It’s the Power of Vision

Yesterday, I finally created a Facebook page ( to display my photography in an organized manner for more people to view them easily. To make the profile page look catchy, I created a photo especially for the page’s cover.

And, the real ride begins!

The camera just helped me in clicking what I saw and what I wanted to express. It didn’t do a big deal. Isn’t it? The important part was my vision and my creativity which helped me in creating something on that picture using whatever little skills I possess.

After getting really heartwarming response from all my friends, an expecting comment finally came up for which I was longing for. The comment which grabbed my attention completely and I felt the urge to give a detailed reply to it right away!

That comment was: “Sab camera ka kamaal hai ” (All good is because of the camera)

My eyes grew wider and I typed with great haste on the keyboard.

I replied: “Dude? I can write pages and pages to reply you back for the thing you’ve just said. (:

It’s not the camera. It’s who’s behind the camera. It’s the eye!
I’ll elaborate, you need ‘someone’ possessing a photographic eye to capture your moments with their camera. Believe me, people owning fancy cameras can take rubbish pictures as well. A real artist can create something even with the small camera they own.
In the beginning, I used to shoot with my cell phone camera. Then I started using my compact one and now, I just bought a better gear to ‘enhance’ my creativity. (This page almost has pictures clicked with my compact one till now). 

Photographers are like wolves in the wild whose presence slips silently into the background. These journalists record the events as observers, marking them for history. And a camera is just a source to make that possible.
In short,the camera doesn’t make a huge difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, ‘you’ have to SEE.
By the way, I’m not throwing tantrums. I’m just proving those people wrong who think this way. And I thank you that you gave me an opportunity and something to express. 😀 

Well, the whole point was that ‘equipment doesn’t always matter’ you can produce anything by using what you are provided with. It’s the passion which actually matters. Anyways, I don’t need to elaborate more as Sam Haskins did it all by sharing this:

Food for thought. (:

-Sarrah Mustafa Malir

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17 thoughts on “It’s the Power of Vision

  1. Rabab Dawson

    Sarah u have wonderfully expressed!
    Loved it. 🙂

  2. Sarrah
    I’d also created a facebook page 3 months ago…
    and waited for the comment
    and reactedthe same ways as u did
    looking forward for ur photos…………
    Mustafa Baroda 🙂

  3. Sarah
    Its great to read about something one loves to do. Your passion for photography is something which is fascinating…that combined with your ability to write is very effective.
    People will comment–many a times unthinkingly and callously–without realizing the impact words have. But you should be undeterred. One careless comment shouldn’t bother you–i know it wont.
    Best of luck.

    • Your comment is very stimulating. Yeah, it didn’t bother me actually. Instead, it gave me an opportunity to speak out and prove myself. Thanks for having faith in me and appreciating my work always. (:

  4. huz hazari

    Sarrah this is jus amazing and excellent…
    The image processing is great to start….. And nicely expressed the value of photography for you….. ( i also hate that comment “sab camera ka kamaal hai” )
    Looking forward to see ur photographs 🙂
    -Huz Hazari

    • Thank you so much Huzaifa. Yeah, that comment gets annoying at times. But we don’t really care, isn’t it? 😛
      Inshallah, the shots will be flooding in after Shehrullah. Looking forward to the feedbacks. (:

      • Huz Hazari

        i saw the photos on the page….. the start up is good…. 🙂
        Huz Hazari

  5. Maria Peati

    Your passion will take you up high in the sky one day 🙂

  6. Dawood

    sarrah , reading ur article seems u r so much interested in photography 🙂
    waiting to see pictures from the proffesional one now 🙂

  7. ibrahim shabbir

    hey this article expresses something about ur passion and u have take it in a such a beautiful way… it was great reading this..

  8. That’s true most of the time people give importance to equipment not to the creative mind working behind that equipment.

    I saw your photographs on FB as well and i anticipate your future ride by observing your present moves.

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