The disease runs in our blood! We can’t help it, can we?

 The euphoria of being in a place where you spiritually and physically belong is just breath-taking. A place where our happiness lies and a place where money does count! Yes its the contagious shopping aura which makes every woman jump with joy!  There is this concept that, use what you need but while shopping the “wants” also becomes the need. And when its with the 50% off sign, our hearts are filled with mere gratification, aren’t they? The mind starts pursuing oneself to purchase the unwanted too. To me, its like a drug. Like a magical wand which swirls round and the hocus pocus starts, that is why I pity my poor darling mother!

  May it be the mighty Sunday bazaar where the demands are willingly answered, where every “Pathan and Khan baba” is our bargaining friend. The mirth of being in that place is invigorating and energizing! Looking around there’s nowhere where I can not see a mother sorting out for her baby daughter or a friend purchasing for a dear pal’s birth day or a girl trying out the funkiest t-shirt! After a week long await of a Sunday the bazaar is displayed on, it rouses my senses of bewilderment and it revives my soul when I enter that bee hive and start going through shops. There’s this sale where the sellers shout and hail us, where all the buyer’s hearts are filled with contentment. My favorite is the madness the place involves. The populated ground is an absolute sight to be witnessed. It’s like you’ve entered the war zone! I have had a top-notch closet with all the Sunday bazaar clothes. In fact I have my own little library of Sunday bazaar books for just 40 to 50Rs in very worthy conditions. That’s not bad, is it?

 It’s like the coal mine, the more you dig the more you find! Living in Karachi, it’s every one’s duty to visit Sunday bazaar. And for me, in my life it has always been there when my cupboard’s situations went poor!


 Or may it be the posh Hyper-star (Dolmen Mall 3) where most of us can only dream to shop. where the aroma is warm and welcoming, where there’s the show of classy branded stuff and where I’ve always dreamed to walk in with a loaded credit card and pour my heart out by buying whatever I like. It’s just the last weekend when I went there. By god! It’s a heavenly place, for such a shopoholic like me, theres no word which can describe the feeling of nirvana when I entered that exotic mall. Just describing about it makes me want to go there again; the first time when I entered “EGO” and gazed at the exclusive collection of clothes, it brings a sparkle to my eyes when I rethink of that place. My dreamy eyes couldn’t stop gawking at the slender posed shimmering slippers.


 For all women whether we are Christians, Muslims, Pakistanis or Americans. Whatever! Shopping is the thing which unites us. It’s just not about wasting the money as some men think, it’s about owning the trend. It’s about getting to know more things. I shop excessive and that is why I know it is not as easy and simple as we see, it is about getting the right thing with the right amount of money. It’s about the choices we make! What we shop is what we wear, and what we wear tells a lot about our choices and class!

As it is superbly quoted by Marcelene “the quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”


Maria Sadri

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26 thoughts on “The disease runs in our blood! We can’t help it, can we?

  1. Arwa Sheikh Khuzaima

    Shopping! Euphoria it certainly is, the joys of which only women can relate to and even more magical is the bargaining and actually being able to own something for half the price that was quoted.
    Maria, you’ve done a fine job at the description of the entire spree! loved reading every word of it. However we must abide by the teaching of our Awliyaullah and never be spendthrift however compelling the urge may be!!!!

  2. Shopping! *sigh*!
    What can I say? First–brilliantly executed! You write with a passion and fervour and that feverish pitch reaches out to the reader.
    Secondly–I LOVE Sunday bazaar. Unfortunately, my husband cant stand the place:(
    A beehive–how apt of you to describe it thus. And books–its every books reader’s heaven and haven. I could spend hours just rummaging through the books. Lets not forget the socks–every colour, every design! And knick knacks for little ones!
    Its like everything under the sun under one awning!

    i could go on and on. And on! But i shall stop!
    Keep writing dears!

