Pastures On fire!

28th December, 2009. My uncle returns from Mumbai after attending the auspicious event of Ashara Mubaraka. Every one of us is anxiously waiting for his arrival, we too wanted to know about the blessings he had received and wanted to congratulate him. It was a time of sheer celebration for all of us.

Suddenly, someone puts on the TV, and there we see eye-opening stunning news live on the news channel. The headlines relayed “Bomb blast on MA Jinnah Road, 45 killed and many injured”. We grieved for the ones who had lost their families but we hear and see so many bomb blasts today in this atomic era that it didn’t matter much. 

Two hours later we saw on the news channels that the terrorists have started to burn the shops around (the same street where our shop is located). They used waxy chemical named Phosphorus, when this chemical mixes with air, it burn and produces fire. This chemical was stored in a 250ml glass bottle (which we use in soft drinks). The terrorists threw these bottles on the shop doors. The speed of burning shops had been very fast.

The shops were being ignited very furiously. My uncles decided to go to the shop and take out as much goods as possible. 

Me, my cousins and my aunts, all of us were at home, reciting prayers continuously and also updating our uncles about the conditions via phone.

In 15 minutes or so, THE PHONE RUNG… “trungtrungtrung”….. I heard on the phone

“The whole shop has been blasted; there are also no fire brigades around to help!”

One of my uncles was on the office’s first floor and the ground had already been destroyed. He had to jump on the cemented shelter of the opposite building which wasn’t burnt yet. 

Disturbed and scared all the family members had tears in their eyes. We had no power other than to pray for the safety of our uncles and the shop. An arzi was also sent in Hazrat Imamiyah about the current conditions.
Thankfully my uncles returned home safely from the outer ciaos. Because of the sudden shock one of them had also lost temporary consciousness. All of them were covered with sweat and eyes full of water. Their body was covered with the burning smell and their clothes were black.  Every one just chanted “Maula Maula” although our shop was destroyed and we may not have the strength but our faith didn’t alter for even a second. As we all know that whatever if truly believed is been granted. Maybe late but it is surely given!

We had the words of Maula TUS revolving in our minds which kept us working, that “AAG MA BAAG THASE”

My dear parents who were still in Mumbai did ziyarat and prayed for the family! Rozat-tahera was our only hope and we knew that some miracle would happen. AND..
20th November 2011, last year with the Dua Mubarak of our two Maula’s TUS, Syedna Muhammad Buhanuddin Aqa TUS and SyediWaMaulaya Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin

HAZARI – IMPEX reopened at the same place and better than before.

Huzefa Hazari

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19 thoughts on “Pastures On fire!

  1. Huzefa!!!!! I cant believe its you. Was thinking all along who would it be? but it turned out to be YOU. Superb, Mera dil baag baag hogaya, longing to hear from you more often.

  2. Thank you very much janab…. I always wanted to write about this somewhere sometime someday…. and it finally arrived. 🙂 thank you Janab

    I Expect comments from two of my teachers only 🙂
    Huzefa hazari

  3. Huzzzii! Im so glad you wrote something! Doesn’ it feel extremely good when we share our experiences out loud?!:)
    btw, YOUR WELCOME!:p

  4. Ok huzefa! I hope your first experience goes good here. n sure you will post another soon! btw i really liked it veryyy much! 🙂

  5. Sarah Ezzi

    The miracle that was must to be shared! Glad you did! By the way I liked the way you have translated quote and used it as the heading! 🙂

  6. Maryam

    Huzefa Hazari! I dont know where and how to start. When I read your byline I was overjoyed. You are so talented and your expression is so spontaneous yet controlled. Its a pleasure to read!

    The miracle you have shared is tremendous. I remember that day clearly and we also prayed for you all. Maula TUS is our Saviour in every situation and the immense faith of your family is a great example to all believers.

    Keep it up beta! I am so proud of you.

    • Huzefa Hazari

      I Expect comments from two of my teachers only….
      Maryam bhen and Ammar Janab 🙂
      thank you very very much bhen…. i m glad that it was a pleasure for u to read…..
      Long live Aqa Maula TUS and his Mansoos for the nawazishaat for the mumineen…
      i would like to mention. Aqa Maula also gives Anayat of 5 lac Rs/-. Today those 5 lac are 5 million,billions, trillion and more than tht…. because what gives it never stops 🙂

      I am proud to be a MSBIAN + having shakespearean (i knoe there is no such word) teacher like u 🙂 who taught us 3 years.I am reading again again the comments of everyone 🙂

  7. Huzefa! It’s great to see your post here. Very well done! (:

  8. Rabab Dawson

    This is fully amazing huzefa.
    Very Well written. 🙂

  9. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    Huzaifa, I was amazed at your writing …. I for one always thought boys weren’t expressive…but you just proved me wrong. Your words actually present a picture of what you and the family must have gone through. It’s simply beautiful. It also serves to strengthen our faith that
    Do keep writing, you are a pleasure to read!

  10. Huzefa Hazari

    Thank you very much
    Sarrah , Rabab , and Arwa ben 🙂

  11. Shabbir Hazari

    I’m sure other than your teachers and friends anyone who reads from the family is going to be proud 🙂 ‘Cause honestly I am! 🙂
    Can’t really tell you how it feels having all the flashbacks and reading such words 🙂

    Good Job brother! 😉

    • Huzefa Hazari

      Thank you brother….. I am proud to have a brother who was there to support me while taking to abba on phone 🙂

  12. Written (and read) excitedly with great interest! Well done. 😉
    Truly we never must even shake a little from our faith. For the Miracle; “Je kahe ya kare haq che sarasar”

  13. Sakina Diwan

    Hey! 🙂
    Amazing article! Definetely super moving.. it left an impression on my heart for a while after reading it. U described it so well.. with so much detail and life and chracter, it painted a picture and made me feel like i was in it! What strikes me the most though is the strength, perseverance, and courage of the whole family and the way they kept
    faith in the easiest time to lose it. But in the end.. everything turned out exactly
    how it was supposed to be! 🙂 i really wanna see the new impex! Congrats on this beautiful article and all the other achievements 😉 and always keep writing!

    -Sakina Diwan(:

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