Of the bees who tried..

As I reached the magnificent Jamea auditorium; people were gathered outside the gate! Yes, we weren’t allowed to enter until 10.
When at last with a pair of whining legs I entered in with my friends I was awed by the grandeur looks of the place. The auditorium was huge and good looking! Settling there I saw the 3 extraordinary judges and couldn’t help myself from smiling.

There were 75 of the contestants who took part in the spelling bee organized by TKM- their hard work and their enthusiasm should surely receive a big hand of applause. They had gathered all the age groups from 8 to 17 on one big platform and it was a sight to behold when every one of us showed vigor and a good competition.

It was my first time as a speller and I was freaking. In fact it was my first time as a participant of a bee. I had always admired my friends who used to go for such competitions and wondered when I would get a chance too. It was no time, when after such a long wait the TKM sent us all the text message of such a contest. I was thrilled and filled with mere happiness as I gave in my name for it.

I was nothing without my pair Ruqaiyah Lokhand. Who was after every difficult spelling just beside me, soothing both of us! It was an experience worth enjoying! The day had shown to be very difficult for me, as I had a terrible stomachache, but on the stage there was nothing but the confidence on our faces as we, turn after turn walked towards the mike with our fists closed tightly and our eyes with a sparkle! Obviously, I’ve never been so proud of myself and her before yesterday. I couldn’t believe my ears when after every spelling they would hear a polite “CORRECT”. We were left with a group of 4 whiz kids who were determined to win, whereas me and Ruqaiyah? We had just planned to come in, have fun, experience it, and take it seriously the next time.

But everything had changed as we step by step concluded to the semi finals round where we were asked the word “Masquerade” which we spelled “M-A-S-C-A-R-A-D-E”. But no, wait! We were the lucky ones. As we did a tie with the other pair of runner ups, we got another chance to give our best! Another 5 to 10 minutes went as none of us was ready to give up and the monster word came up “VOLUMINOUS” which I spelled “V-O-L-U-M-E-N-O-U-S” and there went the game- incorrect the whisper came!

As we stepped down the stage both of us had huge smiles on our faces, as if we had won and the crowd clapped for our sportsmanship!

In real, for us, we had won! Won over so many others and won over our own challenges.

I’m so glad that the TKM organization gave us such an opportunity to prove ourselves. I’m sure after yesterday, the MSB educational institute will be more proud of us- me and Ruqaiyah and the other winning teams!

Maria Sadri

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14 thoughts on “Of the bees who tried..

  1. Maria, it certainly was a phenomenal experience! All the participants were extraordinary and yes you all made us proud. It was so heartening to see so many MSBians!

    You proved to be a true scribe today by posting this so soon after the event. A writer cannot hold his/her feelings at bay. They need to be let loose through the pen.
    Keep writing

    • Maryam bhen, this indeed made my day. Yes, writing it that day only made me pour out my feelings and made me tell the world how proud I am to be an MSBian!


  2. Sarah Munawar

    MSB is at all times proud of the spellers, you just missed it today! And I your friend have always been proud of you! 🙂
    After the programme I received a text message from a friend and he said ‘lost with dignity’ and yes that was the spirit! I have been a bee and its no easy task to be one. I am glad you tried to be one this time and again I say ‘the real prize is your work’.
    As far the article goes, its smooth and you can really make the vision clear!
    Keep it up!

  3. Hussaina

    G00d J0b, Maria and Ruqaiyah!!
    Indeed it was a good experience watching so many MSBians on the stage and showing their hardwork 🙂


    • Hahaha Srrah. You will always remain YOU! Yes, i heard the stories from people, and i’m sorry i missed it!
      Seriously yaar, it was an experience which has build confidence in me to spell the words in front of such a big audience. I always dreaded it but today I exactly know how to do it!

      Thanks Hussaina!

  4. Now I really wish that I would have used up the chance given equally to everyone,but alas I missed it. Though was not there but somehow got to knew it. And yes,congrats to both of you. Good work girls. 🙂

  5. Huzefa Hazari

    this is making me jealous from the ones who attended the spelling bee….. I really missed it….
    unluckily i was unable to attend but when Ammar Janab announced names of all the MSBians who participated, i thought will the list of the participant end or not 🙂

  6. Rabab Dawson

    Maria!! this is fully amazing!
    i havent even attended this spelling bee competition but after reading this article I am feeling as if i have seen each and every thing held there 🙂
    very well described! 🙂
    Loved it.

  7. Ohh maria what to say! I loved the experience too. Btw thanks but we were both incomplete without the other. Insha-allah we’ll win next time. Great post partner! 🙂

  8. Fatima Raziuddin

    Let this article by Maria be an inspiration for others to participate in Spelling Bee. What can I say ? I enjoyed the thrills,the agony,the suspense and competition and the good spirit of all the students of A.M.S.B. It was worth watching all the students participating .At least we had one winning team,too. They had tough competition and the teachers/ judges did excellent job conducting the competition.

  9. Yes Lokhi. Love you for always being there 🙂

    Fatma bhen, thanks alot for regularly visiting the blog first of all. Secondly, who would know about the thrill and enthusiasm of the bee other than you.
    Thanks again. 🙂

  10. Jumana Alee

    WE (Msbians) rule! \m/

  11. beautifully captioned!

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