A Century & a One of Celebrations!

As the sun sets, the smiles grow wider and wider as the celebrations come near, as the grand processions lead and the fireworks fill the sky with mirth. Earth and heavens, both bow down as the King of all Kings proceeds to make the history for the world to witness-As He TUS reaches his 101st Milaad Mubarak.

Our hearts rejoice and dance with the tunes of the bands. It gladdens us to see the streets glow with vibrant lights all around and it rejuvenates our hearts and souls as the day completes.

All hail to Him TUS, to the king of our bodies and souls. For he is the one who deserves it. O, Maula! the big day has arrived, the sun and the moon come at your feet. The angels and humans sway and swing for your happiness. Every Mumin on this day, says to you with utmost gratitude, “Maula Mubarak! Maula Mubarak!”

As we,  the Apprentices reach our 52nd post with happiness glowing on our faces, we bow our heads with our palms joined together and give wadhaamni to you. Aey Maula! Aey the 52nd Fatemi Dai! Ye Salgirah ho tujhe Ya Shaha Mubarak!

Abeede Syedna TUS,
Writer’s Apprentices

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14 thoughts on “A Century & a One of Celebrations!

  1. My smile grew and grew till I read the end! Congratulations on 52nd post on such an auspicious occasion! I rate this post with five golden stars, a top most article on writers apprentices!

  2. Rabab Dawson

    Congratulations for the 52nd post.
    one of the best arcticle of Writers apprentices!
    May allah grand our beloved maula Syedna Muhammed Burhanuddin and his mansus till the day of judgement.

  3. Hussaina

    This as soo aptly written.. congrats for this post to be the 52nd and posted on this “BIG DAY!”
    love to follow the blog

  4. Milad mubarak.apprentices
    way to go!

  5. Huz hazari

    Milad mubarak to the writers…. and specially the apprentices…
    this is a the most happiest thing for the apprentices that this website reaches 52nd post on the Milad mubarak of the 52nd dai on His(tus) First Milaad of 2nd century of Aqa maula’s Hayaat Taiyebiya 🙂
    This was the best article

  6. Yes Zainab bhen, way to go!
    Keep praying:)

    Huzzi yes, it was a very important post for the apprentices.
    Milaad Mubarak to all!

  7. Fatima Raziuddin

    As usual witty, smiling, roaming in school girl did a good job. Congratulations. Sorry roaming from classroom to library girl. Mubarak, Mubarak to everyone. The day has not yet ended.It is only 11.15 p.m .Take care.

  8. Hahahha Fatema bhen, such a refreshing comment!:)
    Oh! I miss library so much these days:P
    Btw, thanks and Mubarak!


  9. Milad Mubarak!!!!
    And Congratx for the 52nd post!!
    Love to follow you blog
    Mustafa Baroda

  10. Thank you everyone for appreciating this post! Your comments are very motivating.
    InshaAllah, we will also witness something grand in front of Him TUS soon. Ameen!
    Keep reading peopleeee!
    Amate Syedna TUS

  11. The post communicated your love and devotion and jubilation and that is a huge task! Felicitations on your 52nd post! And I reiterate your prayer that may we keep serving Him TUS with our words and our souls.
    Love and prayers always dear apprentices,

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