The Story of a ‘Young Photographer’

Tring tring tring! The bell rang and at last! our final exams came to an end. Everybody rushed out of the exam hall and actively participated in the pranks around. Each individual was overjoyed. Greetings were conveyed to teachers and wishes to fellow friends who were busy making holiday scenes for the long vacation ahead, which had announced its arrival already.

Same was with me! I went home and yelled to my brother “My holidays have begun and now it’s my turn to tease you” I was enjoying my holidays but after some days I realized, my holidays were going through a dull time.

One day, I was fed up of the boredom and decided to go in the fresh invigorating air in the garden. I went in the garden along with my camera & captured the precious valuable moments in the daylight. I clicked the splattering of water on the big leaves, the waterlogged garden and the beveled flowers with interest. The whole session was pretty fun.

After the session, I went home, and felt great after seeing my visuals. Was quite impressed by the photography skills I possessed-which was completely unknown to me before. Eventually, the profession photography gained my interest. Whenever I used to see something interesting, I would rush to grab my camera and make sure not to miss that precious moment.

I got some advises  and practiced to improve my skills. Recently, my brother and I bought a DSLR. He taught me techniques and many more stuff. After all, he was and is, always an inspiration for me. Now I know when, where, what and how to capture by a DSLR and can also be called an amateur photographer.

The profession photography has gained a great scope during this era. The technology of the internet services has made websites literally hungry for photographs. In fact, websites with pictures appeal to the visitors a lot. Nowadays, everybody is competing for the best and brightest pictures for their own advantage.

And about the scope? Well, even if we click just for passing our time, there is a chance of making huge money by your photographs. Maybe one day you get an offer of a highly paid job and decide to become a full time photographer, who knows?

Every profession we indulge in requires desire and passion for that particular thing! That’s the one secret of every man’s career.Not always education. No one is good at everything, but everybody is good at something. And one is certainly fortunate to have reveal his\her talent at a young age.

-Huzefa Hazari.

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22 thoughts on “The Story of a ‘Young Photographer’

  1. Huzefffaaaaa, it’ll be a tough job to stop me now. 😀
    Photography!- a topic about which I can fill pages and pages. It’s the profession which fascinates me the most. It’s a disease-better used as a drug which is difficult to get rid of when once it enters your blood stream!
    The alluring colors, the beauty of the unnoticeable little things and the revealing of a thousand of feelings and meanings in just one click-that’s all very interesting. And yeah! Mainly, the preserving of our memories.
    This post is as if you are expressing my thoughts and story. (:
    You’re right! I personally, don’t believe in the word ‘scope’ because it’s you who can reach to the top from bottom and vice versa.
    We ‘should’ use and reveal what talent we possess.
    I feel like writing sequel to your post, hehe.
    Cheers to the amateur photographers! *high five* 😉
    LOVED the interesting post bro!

    • Huzefa Hazari

      thank you sarrah…
      it is really a great experience doing photography… it saves our memories, and precious moments of life which we may forget in the future, but with the habit of photography which is in our minds all the time cant be releases from it…. all events are remembering for us…. if feel, everyone shud do photography not for making a habit,passion or a hobby…. just for the sake of remembering.
      Huzefa Hazari

  2. Sarah Munawar

    Your ending me reminded about ‘Farhan Qureshi’ in 3 idiots! Well I am not that interested in photography, but your script really appealed me. Specifically when you said “Whenever I used to see something interesting, I would rush to grab my camera and make sure not to miss that precious moment.”

    • Huzefa Hazari

      thank you sarrah
      Sometimes movies also become inspirational… like Farhan wanted to be a wildlife photographer… i see wildlife around me 24/7 in my banglow…

      “Whenever I used to see something interesting, I would rush to grab my camera and make sure not to miss that precious moment.” this line shows the enthusiasm for photography….

  3. Huzefa, first things first–Glad you are writing again.
    Secondly-its wonderful to have discovered your inclination towards a particular field so early on. The opportunities out there are limitless. But the best thing about youth is that you can do so much together at one time; you can dabble in this and experiment in that. My advice–Do it all!
    Would love to see your pictures!

    • Huzefa , so apt! It’s great you’re writing. i thought before that writing wasnt your thing but now u proved me wrong and i liked being proved wrong in this thing. Beautifully described. btw why didn’t you write your website where you post your pictures. Bhen they are beautiful i tell you!

    • Huzefa Hazari

      Thank you bhen….
      i will keep writing… this is a great experience too…. we get know wht the reader thinks about the particular thing on which the article is….
      photography is just beyond a human mind… the content it show in just one image…
      all the things can be expressed by it… as u said “But the best thing about youth is that you can do so much together at one time”… actually i am doing many things…. i am achieving my goals…. many things with the blessings of Aqa Maula… 🙂

      maryam bhen the link is below… (if u r not on, then also the page will open without logging in)

      • Saw your pictures. Exquisite!
        You and Sarah should cover all the events that take place at MSB. Take the initiative.

      • Huzefa Hazari

        Thank you so much…
        thank you u r giving me an opportunity for covering…
        I can cover the sports day if Ammar Janab allow 🙂

  4. Huzziii you took my breath away! You’re good dude!:)

  5. Arwa Sheikh Khuzaima

    Huzaifa, your article was so interesting. it for a moment made me wish I could take good pictures too, and I saw your snaps on the link you’d provided, I loved the sparrow in the hedge, the drop, the dead flower and … and… and…. (don’t know which one I didn’t like)
    maybe some day I’ll ask you to show me how to take good pictures!
    good Job!!! ( for your writing as well as your pics)

    • Thank Your Arwa Bhen…
      you surely can take good pictures… its not important to take pictures from a professional or an expensive camera…. the pictures can become a memory from any camera…
      thank bhen for liking those images….
      sure… anytime 🙂
      Thank you..

  6. Rabab Dawson

    Aahh huzi its well written.. 🙂

  7. Ammar

    Yes, indeed fortunate to reveal ones talent. The inborn comes to being.
    I invite you to take pics during our school sessions, let us all see your talent or rather your passion….. and ask Sarrah too.

    • I humbly thank you Janab. Thank you for counting me in.
      And yes, I’m asked to click our sports day session. InshAllah will keep up with your expectations.
      And I would LOVE to do a job regarding photography. (:
      You’re always there to support us-all the students. You always take interest in each individual-that I really appreciate.

      And Maryam ben! I thank you too for always being there. For always giving me opportunities…
      love ALWAYS.

    • Huzefa Hazari

      Thank you Janab… I never thought that I would be receiving such an opportunity for taking pictures during the “school sessions”… which would be a great honor for me if u are recommending me. 🙂 …
      Maryam bhen has offered me to take pictures on the events of MSB, and I would be honored to take pictures on the Annual Sports Day coming soon…

  8. Hey! Bro… It is truly amazing that u have started to express yourself Through words.And best of luck in Chasing your dreams of photographing:P

  9. Very beautifully written Huzefa
    I also do the same thing(Photography) as you do.
    And when we see the photo we have captured they take usinto deep memories..

    Mustafa Baroda

  10. Huzefa
    you always had the creative aspect in you!
    it shows in ur.interest in photography (which i have seen) and now in ur writing
    its v pure n natural
    love it!

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