individually all 16 of us, have different kinds of personalities. Each one is there to brighten the day, with the art of refreshing everybody in their own way.

Out of 16… lets start off alphabetically. First comes Alefiyah (that’s me), I am a bit shy at times but usually trying to help others by hand. I often am moody. But as some of my friends say, I am the perfect amount of seriousness and fun!

Then, there comes Hamza, he is very talented. As much as I know him, he is always trying to do his best in compromising and co-operating with others.  He surely has the most unique kind of excuses to try and escape from trouble.

Then the friends of brotherhood, Hassan and Hussain both ready to help at anytime. The best thing about them is that they always try to touch the skies. Hassan is diligent and a math freak, of course! And Hussain provides others a quest time with him around.

Here’s Hatim. A nice & a kind friend. He’s always finding a moment to have a sneak peak in his lunch box. But he and Moiz, in spite of being cousins, share a unique blend of brotherhood between them, both trying to help one another.

 (the entertainer) is a blend of mischief and good friendship. He lighten ups the seriousness of the chamber with his irrelevant but funny mocks.

The tallest of all, stands Juzer. He’s the gentleman of our little family, although he often looks stern, but he’s a kindred soul to chatter with.

The non-stop chatters come from both the Maria’s. Both quiet moody. Maria T is ready for anything at anytime. She’s really artistic with a brain full of bright colors. She puts all her effort in her drawings.
As for Maria S, she is always ready for challenges, anywhere, anytime! With a creative mind, she provides understanding, yet an enjoyable company. Both Maria’s providing a noisy state to the classroom.

Then, the opposite of the noisy ones is the quite, polite Mustafa. Indeed reserved at the outer core; he comes to be very smart, having the capability to realize the unspoken words too.

Then there’s the Einstein Mustansir. His logical sayings bamboozle us sometimes but then he’s a perfect adviser too.

One of my new classmates is from Africa – named Naqiyah. She is still trying to adjust within. I must say she’s quite a thick book of noble words and advises.

Ruqaiyah– well known as LOKHAND to all, brings a smile on everyone’s face. She’s a jolly good companion, holding the most jovial behavior with all. Always showing her bright white teeth she pulls out her magic wand and makes all the worries go in the classroom dustbin!

Next is Sarrah. A mischievous & a bubbly friend. She is a gifted photographer and possesses the brightest imaginations of all.

Last but not the least is Taha. He is a decent guy, not very social but a fine friend.

Each one of us possesses uniqueness and capabilities which make us 10+6 resulting 16. This is our little livelihood!:) And surely we do share the blend of friendship amongst us and we will FOREVER. Because friendship is a road that never ends!:)

Grade 9th O’levels

Alefiyah Rao.

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42 thoughts on “10+6!! Guess what it makes?

  1. Shamuil

    Thankyou Alefiya for introducing us to Class 9 O’Levels. Would really like to meet you all. Keep writing!!!

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou janab. We are certainly waiting to meet you too.

  2. Uffff! ALEFIYAH ( 😛 ) I just loved itt! 🙂 A short Bio data for all of us. And btw Thanks for all the compliments 😉 . I just wish we always be like what we are 🙂 I must say It’s LOVELY! 🙂
    Ruqaiya – LOKHAND 🙂

    • Maria Tayyab

      This is inadequate description for all of us,BUT u gave a brief intro on all of our personalities!
      u picked up excellent point about all of us, And simply did a GOOD JOB!:) 😉

      HATS oFF! Awesome! 😉

  3. Alefiyah Rao

    Heheh…. Thanks Lokhand! It was a great experience writing about US!! And thankyou too, for making it happen.
    Alefiyah- RAO

  4. Hey this is an excellent piece of work. Looking forward for more such writeups.
    keep it up!! 🙂

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou Fatema Bhen. I am glad you went through my post.

  5. Ummehani Rao

    Nice try… You stole my idea..! 😉
    But, honestly it is amazing the way you have written in short about each one of your classmates. Keep writing more, Sis…!!! 🙂


    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thanks sis… I’d been waiting for your compliments! And yah, also… Thankyou for this idea of writing on my class.. 🙂 Thanks once again.

  6. Alifya! A very good and pure description! It was simply ‘Owsummm’ (as Ibrahim says) and ‘fittttt’ (in my way) 😀

    Days in MSB would be flavorless without you all freaks. I believe, our class is a blend of uniqueness, mischief, thrill and revealed talent. Put together, we are together a spontaneous piece.
    Hoping for the best 3 years ahead with you all.

    Thank you for all the compliments. (:
    I’m waiting for Maryam ben to comment. 😀
    ‘MALIR’ as you all call. ((:


    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thanks Sarrah! I am sure, I couldnt have done it without you. You guys have bought glitter into my work. And yah, I am too, hoping for the best three years to come soon! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to study with a class full of 16 mysteries.

