The Fun in Fishing..

“Huzefaa! Get up! We have to go!” My brother exclaimed. “Where to? At this hour, at 3 in the morning?” I yawned. “Yes! For fishing!” My brother replied. “ohh-ohh!” and I rushed over to get ready.

I just love fishing, if someone even wakes me up at three in the morning like that night and tells me that we are going fishing, I would say ‘let’s go!’ I am always ready for it. I enjoy the way we have to change spots for fishing, to wait for fishes to be hooked and the way the Prawns are to be put on the hooks that the hook is unseen.

With the fishing season on the way fishermen get excited about the upcoming season of their favorite sport. If you had to choose only one of the species to hunt this year it would be difficult for you. Because you would catch different types of fishes as you don’t know what is hooked in your fish wire underwater, until and unless you are an experienced fisherman. An experienced fisherman knows what is hooked in their fish wire by a pull, movement of a fish and the perfect bait that is needed for a particular fish. That’s what I have noticed being in place of an inexperienced, the first thing I should learn is what I should use as a bait to catch the prey. Then I’ll get experienced being in practice.

I have seen people doing fishing in four different styles; the one which is the cheapest and easiest which is mostly done is “Bottoming”. In which you have to use fish wire manually with hands. The rest of the styles, all are done by fishing rods which make fishing an expensive sport, they are called “CASTING, JIGGING, AND TROLLING”.

Last year, In January there was a fishing tournament organized by Clifton. I participated in it with my two cousins and the great fisherman my Brother. As we left the sea shore in the boat we call “Ora” in Urdu we started to do trolling (trolling means that your fishing rod is stuck in a hole and its wire is in the water and your boat is moving, the bait in it is the artificial fish called Lures). After an hour later we were bored that nothing was being hooked to make us enthusiastic for the fish to land in the boat, so we went to sleep putting the alarm on in the rod so that we come to know if the fish is hooked.

After another half an hour, suddenly the rod alarmed ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz… producing a rattling sound, I heard that and woke up, I started to say loudly “Machi, machi”(“there’s a fish! There’s a fish!”). Everyone woke up in a hurry that as if there’s a tsunami coming our way.  My brother grabbed the rod and started to tackle the fish. And finally after 5 to 10 minutes, it ended up to be a 6kgs barracuda which was in the boat taking its last breath.

In the evening we went back to the sea shore, people were shocked to see that we caught a barracuda in such a bad weather. Lately we went to the place where the fishes were being waited on a big hook in the center. We saw that no one had a fish bigger or heavier than ours. We were excited very much, finally Mustansir Bhaisaheb arrived, who actually planned this, he came and saw our fish and told us standing together that “Kon? Hazari? Hazari ye pakri, Mashallah” and then we were called upon on the stage as the winners of the tournament!

By the fisherman,
Huzefa Hazari.


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6 thoughts on “The Fun in Fishing..

  1. Rabab Dawson

    good job huzefa.
    very nicely written 🙂

  2. huzefa hazari

    thank you rabab

  3. Fishing–interesting. Unfortunately I get extremely sea sick and cannot share in your thrill. But its very nicely written!
    Keep it up!

  4. Huz Hazari

    oh maryam bhen… You are also sea sick.
    No problem , you can share in my writing trill here
    Thank you !

  5. Wow that was an excellent naration. I could practically imagine the whole scenario!
    Excellent work!

  6. Huz Hazari

    Thank you Xeynab bhen,
    that’s great, that you can imagine it practically.
    Thank you for your appreciation..

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