Better than Valentines..Or, was it just the Best!?

As I sit here on the jet black comfy chair of my computer set, I have more than a hundred thoughts running down. Firstly – how to compose this article. And second how to compose it in a way that you would know how I feel!

It was the 14th of February, the Valentines Day. When I woke up to see a chilly day ahead me; thrilled to get along, and merge in the environment as I reached the National Coaching Centre. There was an exotic sense to the day, as if God had really designed it for the MSBians so that their Annual Sports Day on the very Valentines Day would go just right!

I still remember the bright happy smile every one of us had that day, although everyone’s hearts thumped hard as the time came closer for the opening. It was a day of festivities and grand talks and talents to show up and winners to be awarded.
The contentment showed off over all the faces as all the hard work came to drain out so well. It all boiled down to the point when the effort was devotedly prized.

The excitement of the little divers couldn’t have been left unnoticed and the thrill of the gymnasts as they passed through the fire ring left the audience awed.
How can I forget when the big boy ran his way all around 400m ground and at last won the big medal on the podium, giving it to his hours of limitless exercise and giving it to his school the pride. The grounds were filled with hoots and shouts as the skippers went skipping over. 

The grounds were filled with hoots and shouts as the little Rabbits hopped in and out of the colorful rings. And the commentators went on encouraging them!
It was a sight to behold when the oath was taken  and the band went on with the glory and grandness.

And as it all finished up my house- the yellow house was given the trophy for their sportsmanship and winning talents!

"The Big Day"

All in all it was valentine’s worth spent, and the hard work worth glorified!

P.S  There’s a dozen more to say, but for now that’s what you get!

(Click on the photographs to view ’em in a large size)

Maria Sadri

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13 thoughts on “Better than Valentines..Or, was it just the Best!?

  1. Rabab Dawson

    MARIA! you have done a fabulous job! you have clearly explained each and every point.but you missed one that our MSB WON among all the schools 🙂
    Loved it.!
    keep writing 🙂

  2. Sarah Munawar

    You have tried your best to to conquer the whole event in one post!
    Good job!

    • Rabab and Sarrah- firstly thanks so much, but we all know there’s so much more to it than my article could tell, being the lucky wones to qitness and contribute in it was the biggest thing for all of us!:)


  3. Rabab Dawson

    Heads off to you SARRAH! Amazingly captured! 🙂

  4. ammar311

    That’s a real tasty piecemeal. I thought you too won a medal, wasn’t that a treat. And the commentators did a well appreciated job.

    Bravo!!!! Sarrah the pics are well timed.

  5. Janab I’m honoured by your words; yes i too did win it- but the thing here is that every indivisual won it which made a success. And whatever appreciation and medals we were gifted is a tribute to you teachers who have been working for this event since so long; each and every medal and trophy of ours is yours!

    So all in all- the team won!
    Cheers to the successors! 🙂 .

  6. Huzefa Hazari

    Maria this is so awesome….. short but expressing…. these word explain a vast place where we were for our sports day….
    specially for this was a great experience for photography as Ammar janab and Maryam Bhen supported… (images are there in the last)
    Very well maria…. Keep writing
    ~Huzefa Hazari

    • Huzaifa seriously thanks so much for the big picture. It brings a sparkle to the article 🙂 .
      Yes indeed these extraordinary teachers are the only ones who are always there for us, to encourage and motivate us!

      I would really like to take this opportunity to thank Ammar janab for believing in us and letting us play the part! And the Dearest Maryam bhen; for always being there and being the saver of the show!:)


  7. Worth the wait. This post is a result of the combined talents of Writers Apprentices. (I take this opportunity to apologize if I interfere too much). The text reflects the excitement of the 14th and you’re right Maria,it leaves us begging for more details. Hope there is a sequel to this.

    The pictures are fantastic. Especially the collage at the end. Fantastic work Sarah and Huzaifa! A picture speaks a thousand words and this post stands out because of its images.
    Great Job.
    PS: Mustansir, waiting for your post!

  8. I’m obliged Maryam bhen! well why dont we get another sequel of it from the writer herself?! 🙂 .
    and Hahaha we’ll discuss that later!
    Thanks! and Mustansir will be posting soon inshallah.

  9. Dear Maria,
    I am so glad you wrote on the sports day as I wasnt there to witness the glorious event.
    Thankyou.for sharing
    the pictures are awesome n show the grandeur of the event
    mubarak on the success of the event to janab, teachers and all of you MSB students!!
    Keep giving your best!

    • Xeynab bhen this is just nothing what we’d witnessed on the day. It may be just a very short summary of it! I’m sure Maryam bhen has filled u up!
      Thankyou so much!


  10. Hussaina

    Mariaa!! this was so apty written..! syncronizing this huge event in A post! its really dificult..


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