A wish! Yet to be fulfilled!

I still remember my mother telling me that when I was only a few months old. There was zyafat of Aqa Maula TUS at my father’s friend’s home (very close to us) and he had invited us. The thing that mesmerizes me is that when my mom got the chance to be near Him TUS in Abbas uncle’s hall, she laid her hands in front of Maula TUS as she held me, and He bestowed me His utmost barakaat by moving His TUS hand over me. Not just this, my mom spoke in soft words to Maula TUS “Maula, ap ye Ruqaiya naam apu che”, and again he repeated his act. Thinking about that moment makes me have goose bumps and my heart starts thumping against my chest furiously. I close my eyes and an image comes to me, when again I would be granted that wonderful lottery.

I feel lucky that I have attended Ashara with Aqa Maula TUS, from a very small age. And I have had the sharaf of deedar many a times in my life. But even so my thirst, it provokes me more and more, and that rage never ends. And I hope it never does…

This year too as I went for that auspicious occasion. And as I saw the light of inspiration, I wanted it to continue forever…

As every day after magrib/isha Moula would go to zyarat of Aqa Syedna Tahir Saifuddin Moula RA. From Saifee Masjid and pass through the bridge and enter Roudat Tahera. Thousands of mumineen sat on the road near the bridge for 3 consecutive hours, just to have a glimpse when Moula would pass from the bridge.

The day I reached Mumbai, after waaz and coming back from mawaid, I and my mom took different paths, as she was having a pass for majlis. I took no time in thinking where to go, and I went to sit near the bridge, as my heart didn’t want to skip even a single opportunity of seeing Him.

On the first day when I sat, Moula did not arrive for zyarat. And there was a feeling of loss. But then I thought to myself, even I have been ungrateful with what I was blessed, stayed firm on my faith awaiting for the next day, and shook the emotion of melancholy aside.

I knew Allah had been testing me. The next day as I sat, I started praying from the second I arrived. I could no longer be patient. And there, it happened!

The guards asked every one of us, to stay where we are, so that no one would be mehroom from deedar. There were chants of “Ya-Hussian, Ya-Hussain”, and the sound of maatam pleading Him to come and tears flowing uncontrollably from every eye and fixed on the bridge.

As Moula arrived on his gadi, my hands joined together in front of him, I felt that I had won! Each one of us implored inside our hearts and calling out “Moula, Moula…” the sound which he always loves to hear from us. This was it, the moment that I had been awaiting for…

As I came back from my expedition, more over a pilgrimage, as even only seeing the glowing face, is the time you are enshrined with infinite blessings… I met my friends soon enough, all of them wanted to know how it was, and did I get qadambosi of Moula TUS. I saw the gleaming eyes of theirs and wishes to have that fortune and prayed with them that soon he will come to our land.

As the last time Moula had come to Karachi, was 7 years ago. Though in these years I got the chance to be with him but every time I went I wanted him desperately to be in my land. And I would do anything, anything at all to make it happen. Today as mumineen from Karachi have gone to araz in his presence for him to have his Qadam on our land on his 101 milaad mubarak, I hope that wish is granted.

I read this madeh, and it entirely describes the scenario of our feelings and it opens my heart to Him.


یہ پاک سر زمین ہوگی پاک تب

قدم تمہارے اس زمین پہ ہونگے جب

 ہے انتظار مے یہ  مومنین سب

 ہمارے شہر اْئينگےحـــضور كب

 يه التجاء خاص و عام تم سے ہے

 يه التجاء خاص و عام تم سے ہے

ميرا وجـــــود اور مـــقام تم سے ہے

,Amate Syedna

.Ruqaiya Mulla Mustafa Lokhand Wala

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14 thoughts on “A wish! Yet to be fulfilled!

  1. hussaina

    wowwwww!!!!!!!! well said girl…..>>>>>
    may d wishes of ours are GrANteD SOOOOOOOOOONNNNN…………

  2. Thank you hussaina! 🙂 Ameen! 🙂

  3. Murtaza Sadriwala

    Ruqaiya, this is so exquisitely penned. What powerful expression. You make me feel Im standing under the bridge–i had the wonderful fortune to do deedar there in the shade of Rozut u tahera when I attended Melaad e meavi. The last time I performed deedar was then–under the bridge. The feeling was indescribable. Who can put that in words. When you know He TUS has heard all your prayers; He TUS has vanquished all your pain.
    You all are wonderful!

  4. Ohh bhen thank you sooo much! I just wanted you to read so desperately, now im contented! 🙂 Ahh yes! Its indescribable, i want to say so much, but i wasnt able to do that. Thank you very much again bhen! 🙂
    Love, Ruqaiya

  5. Rabab Dawson

    waow!!so lucky! 🙂
    u have written wonderfully 🙂

  6. Sarah Ezzi

    Subhanallah! Ruqaiya I am speechless! The way you have written makes it so clear that for once I thought I am there, there doing deedar, there doing maatam and there saying aloud “INNI WALLAHE OHEBUKA YA MOLA!”. Inshallah we are going to here the buushra! 🙂

  7. Huzefa Hazari

    wow…. i can really feel in the same place….. i still remember that time when i was doing deedar under the bridge…..Mumineen used to stand there after waaz mubarak till Night majlis…. Just for deedar….
    I heard some muminaat taking that “hamne to fakat im jowai che ke Aqa Maula TUS tashreef rakhe che ehna c aj hame khush che”
    very nicely expressed ruqs… i loved it
    Huzefa Hazari

  8. Ammar

    The thirst the craving for Moulas deedar is obvious in your speech. Mubarak to you on this thirst and craving.

  9. beta thts such a great narration
    really proud of ur writing ability and the experiences!


  10. Arwa Sh Khuzaima

    Ruqaiyah! I could almost picture myself standing for deedar mubarak and the words” MOULA…..MOULA…..” echoed through my ears.
    Beautifully written!

  11. Ruqaiya! Loved it! I second Ezzi! (:

  12. First of all thank you Rabab and Sarah :).. N huzefa yes indeed , and it was the best experience of my life n thank you. Thank you Janab And Xenab bhen and arwa bhen 🙂 And Sarrah thank you again. 🙂
    Our wishes will be answered soon. Ameen! 🙂

  13. Murtaza Haidry


  14. Thank you very much for your response! 🙂

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