    • Hahaha Yeah that’s what shopping is-you could go on and on! My sentiments lie in my words and I do powerfully mean what i say about this particular topic!
      Plus Sunday bazaar has another blog in itself! We should reallly discuss it sometime.:)

  3. Mariaaaa! Im out of words..well let’s begin from the way you have written. everything is described with the right amount of fun and ENTHUSIASM 😀 ! and coming to shopping. im very moody about it. im nt fond of everything … but even i have weak points about shopping which i can not resist. 😛 FANtastic 😛
    Ruqaiya! 😉

  4. ENTHUSIASM is the key word isnt it Ruqaiya!:)
    FANTAAAASTIC! (now you wont forget, Maria)

  5. Hussaina

    Maria em Over whelmed with yr words!!!!!!! I trueeellllllllllllllllllly just not love it but its a paSsion that runs through my veins each single minute……..

  6. I’m not much of a shopper. The mood has to strike me and, even then, I’m good for only about an hour. Unless I’m in a book store or quilting shop. Then all bets are off!

  7. Ohh Never Maryam bhen!:)

    Hussaina I can purely see your excitement in your comment. I’m glad my article appealed you!:)

  8. Lorna yes there are people who get moody about certain things, I am the biggest example. But in shopping while making choices you get moody, but to shop?Neh, not my thing!
    Anyways I’m glad you shared your thoughts! And obviously for people like us, our tranquility lies in the book stores only!:)

    Love always,

  9. Sarah Munawar

    Mariiaaaa! At last after months you came up with Sunday bazaar post as discussed! But wait not just that specific market but you have covered the other two article in one go. First shopping and second the luxurious Dolmen Mall 3! And this post has a perfect smooth flow!
    About shopping I am not that addicted as ‘women’ usually are all I like about shopping is colours and relating weird thoughts with them, maybe that’s the reason ammi is like ‘su joi rayi che?’ 😛

    • Hahaha yes obviously Sarrah! You’e just unlike the “women”
      Btw Thanks so much for the treasurable compliments!:)

      Yes I know Huzaifa, the aura is just breath-taking!:)

  10. Sarah Munawar

    Haha I wish I could ‘like’ Ruqaiya’s comment!

  11. Huzefa Hazari

    wow maria…. this is just great…
    “sunday bazaar” the place where you get each and everything….. even some electric item…. thats different we dont buy them….
    and u have expressed hyper-star so well… i go there often… the bright lights, organized departments and specially as u said the clothes and the branded items….
    they always make us feel eager for a particular thing..
    perfectly described and written

  12. ammar311

    I have been in Karachi for quite some time but not visited Sunday Bazar, thanks Almighty my second half has no enthusiasm for it. But on reading your invoking and appealing text, I will have to see it to believe. Tremendous!!!

  13. Umm….I’m a shopping loather! 😛 But even then I could relate to your enthusiasm through your quality writting! 🙂 And am convinced now to visit Sunday Bazaar! 😉

  14. Rabab Dawson

    Fantastic job have decsribed each and every point clearly.
    Loved it 🙂

  15. Salman getting your input means a lot to me! And to know that my article moved you that now you’re convinced to visit that majestic place is more meaningful to me!
    Thanks always 🙂 .

    Rabab you’ve been one of our regular commenter and motivator. Thank you so much. Hope to see your writing on this blog soon!


  16. tasneem dawoodji

    I really enjoyed reading this article specially browsing through bazaars just gives me thrills and excitement though I am not much of a shopper but how I wish there could be huge gigantic bazaars for books only! then that would be the real zeal of being a shopalcholic.

  17. Great post!

  18. Tasneem bhen i know what a book worm you are- because like me, i see you in the school library more than often!
    Cheers to the readers!:)

    Thanks Krysten!:)

  19. haha maria
    thts so perfectly you!!!
    & sunday bazaaar is indeed a practical heaven for all shoppoholics!
    excellent read,

  20. Cominng that from you Zainab bhen!? Im honoured, glad you follow the blog!:)


  21. musti mandzz

    greatly written….unfortunately never visited sunaday bazar….w’ll make a plan sum day..:p ok? :p
    keep writing…

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