The experience, un-experienced!

It all begins from the beginning… (how lame! :D)

You know what type of being I am by now. I am like that mad hatter, obsessed with those daft-uncommon things which (no wonder) no one would even think about doing.

Well, that day had come. I wanted to do it for such a long time but I just didn’t have the chance alone at my home, so I could relish my time with no one bossing around me. I re-checked that no one was at home, and even locked the door twice or maybe thrice. Then I went to my mom’s bathroom which I used usually, closed the bathroom door (almost silently) and took a deep breath, even gulped. And there I saw it shining! (Well, not shining actually but it was bathed in sunlight :P).

It was sitting solely on one far corner of the bathroom. The washing machine! Of course! (Haha!)I climbed on the toilet seat which was beside it and went into it. I opened the machine’s switch and pressed some buttons, and it started filling water into it. I had a wicked smile on my face that moment and made out one wicked laugh. (How foolish of me!)

I crouched in and closed the washing machine’s cover. And the game had begun! The water was cold, and I got goose bumps in the beginning. But I didn’t care about it, what I cared about was living that moment of my life.

There was water all around me, and the machine sucked the water from the bottom part and threw it over me from all my sides, moving clockwise and anti-clockwise. I felt like I was swimming in the sea and the waves playing tug of war with me, coming from all the ways possible. This carried on for like 15 minutes but it seemed that since forever I had been inside.

Then, the water drained… and not in some split seconds it started re-filling. The episode was repeated but this time it was a bit harsh with me and it seemed that it was angry for some reason because of the way it growled. It felt that it was going in the same way for a while and when it stopped to go the other way around I had to hold my head as it wasn’t able to adjust to that movement, which in physics you would call as inertia.

After the repeated episode, the machine moved vigorously for some time. I thought maybe it couldn’t endure my weight (that actually wasn’t possible :P). So, to convince me it started working again. But this time, a new serial started.

There was no water in it anymore now, and it started spinning really fast, I was confused that moment and thought did I do something wrong, and it didn’t even stop when I shouted at the top of my voice. I even tried to catch something for support. But my hands just slipped.

I couldn’t realize from which way the gravity was attracting me, and I felt I was in a barrel rolling down a hill. Round and Round! And Selena Gomez’s song was playing in my head. “Round and round we’re never gonna stop going, round and round we’ll never get where we’re going, round and round well you’re gonna miss me cause I’m getting dizzy going round and round and round and round… WooO WOoo WooooO!”

In a few minutes it reduced its speed. But, the song was still playing in my head. And in a while or so when I got back to my senses, I opened the washing machine cover and found the machine had closed, as it always did ‘automatically’.

I felt dizzy and made an attempt to get out of it. “It’s enough for one day!” I said to myself. But, as soon as I realized that, I found something hard had struck on my head. And I don’t know where I fell then…

“Aaaaaa!” I shouted and woke up in amazement. “What’s wrong Ruqaiya?! Why are you shouting?!” My brother exclaimed.

I found myself rolled in a blanket, sweating hard and fallen from my bed on the floor. And I just murmured back “Ohh dear! I wish I could actually have done that…”

Got on my bed and went back to sleep again…

Cheers to my imagination! 😉

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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25 thoughts on “The experience, un-experienced!

  1. Sarah Ezzi

    Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha….. Wait let me laugh more! Hehehehehehehehehe.. huffffff… God! You’re so dramatic! I simply simply simply loved it! You know I was going to smack you until I read the ending! 😛

  2. Ok even i can’t stop grinning on your comment … 😛 Hahahahaha! LOL 😛
    Tottally! 😉 Thanks! 😛

  3. Huzefa Hazari

    hahahahahaha….. i cant believe u do these things in ur dreams 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    “I’m Lovin It”
    u r mad even in ur dreams… i thank ur brother that he woke u up to tell u to “wake up” 😛
    this was a suspence one… i seriously thought u were doing it in real

  4. Huzefa Hazari

    Loved it 🙂

  5. Hahahahaha! I know :p Thanks! 😉 melodramatic nae! 😀

  6. Loved the suspense in this piece! Great imagination! Keep it up. 😀

  7. ammar

    wow! you really got me in a trance, what were you upto? how can it be possible? after all it must have been a nightmare.
    But, indeed, really well expressed. That was something out of the blues.

  8. I wanted to try sumthng new. and this seemed perfect the moment it clicked and i got with right away. thank you very much for your comliments janab! 🙂
    And, Sarrah. Thanks! 😉

  9. hahahha! enjoyed it very much:)

  10. I know i saw ur expressions when u read it at ur home! Unique nae! 😉
    thanks maria-TAYYAB! 😉

  11. welcome 😀

  12. Maryam

    Ruqiaya, our very own Jeffery Archer. Have you read his short stories–they are master pieces. Such wordplay–! I think we spoke about him in school?

    The flow of expression in this piece is flawless! And there is so much energy (literally)! So glad you all are dabbling in all forms and genres of writing! And you all get better, with every post!
    Keep it up dear!

  13. hahahaha!ur imagination is gr8 loved it 🙂

  14. Ohh maryam bhen! that’s from where i got the idea of doing this. From you. I was reading ‘twist in the tale’ the other day n i thought of doing it once too. I’m glad bhen you liked it.
    And thank you writer’s treasury, is it sherebanu here?

  15. Maryam

    Twist in a Tale was one of my first Archer books and it was mesmerizing. Im currently reading ‘And thereby hangs a tale’ by JA…its pretty good too. Ill give it to you after im done reading it.
    Great execution!

  16. yup ruqaiya sorry forgot to write my name
    Shehrebanu Sh Khuzaima

  17. hussaina

    wow!!!!!!!!! enjoyed a lot??????????? something new to read really………

  18. You had me going all the way to the end!

  19. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    Wow Ruqaiyah that was quite a dream! It was worded so well, the suspense was just enough to create and keep the fire of curiosity burning all through…I could almost feel the water splash harshly against me. as I read with rapt attention completely mesmerized…. enthralled and fascinated. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your write up!

  20. Rabab Dawson

    hhahahahahaha…aahhh! RUqquaiiiyahhh!! 😉
    What kind of dream was that haha.. 😛
    really really loved it…amazingly expressed!

  21. Thank you hussaina, for checking our blog, and for the compliments,thank you Arwa ben, yes something new and thrilling. 🙂
    nd rabab u too thanks a lot for checking our blog regularly.
    And thanks Lorna! 🙂

  22. Mufaddal

    buhhhaaahhhaaa….ok god!! Ruqs….ur such a drama queen..u know dat, now that waz sarcastic of me! anywayz, wow! wot an imagination you got dere hun! keep the ideas rolling…;)

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