For the one who was lost…

Time always fleets like clouds,

But I wasn’t in a fit to think.

And shouted out aloud,

With a heavy heart that would sink.


I looked at the passersby,

Who were walking hand in hand.

And asked myself that what,

Was I doing in this land?


I was lost with my old memories,

And voices from the past,

What I only remembered,

Were there unraveled lasts.


Heard the cheers from those friends,

Who hopped and jumped and laughed,

Yet I was all alone,

With a barrier that had me chafed.


Carrying few thoughts in my mind,

I walked along the road,

In mere dreaminess,

Having countless little hopes.


Had no intentions to cry,

But emptied all my love,

To none but only one,

The sole individual above.


I sat in the shade of a tree,

With my head resting on my knee,

And within a few split seconds,

My spirit was finally free.


Showed gratitude to the God,

Who answered all my prayers,

In that critical time of need,

When I was shedding tears.


Upon meeting my lost friend,

Was when my heart delighted

I found myself speechless,

When I got what I wanted.


And so it ended well,

As love finds its own way

To you a merry farewell,

Having happiness come your way…


Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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28 thoughts on “For the one who was lost…

  1. Sam Nyabere

    An insightful piece this is.

  2. Nice work partner. (:
    So glad that something new is finally posted. I’m really longing to write, just waiting to get rid of the laziness and for an inspiration to strike. 😛

  3. Rabab Dawson

    good job yr! this is fully amazing 🙂

  4. HUSSaina ! :)

    ~~~likes~~~~ ! 🙂

  5. Great to see Apprentices back in action!
    Lovely Ruqaiya! The message and the metre is soothing!
    Keep writing. Hoping to read a lot more from you all this summer.

  6. fatema lilyawala

    Just enjoyed reading it.


    it is just a masterpiece…keep it up!!! great work..!!

  8. Lamu thank you! You atleast took out time to read, that means a lot to me… 🙂

  9. Murtaza



    good piece of work!!!!!:d

  11. Ummehani Rao

    Really loved it, Ruqaiya! 🙂
    Keep writing…

  12. Ruqaiya thankyou so much for such a beautiful comeback poem for the blog 🙂
    It’s so serene and soft, the flow is smoothing to the ears. Loved it! 🙂

  13. Sarah Munawar

    Ruqaiya your poems inspire me!
    This one is really soothing!
    Keep rhyming! 🙂

    • Thank you very much Sarah! And, I’m glad they inspire you.. I’m waiting for an essay or something from your side… And, thanks again. 🙂

  14. yusuf

    nice poem :

  15. Embraced by Light…

    Peace & Light

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