Broken English, HAHA.

Example by a short lame story:

Life is a amazing thing to be noticed. But to notice others life is the most amazing thing no matter if people think none of your business but to involve in someone’s business is a great business

I was in kindergarden and the most exciting day was when a new comer was born in our class. The most wonderful thing was they both were twins with same faces, same habbits and same nature. The most supportive thing between them was they were not only best friends but best couple of brothers too. To observe them was my favorite thing but the most annoying thing was the yelling voice of my teacher “Are you with me girl”.

Years grew but they never fighted. I mean how is that possible I never founded. Not even a single miscommunition or an uncoperative  attitude. Between, they were most calm and quite although yelling in joy all the time. One would do each others work even fall the wrapper in the dustbin.

On 16th June 1956, we shifted to secondary campus but still they both were best friends we newed. If we both go on a outing they will seat together always. It was in their genes if one would laugh the other would also laugh automatically.

After graduation both got a job in a same company. One day I saw them leaving for their work. It was amazing to see them in same suit with same hairstyle.

Nothing was different between them in all those years. On new year party us friends we decided to keep a farewell party. Everyone was so much changed it was pleasing to see a change. Specially to see too man in wonderful yellow t-shirts. That day electricity was fluctuating so much. One of the twin brother went in the washroom when he opened the light he caught current and fell on the yucky floor. And his brother also died from the shock of his brother’s death. The way they were born together they were buried besides each other nearby Churchyard short a while.

It’s a blessing for a person to find a person just like him/her and if they die together it’s the most wonderful example ever.


Anonymous. XD

Hahahahahaha what an English!

LAUGH OUT LOUD people—zzz!
Come’on folks, we need a lot of feed backs on this one. 😉

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14 thoughts on “Broken English, HAHA.

  1. LOL!!! 😀 I LOVE this. Because there was no need to edit and the second it was like HAHAHAHAHAHA! 😀 I can not forgets whats we dids in the classss. 😛 😀
    Lovely dear anonymous. 😛

  2. Rabab Dawson

    Hahaha LOL!! 😛 Amazing 🙂

  3. Eggg-jacket-lyy 😀
    Today was a bomb after break! Now you guys understand why I almost died laughing in her lesson? 😛 Notice, also the spelling errors are not even edited. Do you all remember the ‘divorce part’ ? OMG it was! And and the dialogue, “life is a race, if you don’t run fast you’ll be like a broken anda” 😀

    Hats off my anonymous. You proved to be a true LOL-err today:P
    Is loves yous alls XD

  4. UM sorry guys…but im COMPLETELY lost! Pls paraphrase:)

    • Hahaha, after deciding to post this on the blog, we were like Maryam ben will definitely go into a deep shock after reading this piece:D
      We were looking forward to a detailed reply:P
      Take care, Sarrah.

  5. Alefiyah Rao

    hey!!! To be honest, this is the most funniest yet craziest post i’ve ever read. I just cant stop thinking about how we reacted on this in class!!! hahahahahaha…. LOL! And yes, Maryam bhen i just cant stop imagining how your face expressions would have been when you read this article… 🙂 And ofcourse, Good job my ANONYMOUS friend. You made lots of people laugh today through you write-up. So, Hats off!!

  6. English is an odd language. I wouldn’t want to try to learn it if I already had a perfectly good language to use!

  7. Huz Hazari

    “heads” off to this kind of english,,,,
    once i went with my mom to select cloth for curtains…. while he was showing lots colors…. suddenly he called out “sirji ye ‘tortoise’ rang ka le lo”
    i guess you’d get it 🙂

  8. ibrahim shabbir

    sirjiee kbhe ap hme bhi to milye hme tution ki bat krne hai apse…4-5 thek hai.?:-p…it is a great time pass…..!!!!enjoyed it…

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  10. Reblogged this on Writer's Apprentices and commented:

    This article was posted about 2 years ago. I read it again and I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m reblogging this to revive the sweet memories of school with my friends. 🙂

  11. Haha its fun to hear such conversations, ‘broken english’ indeeed hahaahaaa 😀

  12. Haha Its fun to hear such conversations,you did not need much of editing here :p

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