For Mothers!

Yesterday at 7.15 am, as per usual timings for my school I woke up, but today there was a colorful light to my eyes, an altered hope and a fresh day.

Gratified with serenity we drove off to school with ecstatic aura the whole time, reached home still intoxicated. I never knew I would be this exuberant but yes I was-on the 5th of January at 3.30 pm the PIA flight hit the grounds of Karachi and with it landed my dearest ones.

It had been a month since my mother, sister and brother went for an odyssey to India.  Unskilled experiences covered me; I was asserted with two cousin sisters and an extremely engrossed father and a rowdy Abde-ali. Those two days without any guidance from anyone-we attended to the maids in the house, to the people who came to take and give bills, the servants. Cooking and heating whatever we could. It was indeed a very excruciating job. I didn’t even know how to light a stove until then-God! I had been living in a house full of 22 people before then. What else do you expect me to know?!

Obviously my aunt came after that, but even though with a house of 7 beings remaining I felt alone. Abandoned!  My father was there, but what a mother and a sister mean to a girl of 15 is ineffable. The nooks of periods where something worthy or unworthy would happen and I would turn to share it with my Ammi and then aye! She wasn’t there. My heart was over-flowing with feelings. She is the only being in this world who listens to me imperturbably. She just sits and listens to me telling her tales, I’m sure sometimes she wouldn’t even get a word but she used to be with me. We had what people call the “Mother-daughter talk.” I’m sure every daughter has it. This bonding, this love, this affection, it is till eternity.

There are no words which can express the feeling I had for her when I saw her striding through the well polished airport aisle, even though with Hussain in one hand, she looked elegantly beautiful. Just beautiful! Carrying her red rida and gleaming as she saw me, the crystal drops couldn’t stop swirling down my dry cheeks.

I loved my mother the most. I respected and cared for her then the most. I knew her importance then and I knew why she held the heaven under her feet. Today while standing in the crowd I’m distinguished as Alifiya’s daughter.

I’m more than thankful to Allah to grant me such a mother, who made me recognize and love my Maula TUS! My true eternal mother and father!

I’m thankful to my darling Ammi for being there always, come hail or storm!

So today I say as I always tell her, “I love you Amma jee”

Maria Sadri

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19 thoughts on “For Mothers!

  1. Very well done partner! I can relate. Especially to the ‘mother-daughter talk’. Everyday after coming returning from school I start telling her my stories without pausing and she listens to me blandly. (:
    Love this line: ‘Today while standing in the crowd I’m distinguished as Alifiya’s daughter’.
    We are certainly blessed to have such mothers.


  2. Maryam

    Maria, you are blessed to have such an exceptional mother, yes, but she is equally blessed to have a ideal daughter like you. Your writing holds such sincerity, such honesty and energy–its positively alive and breathing. I read every line, every word, every nuance and it warms my heart and fills it with sheer joy.

    A mother is such a precious gift–and your have revealed that worth in this post.

    Love always,

  3. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible, which Maria you managed to prove during your moms absence. The way you’ve put the entire experience into words actually draws a picture for the readers to enjoy and relish. Loved reading your piece of writing!!!!

  4. Shakesperare said:
    The most beautiful thing is to see a person happy and smiling.
    AND even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind.
    I mean your MOTHER, she must be so Happy and beautifully smiling. By the way you really have a skill to express your emotions. keep it up!

  5. Sarrah! Yes exactly. Everyone of us can relate. However old we get, we’ll always remain our “mama’s little daughters!”
    Thanks for appreciating my effort!:)

    Maryam bhennn!! this post is just another inspiration from your side truly! I didn’t have the strength to write but after reading your affectionate piece, my heart urged me to write and so i did! Writing for you guys- its wayy too difficult. Still now as i re-read the post i feel like i should have written this too and that too!
    Love you always,

  6. Yes, indeed Arwa bhen! You should have seen how I had blossomed into a mature lady when she left and the responsibilities burdened us! Thank you so much for reading the blog. Its you guy’s comments which make us better and motivated!

    Janabb!! It is said that all women become like their mothers. I hope that i become like her too! Btw thankyou! Your comments are always awaited!

    Please keep praying for me and my family always!

  7. Huzefa Hazari

    BTW i have noticed your mother to be the one who is not angry on others (till i know) and both of the times she came with us on the picnic to supervise us… always compromising in things…
    loved this essay

  8. Alefiyah Rao

    Wow… I am moved, Maria!! This is exactly like the way i felt when my mother had gone to Dares-salam. I know how you must have felt. But, its good… atleast you experienced new situations! Once again, very well done! 🙂

  9. Sarah Ezzi

    I clicked on the icon and saw the topic ‘For mothers’. I don’t know why but I knew its by you. Maria.. This is beautiful! Like totally! But it hurts somewhere and you know why 😛 . And yes all the compliments here are supposed to be dedicated to Alifiya aunti. 🙂
    Keep on writing! Feels great! 🙂

  10. Rabab Dawson

    very well done MARIA!!
    i love each and every post of yours,but this arcticle is most admirable.
    and i agree your point about the “mother-daughter talks”
    Fantastic Job.Loved it 🙂

  11. Maria! As always loved it! It was beautiful, just splendid! 🙂
    Yours, Ruqaiya.

  12. Huzzziii- yeah she doesn’t scold anyone except US!:P Well thanks for complimenting my mom. She likes you the same( out of all friends, you’re the best she says):P

    Alefyaa-we all are as i said mama’s little girls! We miss them when they’re not around and we take them for granted when they are there! Thanks for appraising my effort!

  13. Sarrah Sarrah Sarrah! i love youu and you know after every dark night a sun rises!
    Chill and keep loving my mum.
    P.S ammi will come at night and she’s gonna read it, just pray that she likes itt!;-)

    Rabab and Ruqaiya-thank you dears!:)

  14. arwa sadri

    aww touching…… o_O 😦

  15. Nice n touchy dear,
    Your mother will be proud of you.

  16. fatema lilyawala

    i can find my heart there in your article! as its now happening with me these days, still 2 days left! :(. every parent should make such trips so that their children MAY understand the meaning of the word “PARENT” AND FEEL THEIR SIGNIFICANCE IN THEIR LIFE. I WAS JUST CRYING WHILE READING IT!! thanks for making me realise the deepness of my guilt. well written.

  17. Fatima Dawson

    beautifully written i dnt have word to say..
    i m blank only when i read it i remember my mom..

  18. Tasneem

    wow maria very well written!Alhamdolillah i am blessed with a lovely sister like ur mom. keep writing and i will keep praising
    u all!
    Tasneem .M.Kanchwala

  19. Hahaha Khala, at last you comment! 🙂
    you both are indeed not blood sisters but i have seen such love and similarity between you guys. I envy that at times.
    Love you and ammi all the same! 🙂

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