Cricket Fever!

My brother, although being an eight year old, always proves to be a great one to pass time with. I adore him for being so passionate and energetic- the strings of our similar personalities join at this point. His antics, the amazing sense of humor and spontaneously charming ways astonishes everyone-his teachers, my family, my friends, the neighbors, everyone! And this is just not it! The thing which awe-strikes us all is his uncontrollable ‘cricket fever’.

Yes, I know cricket is unofficially our national game. It’s indubitably full of thrill. It’s incredibly unpredictable. I’m also a cricket fanatic but Hussain? He is the ‘craziesssttt’ amongst us all!
His life revolves around cricket. Whenever we play the verbal game ‘Name Name’, he responds with the most complicated names of the cricketers and keeps up with the game level. Instead of watching cartoons and stuff, he sticks to the idiot box watching cricket for hours and sometimes begins his own non-stop commentary or starts bowling around with his ball. Whenever he’s at sight, most of the time we see the imaginary cricket game going on by his actions. And the whole day, all he awaits is for the specific time when he goes out to play cricket with his overexcited friends.

Recently we went to watch the movie ‘Ferrari ki Sawari’. The tickets were especially booked for him, to keep up with his cricket passion. I was staring at him throughout the movie as I found his gestures more interesting to look at. His eyes were fully bright with amusement, twinkling all the way.

Hussain always wanted a cricket kit as a reward for his top grades. So this time my dad finally bought a fully accessorized kit for him. He was on the moon immediately after seeing a glimpse of my dad carrying the huge bag in his hand. Also specifically to mention, that night he slept with the cock ball beside his pillow. 😀

The ‘thank you hug’ for the kit (:

Now, most of the time I see him with the helmet on his head and the rest you can imagine… 😛

-Sarrah Mustafa Malir

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23 thoughts on “Cricket Fever!

  1. The same is with me. What we sAy a cricket MiniaC… He will be the upcoming cricketer 😛

  2. Haha. I used to think that he loves the ‘BANG’ of china bombs the most, but now after reading this blog i’m sure that he adores the ‘BANG’ which comes after hitting the ball with the bat – aswell. Overall, well written. And yeah, i agree wid ur mom – frame the first picture. 😉

    • Hahahaha, yes he surely loves both the ‘BANGS’. And you know, he is still waiting for the bombs you will bring for him one fine day…. LOL
      Thank you. (:

  3. Sarrah i also am a cricket fan. And I do love cricket too. it’s just that it looks odd playing in public. Great post! 🙂

  4. Rabab Dawson

    Hahaha.Same here i also love cricket.Its fun playing cricket. 🙂
    Well very nicely written! great post.

  5. fatema lilyawala

    His attitude in our school campus while playing cricket is just so admiring !
    a little boy guiding others !
    the most annoying moment for him is when he is not out and the others claim him as out !

  6. Dawood

    hahah it seems the champ is crazyy about cricket. He usually asked me about the score in school when there was a match of pakistan 🙂

  7. Hatim Rampurawala

    taaap jai rahyos taro bhai!!!!!!

  8. mohammed

    a cricket lover haa………..
    btw tell him that theres a cricket course sum where in the asghar ali shah stadium i think ask him if hell join it will be a life time experience for him .. 🙂
    and amazing stuff sarah , realy well rittn

  9. Sarrah, well expressed! Hussain’s image of jumping excitedly with the kit can easily be imagined!:)

  10. Cricket! Is there a game like it! Unfortunately the game our team plays makes us wince in pain. I know a cricket fanatic too–its my dad! When Pakistans not playing well i fret about the torture my dad’s going through. May it be county or 20-20 or test cricket–he’s up to date on it! It ‘is’ a fever!

    The passion for cricket in our youngsters is something they are born with. Its so great to read about your brother’s love for the game! The way you have written about it is very entertaining to read! Well written and beautiful picture of him! He’s an adorable boy!

    Keep writing dears!

    • Maryam ben! Here’s your comment, finally!:D
      I knew you could relate. It was actually surprising to know about your dad breaking the chandelier and waking up at 3 just to witness the toss, lol.
      Thank you soo much for the compliments. (:
      Lots of love,

  11. hey sarah well done yaar… i ve become dormant .. lets hope i start again like u guys 🙂 gr8 JOB..

  12. Mustansir, waiting for the dormant phase to come to an end:)

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