He sits on the throne and does it All

My heart’s been itching to write about it since several months. But it never was possible until tonight. The fate wanted it to be this night, when the auspicious month of my Maula’s birthday has arrived. A years’ awaited journey has yet again completed. And there again my Maula turns younger as he grows older!

It is about 4 to 5 years back when I think my heart missed a beat or two, when the tension had filled in. When the news struck my ears that maybe my brother; still in my mother’s womb would come out to have abnormal disabilities. The doctors said he had a lot of water in his head and so he might die or survive with the disorders. I was young, didn’t have much sense, I did not know how to react? Although young and juvenile, I had a younger sister and a brother to set example for.
Not able to do much, we just prayed. The times were dark for us but there was hope. And not long after the prayers were answered, the miracle had taken place, giving birth to a baby boy named Hussain; bringing with him all the lucky stars and good fortune.

Obviously the treatment was given to him and we had appointed a physiotherapist to make him walk on his own. By 3 he was good enough walking, when, one day he had an attack and he received fits. Fits is a disease which makes one stop still and turn his head and foam at the mouth and at times it makes ones mind forget the past life he has lived. At the time he had his first attack, he forgot how to walk. I with my teary eyes have seen the pain he has received.

At three a child without any doubt becomes heavier and more difficult to carry around, but my mother? She went through all the hardships praying that one day she will receive its fruit.

When, last year in the mid of September my parents with Hussain went in Maula and his Mansoos Aali Qadr’s hazrat to Cairo, Misr. The very fortunate Hussain got his sehra done by Aali Qadr Maula and my mother with trembling hands and shivering lips did the araz of his disabilities. Aali qadr maula just said “Khuda shifa apse, dua-e-kamil parho”

And my mother with watery eyes brought him out of the crowd and to a nearby relatives’ home. She made Hussain stand by the table and carried on with her work when like a normal person Hussain came walking to her. She retold us this incident, saying that there was no limit to her happiness, her mirth.
Everyone here and there was filled with bliss and was dazzled by the miracle.

When my faiji (aunt) went to perform sajdaat of gratitude Maula just said that “Maro nahi, Imam Hussain no maujizo che”

I’m truly amazed. When I write these words, I mean them. My eyes can’t stop the salty water pouring out. Aren’t there countless other children like Hussain, who might have the same disease; but him? He has the curer too.

Aren’t there hundreds of our problems of which we complain about standing in front of that Roohani photo? I assure you that all of it is answered; when the right time comes he replies to all, Because He TUS loves us. And in return what he wants is,

“Inni wallahe ohiboka ya maulaya”

Amate Syedna Tus
Maria Sadri.

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23 thoughts on “He sits on the throne and does it All

  1. Arwa Sheikh Khuzaima

    Maria that was truly beautifully written. Your post left me teary eyed, not with sorrow but with joy, gratitude and in memory of how many countless times, He (TUS) has come to my aid and granted me miracles in life. The fact that we need to just lower our eyelids and think of Moula and He is always there to give life, to give shifa, to grant us every plea and every yearning of the heart.
    May Moula live in the best of health always to grant each one of us till the end of time!

    • Arwa bhen I’m glad, the point is well served. I’m pleasured that you could elate to it, in fact every believer (momin) will be easily able to relate to it!

      I’m honoured by your compliment! 🙂 .
      Just keep praying for Hussain!

  2. Maria,
    This pierced the heart and the soul. Hussain’s miracle is a living example and proof of our Maula’s TUS generous love.I dont know what to say. You have said it all.
    May Allah reward you tenfold for your Khidmat.
    Love and prayers,

    • Here, Maryam bhen I would also like to add that Hussain can’t speak out words properly. After mmy mother came from India performing the mannat of doing zyarat of the 4 dai’s. There’s such a huge recovery; he’s grasping so well. In fact by the blessings of Maula, he can say “Yaa Ali” too. Maybe not clear but he does.
      It’s all my Maula, doing it!

