Oooh! It’s Coming to Bite You!

   I know I know, some of us have already been bitten but then there are some unlucky fellows such as us who are left to be bitten by the “examoflies”. Yes you get me right; its the examinations which are arriving our direction are yielding us to do multi-tasking like eating, reading, studying and as well listening to the songs on ear phones, all at the same time! So there it goes- being a student is not as easy as some of the elder ones think.

    My school has been encountering examinations since the last few weeks as the primary section were having their papers. The aroma is breath-taking these days. I can feel the enigma these students are going through with the heavy colored books in their little palms and their thick spectacled eyes glued to the reference books. I was much contented days ago just taking in what they felt but now today as my exams rounds up the corner I can feel my heart thumping loudly whenever I see the tension rolling up on those little foreheads making it crinkle at such an age and the spontaneous reactions these kids come up with. The shivers come instantly when I see a student crying for not performing well in his paper. At break time the school campus is a raucous filled place. Somewhere someone gives a treat to his friends for completing the paper well so somewhere some little girl is been consoled by all! It’s a sight to be witnessed!

    Although I have attended in that room full of baffled kids ready to pounce on their answer sheets more so often. I feel the same rush of adrenaline and nervousness when I first see the crisp white newly printed ream of question paper put very gently on my desk by the invigilator.

   Still till today my stomach turns up and I start mumbling the answers vividly when my class’s name is called and we have to stand straight up to receive the paper. Still I have not mastered the ways of giving an exam and still I can’t time myself properly! But then this is the way a student’s life should be, right? I think what I learn at the eleventh hour is the best I learn!

   In fact I think what we discover and understand in the classroom is the most productive, because our minds are fresh and there’s a will to learn. The day I sleep in the classroom is the day I lose one hour of precious preparation for my paper. Learning before 2 weeks doesn’t help much; I believe it’s just the wastage of time because I can promise you that on the day before your paper you’ll be learning all that once again. Instead just understand what you’re learning and give your paper. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be tensed and don’t make yourself prepared but do everything at a limit. I’m sure no one appreciates a geek in the class unless he’s there to pass on his notes to you!

    The most I hate is when students do rote learning. I mean, will it really help you? Are you sure you won’t forget it as soon as the time gets over? Can you give me the guarantee to explain it to your little sister when she comes in that class and is studying the same chapter? I’m sure you cant, then why? Why to waste such time. I learn by understanding stuff, even the math formulas. And I assure you that it doesn’t take much of your time, just a bit of your concentration!

   Plus, just one thing! Examinations come and go, there’s no doubt in it. Be it the school ones or the real life judgments. Always keep faith in Allah and always give your best. After you have decided what to do leave it to Allah because he is a better judge and he knows what’s the best for us!

 As always the MESMERIZING verses we recite in our assembly

  بنوا المصطفى والمرتضى ودعاتهم                    *                   وســــائـــــلنا احـــــــسانهـــــــم وافــــــر دثر

لهم حمـــــــدنا من بـــــــعد حمد الْظظنا                *                   تعالى مدى الازمان والشكر والذكر

Maria Sadri

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19 thoughts on “Oooh! It’s Coming to Bite You!

  1. Maria. I could hug you! In fact when we meet I will hug you! What a brilliant piece. I was hanging onto every word. Exam time is a stressful time yes, but that feeling in the tummy, the adrenaline rush, the thumping heart–it makes you feel alive, doesnt it.

    Invigilating in the exam hall at MSB is such a spiritual time. As the three Maulas TUS gaze down upon us, students pour their hearts and minds out. For me as an invigilator it is a time of thought provoking silence–i think about life, blessings and above all, i cant help gaze over and over again at those two picture frames on the wall above the blackboard–they are our focus…our sun!

    I am on break from invigilation duty and am due to be back in the room in 10 mins; I was thinking about writing on exam invigilation this very morning! Coming down and reading your piece made my day!
    Keep writing dears. You all are BRILLIANT!

  2. Also, ending on the two verses in the end–classic! That feeling in the morning transports us to Jamea Imtehaan time, Zikra time! How lucky we are to be a part of that aura!

  3. Sarah Ezzi

    Maria? Do I need to compliment? I mean you always come up with something productive! 🙂 . Well the tension you saw on my face today has been drained off after going through this post. And yes I am impressed that you have inserted the abiyaats, they are over calming! 🙂
    Best of luck!

  4. Maryam bhen maryam bhen!! You loved the post? Thats all for me! After having a little chat with you today i know exactly how you feel!
    And the verses-yes! they give me strength every morning, and i just love the feeling after I’ve recited them standing bold upright!
    Thankyou for such a heart-touching comment!:)

  5. Hehehhe Sarrah! You’re a crzy Virgo! Chill,and just keep faith!
    and yeah keep nazarulmaqam! someone special told that it is our magic wand!:)

  6. It ‘is’ a magic wand! An absolute miracle. My existence depends upon it!
    Best of luck girls for the exams!

  7. Sarah Ezzi

    Even if Maryam bhen hadn’t replied to the comment I would have known who would have been “someone special” 😉 . Thank you bhen! 🙂

  8. ammar

    Every para of the post was outstanding, but also the comments added more glow to it. Its so natural with us that at every moment of hardship or prosperity, sorrow or joy, in a flash our Moula comes to our thought. Alhamdolillah, we are so blessed.

  9. I’m more than obliged Janab! Thank you very much for commenting, it’s after a very long time that i received your heart warming compliment on my post! Its a pleasure to know that you read ’em all!:)

  10. Huzefa Hazari

    Nicely written 🙂
    everything is true….. mainly the concentration

  11. true maria we have experienced it…..



  13. Now, i dont think you will sleep in class any more! 😛 I wanted to say so many things but i just forgot what i actually wanted to. So here it goes ” MARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I just Loved it sooo much!” Seriously if u dnt put ur name on the post it seems its an article from some magazine who has written so creatively! Beautiful! 🙂 Maria i understand you and even what u dont say, we are on the same road! 😉
    Lokhand! 😉

  14. Alefiyah Rao

    Wow, Maria!!! Its so very true… You are honestly gifted! And guess what, I just had the same feeling today while giving our PAK STUDIES exam. Wish you too, best of luck for our upcoming exams partner!! 🙂

  15. Rabab Dawson

    MARIA!! loved it.
    agreed to each and every point.
    Best of luck for ur rest of the exams 🙂

  16. Huzzi and Hatimm!!! Its a pleasure to know that you guys follow our blog! thanks yaar!:)

    Hahhaha Lokhandd don’t expect too much from meee- chemistry periods are just unbearable. Can’t stop sleeping in them:P Well thank you for appreciating my effort!
    I’m glad that we’ve got a platform where we can easily jot down our feelings and experiences, not everyone is blessed this much!
    Thanks Alif and Rabab!
    Love you all,

    • Huzefa Hazari

      u r welcomed…. this new year has started with blogs… the blog of u 4 and maryam bhen’s

  17. Shehrebanu Sh Khuzaima

    this is tooo gud maria n best of luck for ur exams.

  18. sakina

    Keeep itt maria 🙂 😀
    well donee 😉

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