An Ecstatic Day!

This Saturday was full of alacrity and delight! Of course it was productive too. As my mother vowed to take me for shopping if I was prepared with all my tasks done before 2.30 pm. It was a challenge for me. Really! I had to finish ALL the undone questions for the Add. Math exam on Tuesday (for which I’m a bit hyped up) Secondly, I had to complete some of the chores too. Exactly in 6 hours!

Miraculously all the errands were accomplished on the allotted time. I say it miraculously because being me, nothing is done on time. But that day, I couldn’t miss shopping of course and so was worked up by doing everything in such speed! It was a big achievement for me. I wasn’t used to doing everything on ‘the right time’; after all I’m a “late lateef” But satisfyingly I succeeded. 

As soon as we got into the car, I jotted down the stuff I needed for my ridas. And the adventure began. First, we headed towards the vast land of cloths-Rabi Center. The noisy crowd evoked my senses. The fascinating colors displayed by the shopkeepers urged me to buy them all. And the whimsical hails from the Pathans were ever-lasting.

Rabi was going great & finally, I was overcome with excitement and a load of shopping bags in my hands. It was a pretty good experience of helping my mum by using my creative material. The adventure was about to end but of course it couldn’t end without filling our tummies. And so we decided to dine in Pizza Hut.

After ordering some mouth watering food, we chattered & laughed-enjoying each other’s company. That mother-daughter moment in the little hut was to be treasured to the fullest.
Soon then, the waiter placed the food on the well organized table and the scrumptious aroma filled the air. We delighted the treat and filled our appetite.

I was noticing that particular waiter staring at us with admiration since a long time which made me think something was fishy. Then, when he came to clean up the table, he couldn’t resist and finally said something which illuminated my day, totally! He said “aap log jo gujrati (lisan-ud-dawat) mai baat kartay ho to itna ehtram wala lagta hai. Hum pathan to baat bhi karein to aeysa lagta hai ke lar rahay hain; you all are very unique” and went away with a smile.

I was seriously awe-stricken then because I knew what exactly he meant! The feeling of elation & gratitude twinkled in my eyes. It was as if I was standing on the 7th sky, proud as a Peacock. Wearing my well-ironed classy Hot-Pink rida, it was indeed a pleasure to be recognized as a woman of Dawoodi Bohra community.

Honestly, this remark was the one which urged me to write this post. After all, it was a great ending and an inspiration of ‘the day’. It made my heart fill with gratitude towards Allah for his limitless blessings & that he made me a true winner-a Mumin-one who is constantly under the Saya Mubarak of the two angelic Maulas TUS.

-Sarrah Mustafa Malir

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20 thoughts on “An Ecstatic Day!

  1. hussaina

    PROUD to b a Mumin SAraH……..
    WE R TRULY “d” luck ones and getting praised by someone izzzzzz reallyy admirable…
    love 😎 🙂 🙂 😎

  2. ammar

    Sarrah, it seems you are a born writer. The choice of words, the flow, the expressions …. marvelous!!!!! Rabi center or Pizza Hut you give us the taste of all.
    AND above all the distinct perspective of a Mumin. Alhamdolillah!!!

  3. Sarah, it is incidents like these that make us savour our blessings which we might otherwise take for granted. Recording such incidents keeps the worth of these blessings alive.

    I love how you have incorporated such a variety of episodes in that one saturday and woven it skillfully together.

    Extremely well done!
    Between the bunch of you, one post per day isnt hard to achieve!

    • Maryam ben, I agree. Recording incidents is very essential. May it be in any way- photographs or a written draft. Reading or looking at ’em brings that moment alive again.

      Honestly, I was not posting anything during exams. But ‘you’ wanted me to write and so I wrote this. However, this was for you.

      Thank you dearest!

  4. hussaina

    thanks Sarah………>>>>>><<<<<< :3

    keep writing and we'll keep commenting,,,,,,……. luv your posts 😎 😎

  5. Huzefa Hazari

    Very well expressed and motivating for some people “if” they read.
    i have seen so many of the boys and girls in school taking in Urdu among themselves which makes me feel odd….
    keep writing 🙂

    • Huzefaaa! I know what you mean and completely agree to it.
      I know why some students talk in Urdu in front of everyone-which is completely lame. Not because they want to improve in their Urdu. You know what I mean.

      Thank you! 😉

  6. arwa sadri

    wosh you would be feeljng like wow this is the greatest compliment ever..


  7. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    My dear Sarrah,
    Yes it certainly was a piece well written but more than that the compelling force, the pride we take in our culture that makes us stand apart from the rest of the world is a heritage we must hold on to steadfastly and when these incidents are penned down they continue to inspire you and inspire others as well. Very well done my dear!you are always a pleasure to read!

    • Arrrwaaa ben! I was waiting for your response too. (: Thank you for the detailed comment.
      May I continue to inspire others and gain inspiration from others.

  8. Rabab Dawson

    AAaahh!! …Sarrrraahhh!! beautifully described 🙂
    w0aw!this is fabulous.Loved it!
    Proud to be a MUMIN ofcurs 🙂

  9. Sarah Ezzi

    You must have heard “All is well when it ends well” but here it would be better if said “All went well but the ending was splendid” :D. And yes we are unique in our behaviour, attributes and appearances and we call ourselves Abde\Amate Syedna TUS ! 🙂

    • I swear Ezzi! I was going to put my title as “All Went Well” 😀
      Abde\Amate Syedna TUS-that’s our pride!
      Always look forward for your feedback.

      Thanks amigas! 😀

  10. Fatima Dawson

    ya proud to be a momine..
    superbly written..

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