      Love, Maria

  3. Sarah Munawar

    Maria.. I don’t know what were you thinking when I left the library without a word but the fact is you made me speechless. Whenever I and my cousin talk about Hussain we say ‘The miracle child’ instead of taking his name. Indeed Maula sits on the throne and is every where and does it all!

  4. Sarrah I’m humbled today. Proud to know what you guys call him!
    Thankyou so much! 🙂 .

    Just keep praying always,

  5. ammar311

    My eyes watered with the salty water pouring down as I read through the post which was verily written from depth of the heart, really touching. I am longing to see Husein again as he comes for his nursery admission. Last year was a different story and this year he will be the miracle child.
    ” Shukr kar eh jaan tune Burhanedi Moula mila…
    Shukr kar eh Jaan tune Moula Mufaddal che mila…”

    • ..ane kitnu shukr kerye itnu kam. 🙂 .

      Janab recieving a comment like this from you means so much to my fmily and me. Truly it’s you leaders because whom we are cherished in this place!


  6. There are few moments when we are in a torrent of muddling emotions; questioning of grief or joy? Humble or proud?
    Each word of yours inncurred ‘the emotion’. I could get it when u said: “When I write these words, I mean them”
    I pray for Hussain; the Miracle Child, which certainly reminds us His countless bounities. 🙂

    • Salman the comment is treasured. It feels great to know that so many momineen are there and that so many momineen can easily relate to it. everyday in our life without us knowing about it, we go through a miracle. Our duas and and ibadat makes the evils go away even if they are circling us!


  7. Rabab Dawson

    Aww! u have explained this very brilliantly.. I am speechless.dont know what to actually comment on.
    I really want to meet your brother Hussain(The Miracle Child) 🙂
    Loved it.

  8. Sk Mustafa Jack

    Dear Maria, very nicely you have shared your feelingS, very touching, don’t worry, we are fortunate for having Aqa Moula TUS and HIS Mansoos Aali Qadr Moula TUS, all our worries will gone, inshallah

  9. Yes, indeed Janab! Indeed, MOula is there,ALWAYS!
    May both our Maula’s live in the cool shade of Imam uzzaman forever! Ameen. 🙂 .


  10. Maria what can i say. I rem the day when you told me. Insha allah he will be joining our school this year. 🙂 By listening to this it makes my faith more strong on Moula TUS.
    superb! 🙂

  11. ruqaiyah rangwala

    Hey mubarak! Happy to hear hussain walk! This maujiza has bought tears in my eyes too. Khuda aa muajiza karnar maula ame apna mansoos maula ni umar sharif ne qayamat na din lag daraz karjo. Ameen. Salam.


  12. marya rangwala



  13. Maria aunty and Ruqaiya. There is no measure to my happiness, after seeing your comments. Thank you so much for visiting the blog.
    Alhamdolillah, Hussain walks quite well.
    Mubarak to you for the misaaq. 🙂 .
    Keep praying and loads of love to all there.

  14. You hav no idea Maria how deeply touchedI am by this recollection so well versed by you…
    It hurted me a lot too and AA too when once he asked me tell.hussain to.play wid me… Tht.day i cried my eyes out for tht little darling n prayed heavily myself…
    I was among the happiest ppl to know abt the miracle
    n yes the water ie salty keeps pouring out everytime I read this post!
    Jitno shuker keray kam che!

  15. Xeynab behn, yes He TUS shows his shaan in the most mesmerizing ways.
    These experiences help us to get known to his limitless bounties on us!

    Please keep praying always,

  16. Dear Maria,after reading ur article i really remembered those days when ur mom told this news to me and i keept doing dua for her till the day she went to deliver Hussain .Maula gave us Hussain and inshalla we will see our Hussain walking and talking in Maulas Madrassah soon inshallah

  17. Yes, Khala! The times were dark, but the sun shone at last. It had to.
    Inshalha the times are not so far when we’ll see our raja doing all that he wishes.

  18. very well writtem maria,
    cant say much, was a tough time. but i think you are setting an example for the younger ones

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