Different Flowers in the Same Garden

“Sisterhood is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest.”  ~Margaret Mead

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was actually helping that person with whom I’ve been fighting most of the time. Yes, to that person at whom I’ve mostly yelled at. With whom I’ve never really shared ‘the angelic bond of sisters’ which usually sisters share.

We were actually having a great time! I was lovingly teaching her how to carry her elegant rida after her misaq, how to do her hair and how to tie the flap. We had a photo session after that and then, it all ended with a tight hug which warmed our hearts. Obviously, we always knew that deep down inside there’s a strong bond which nobody can shake. But that day we were sure.

Soon, I narrated all this to a really good friend of mine. And she surprisingly stated “Are you alright, Sarrah? Hearing all this senti stuff about ur sister from you is actually shocking, man!” I was like, “Don’t you know? An intellectual and an emotional soul lies beneath this funny, idiotic Sarrah Malir” She immediately replied, “O yea? I’m noticing these days that you are actually changing—getting sensible!”And I said, “No no. You’re just getting to know me better. 😛 Or yeah like seriously, you know what time and experience does… But I tell you one thing, I’m secretly surprised with this incident myself”

Obviously, anybody would be shocked to hear that ‘Sarrah Malir’ was doing the girly stuff to ‘Alifya Malir’. Me and Alif? We are different flowers in the same garden–creatures from different planets. We don’t even look alike physically nor do our personalities match! Her sensibility, simplicity, patience and maturity at a young age is what makes her unique and leaves me wondering, how is that possible with ‘my’ sister? A very few number of teenagers are like that. I was myself was so hyper, idiotic and a ‘bit’ insensible at her age.

Well, these traits make her admirable. Yes, this is what makes you special Alifya! I love you, my nerd-yyy . And I do care a lot for you. You should just be thankful to me for not revealing the crazy side of yours and your nickname, of course. 😛 But remember, I’ll always keep eating your junks and using your belongings without your permission and will keep on irritating you. After all I love doing that! HAHA. *evil smile*

That’s how (most) sisters are! That’s how we are! 😉

-Sarrah Mustafa Malir

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26 thoughts on “Different Flowers in the Same Garden

  1. Alefiyah Rao

    Wow! Sarrah, i myself havent seen or heard about this side of you. But its good to see such a strong bond between two sisters. No matter how much you say you hate them, u ALWAYS love them! We all have many people in our lives but there are very few who hold a special place in our hearts. Just like an irritating, yet charming sister!

    • Who better than you to appreciate the true significance of sisterhood. I do sometimes get fascinated by the bond you and Umme Hani apa share. (:
      Thanks Alifya. (:

  2. Rabab Dawson

    hahaha.. Sarrah same story is with me.. 😛 anyways this is best article of yours 🙂
    loved it

  3. Maria Peati

    Again I’ll say the same thing “Are you alright? Sarrah ? ” :p
    This article surely shows that you have blossomed 😉
    *cheers* 😀

    • hahaha Mariaaaaa, and again I would say that we all will mold into better beings time to time with new experiences and acknowledgements. (:
      Cheers! 😉

  4. Great post! My sisters and I were always close and we’ve grown closer over the years. I consider us some of the lucky ones! 🙂

  5. Sisterhood! Ah–its a blessing. may all the wonderful sisters of the world be safe and sound and have long long healthy lives:) They are such a support system.
    Its great to know you’ve started appreciating your sister from such a young age!

    • Ameen. (:
      haha, I’ve always appreciated some of her traits deep down inside but never really expressed. Lets hope the ‘angelic bond’ doesn’t last for just a few days instead remains like this forever(which is impossible–sisters cant live without fighting with each other) 😛

      • Fatima Raziuddin

        Today, I have read it and enjoyed it. Where have you disappeared, living so close by and still not visiting us in school.

      • Dear Fatema ben, it is a pleasure to know that I’m missed.I miss the library days too. Alot!
        Ishallah soon.. 🙂

  6. Dawood

    Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of, you know whatever you do, they’ll still be there. it feels nice u care so much for ur younger sister from such a small age 🙂

    • Yeah, agreed. That’s a side part too-you share everything with them no matter how long you’ve been fighting with each other.
      Haha, thanks bro!

  7. zainab hamid

    heyyyyyy sarrah… this was the best article from your side and i just simply loved it…!:-) and ” sisters are truly a blessing(maryam bhen i agree you!)”:-)

  8. Huz Hazari

    A relationship I say, being expressed of a sister… very nicely written sarrah.
    unluckily I cant express the feeling for a sister….
    but I have noticed in my friends the relation of a brother and a sister are much stronger than two sisters and two brothers….
    I haven’t experienced a sister’s love…. but surely i did experience my brother’s….
    I loved the line we “always knew that deep down inside there’s a strong bond which nobody can shake” as it happens with me 🙂
    keep writing….

    • Thanks Huzzi. (:
      As mentioned above, having a sister ‘is’ a blessing. One is truly fortunate to have one. Well I feel, any kind of relationship/bond can be in anyway…sturdy or weak or however it is…it depends. If you know what i’m trying to say.

  9. ibrahim shabbir

    hey sarah this article shows the chemistry between u two sis….
    i can also relate it with mine’s as i am the youngest in my house….

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  11. Khadija Lamu

    The article shows how much you care about your sis!!:) Keep caring!!! your posts are just amazing!!

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