A Tragedy! A loss and A tear!

The chamber had gone faint when a friend of mine stepped in. I think she spoke something which made the chatters low down; I think I saw tragedy strike on the faces of the girls as they said Shehzada Huzefa Bhaisaheb expired in Ahmadabad. My heart started to thump right away, the first thought which came was how is my Maula TUS?  Hysteria and perplexity had exhausted our faces. A teacher came and told us about it officially and told that the paper was postponed for the time-being. We lined up and went into a hall, where everyone was settled already. I could hear silent murmurs from everywhere, but didn’t have the strength to look around.

I don’t recognize this Shehzada of Maula TUS well. I just have those vague descriptions of him in my mind which kept on revolving. I was filled with grievous loss when my Janab told us about his attributes. He’s the fourth son and the 7th child of Aqa Maula tus. And he’s done limitless things for us, the MSBians. And he was the one who initiated the concept of tabudaat which we every year do without any excuse for the long life of His Holiness. Doing khidmat all his life, he got the fruit today; when he closed his eyes in the serenity of Aqa Maula’s TUS shadow.

A tear rolled down as Janab said this with a mournful lamentable voice “aap ek chamakta tara tha dawat haadiya na.”

   I felt like crying my heart out, for my Maula, for His TUS loss.  But as I sat there diving into my thoughts, my friend beside me chanted one of the very best marasiya’s which took me back to Karbala and I gained sabr.

  To have 2 of your children pass away in the same year, it’s heartbreaking. The deep weight of loss that covers you is indescribable. May my Maula TUS receive sabr.

May the Shehzada rest in the gratifying shade of Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin RA!


Maria Sadri

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16 thoughts on “A Tragedy! A loss and A tear!

  1. arwa

    Ameen may he rest in peace
    again beautifully done maria.
    Arwa sadri

  2. What happened today in school still revolves in my mind. The shocking news, everyone’s tear-filled eyes, tilawat-ul-Quran and the chanting of the mesmerizing marasiyas.
    Aap Maula nu ehsaan chay humara upar.
    May Allah grant Sabr to both the Maulas TUS to bare this immense loss. Ameen.

  3. Rabab Dawson

    yeah really i was shocked when janab came to our class and announced this news!
    coming to your artcle..u have described very beautifully!
    excellent! 🙂

  4. Inna lillahe winna ilaihe raje’oon! Khuda Sagla qasr na sahebo ne ane momineen ne sabrejameel ata kare! Ameen!

  5. Mehlam!

    Ameen! May god bless our Maula with patience in this difficult time…!

  6. Maria, you are so right. All we keep on thinking is about Maula TUS and for Allah to grant Him TUS Sabr and strength. I keep thinking of Imam Husain AS and Maulana Ali Akbar AS…my heart– which is Maula TUS– squeezes with pain.

    • Ameen!
      Maryam bhen you know!? i know that everyone is in great sorrow and sadness,more so the two Maulas TUS and the Qasr!
      But I just couldn’t stop thinking it in another aspect. Dying is natural, haqq che maut to!But The Shehzada Saheb, he closed his eyes in Maula’s shadows and then even after his last breath, aap Maula TUS na qadmo ma hata. Maula na qadm aap na jism mubarak par laga to isn’t that what everyone wants? Hasn’t he just won over all? Agar aawi maut naseeb thaye to apn gulamo to hazaar laakh jaan qurbaan karwane tayyar che, isnt it?!
      He died in contentment! Khuda har momin ne aawi maut naseeb kare.

      • Yesterday, hearing Mufaddal Maula’s TUS words moved me to the core. Post is on Xeemarmar.

      • Huzefa Hazari

        my cousin told me who is in ahmedabad.
        At around 4.30 am. Shehzada Saheb got pain in his chest so he went near Aqa Maula’s Kamra mubarak. so someone in khidmat said that Aqa Maula araam ma che. Mean while Shehzadi Nafeesa Bhensaheb woke up and saw that Shehzada saheb wasnt in the room. so She went out to look so he was standing out side the Kamra mubarak of Aqa maula. then the khidmat guzar went in the Kamra of Aqa maula and Maula per si pani utari ni pilawu. then Shehzada ne puchu ke doctor ne bulawye so he sed “mane aam thatu rahe che, pote theek thai jase”
        then the khidmat guzaar knocked Doctor Moiz Bhaisaheb to come, he checked the pulses till then Shehzada saheb had expired.
        Aap na Jussa Mubarak ne Aqa maula na kamra ma ek kalaak tak muka. Aqa Maula ye Shehzada Huzaifa bhaisaheb na farzand ne taziyat aapi ane ghani waar tak gale lagai ne rakha ane ghani der tak Aqa maula roya.

  7. Your posts help me see a world very different from mine from a human and compassionate perspective. Thank you.

  8. Lorna it’s very difficult to understand our religion, but I’m glad that you’re trying and you are somewhat right! our religion is based on LOVE. Thats where we start from and thats where we end to!

  9. hussaina sh burhanuddin

    speechless Maria!!!
    when shahida ben came and stood & said it was a verrry verrry SAD news… she started with “Moula” and then she paused for a couple ov seconds…. our soul stuck in our throat….Oh my God,,, She spoke that the son Shezada Huzefa Bhaisaheb has expired… our tearful eyes and with a mournful heart we had 2 leave our class… and u can imagine how difficult it was!!!!!!!!

  10. zainab jessar

    ameen ….. !!!

  11. khuda apna Moula(TUS) ne sabr inayat farmawe

  12. Thank you so much Huzzi for sharing such news with us.

    • Huzefa Hazari

      one more thing….. 😦
      je din aap wafaat thaya teware c lai ne raat na 9 waja tak koi bhi Qasar-e-Aali na sahebo ye pani tak notu pidu
      Khuda sagla Qasar-e-Aali na sahebo ne sabar aape… ameen

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