  7. You all are a handful but I am always longing to drop in your class it cheers me up, freshens me up. Best of all Alefiyah you really wrote the recipe down with the sweet blending of your words which makes up your delicious class. keep it up!!!

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou very much Janab. I am glad you feel that way for us.

  8. Fatima Raziuddin

    ok, I did read it at 1 a.m in the morning. I have seen the changes in some of the boys behavior. One of them has helped me a lot. There is still time ,discover, enjoy and use the Library. The students who left after studying to go to college regret not using library material to their heart’s content. Thanks future famous Author of the world for writing. As usual I enjoyed reading it.

    • Alefiyah Rao

      oh, Fatema Bhen….. I am really very thankful to you, for accepting the change in our class. I do agree, some of us are extremely difficult to handle but each one is blessed with something special in them. Thankyou very very much! 🙂

  9. Blown away! Completely!
    Alefiya, what a tremendous description. Its taken my breath away and I cant stop grinning! Your writing skills deserve applause. What a class you are. Hasan and Husain–so true, Ibrahim–Mr. Charmer, Mustafa–the sane version, Hatim and Moiz–still cant accept they are related! Juzer–yes perfect gentleman, Taha–so diligent, Hamza–still a mystery to me. And you girls! Ah! I have no words for you all.

    And I repeat myself when I say, “I miss you.” You all and 9 SSC, you are ‘The Class’.
    My most special batch.

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Finally……! Maryam Bhen thankyou so much for the compliments. 🙂
      You have been our inspiration… Its you who made us what we are today. And honestly, we miss you too… Infact, we are desperately waiting for you to teach us literature again! Hope that dream comes true soon..!! 🙂 And, I surely agree to the way you described each one of the 10 boys. They are still the same! Always wishing you a “good morning” the first thing they see you. We miss you ALOT!!
      And…. I hope you saw “OUR” picture above… Its a special one, including you and ‘your class’!! Thankyou, once again. 🙂
      Love always,

  10. And Mustansir–my aide when the boys were class8B and gave me nightmares!

  11. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    Alefiyah that was a very well portrayed piece of writing. The descriptions were so precise and well written. It was a chance for me to get reacquainted to the so grown-up class 9’s since my vivid memories of them as they toddled into school on their first days. For those who joined later on, the descriptions that you gave actually helped acquaint me with those students that I see every morning during assembly. You’re a wonderful lot.

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou, Arwa Bhen. For the compliments, as always. Do keep visiting…

  12. Shehrebanu Sh Khuzaima

    aleifya this is too good i love the way u write!!!:)
    Shehrebanu Sh Khuzaima

  13. Huzefa Hazari

    Perfect descriptions 🙂

  14. Sarah Ezzi

    Alifiyaaaa! What are you and your sister up to? :p.. Seems that you both are trying to make the class bond last forever! And I really really am glad about it! 🙂 .. Coming to your writing skills. Well written. Its always fun to know about your juniors! 😀
    Keep on writing! 🙂

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou very very much… And about me and my sis, it was right whoever said, ” Two minds think alike”!! (specially when they’re sisters :-))
      Keep Blogging!!

  15. arwa sadri

    where the hell we went. we aren’t your classmate anymore ???

    • Alefiyah Rao

      I was talking about 9 O’LEVELS throughout my post. You guys are still my best mates and buddies!! 🙂
      Keep blogging!

      • arwa sadri

        aww thank you so much nd ha the is all right description about O`levels

  16. zainab jessar

    aleifyah srsly this is the first time i m reading ur write up nd it made me said wowwwwwwwwww…..i juz loved it!!! nd u knw am da biggest fan of ur class after spending little time with u all in library!!! i m personally looking forward for more such writeups!!! keep it up honey 🙂

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou Zainab Bhen… Do keep visiting, i mean our class and our blog!! 😉

  17. You know i loved it!:)

  18. Rabab Dawson

    very well described Rao.loved ur describtion.
    Excellent 🙂

  19. sakina yousuf

    ALIFIYA u have written excellent….and how u have describe them its awsum…..!!
    keep it up….!.:)
    sakina kuwa..

  20. Huzefa Hazari

    In this image the teacher is similar to your chemistry teacher….

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Hey….!! Mind it!! our sir is so much better than that.. 😉
      Anyways, do keep visiting!

  21. zainab bhanpur

    love your writing…….. please about my topic also

  22. Fatima Dawson

    beautifuly explained about ur beautiful family(ur frnds).. wel done sweety..

  23. arwa qbs

    hey i miss u guyz ………
    i loved it
    ana si mane maro past yaad awi gayu

    its me arwa quresh bs
    mis u all’;)

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