The Barakaat of MSB Assemblies

An assembly is basically held for communicating information, habitual practices and for learning experiences of knowledge with the fellow mates. But do you know why the (morning) assemblies in MSB are totally unique from the others? Evidently, that’s because the seeds of Al-Madrasa-tus-Saifiyah-tul-Burhaniyah have been sowed by Aqa Maula (TUS) which is why the chamber of this educational institute is full of barakaat under the serenity of His (TUS’s) aabady saaya. And that’s where the assemblies make a difference.

Only the one’s present in them ‘thoroughly’, can realize the barakaat it showers every morning, every dawn, into a new day that is welcomed by the smiling countenances of the students and the staff as we assemble in our dua hall to proclaim a productive promising day by commencing with the barakaat of the recitation of a few mesmerizing verses of Quran-e-majeed, zikr-e-Hussain, duas, a few soothing stanzas of madeh or qasaids with some worldly news and sometimes a presentation that is ended by all of us standing imposingly reciting Wazeefat-u-shukr and asking for taeed(help) to Maula (TUS) to begin a challenging day with spiritual strength and stimulation.

Well, the main reason behind this piece is that something which we witnessed today in the assembly and to capture that fading melody within the confines of my mind, to capture that feeling of profundity that I want to live with forever, I ‘had’ to write. I had to write for the sake of the indescribable torrent of emotion and rush of gratitude as today was the bereaved occurrence of Shehzada Huzaifa Mohyuddin Bhaisaheb’s death anniversary which is why every single thing we recited was heartily dedicated to him. After the recitation, we were been shown a presentation on what were his great achievements, his attributes and the khidmaat he preformed of dawat-e-haadiya all his life! We were filled with inspiration. We were filled with awe, and then the emotion raised plentifolds as the marasiyah, ‘Aey Huzaifa Mohyuddin’ penned by his beloved daughter, ‘Ajab bensaheba’ was been recited in which she beautifully expresses with such mellifluous words of how every minutiae of him has been missed which is why the chamber had gone faint in it’s power of emotion. Everybody was filled with grievous loss and was teary-eyed. After that we recited the madeh, ‘101mi Milaad’ which was recited by every single person loudly with utmost affection and gratitude and devotion which filled the hall. Now, you would’ve an idea how it all felt.

Taken in March 2012

Taken in March 2012

See? This! This is how our everyday education begins. This is how we are being brought up. This is how we have been successful or are succeeding. And, and this ‘is’ how we realize the true reason behind our existence, which is doing everything that makes our king happy, bonafide?

In the end, let’s pray that our Maula (TUS), the bower of all the 22 thriving branches of MSB Educational Institute around the world, and His Mansoos (TUS) live a prosperous life till eternity. And may the Shehzada rest in the appeasing shade of Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin (R.A) Ameen!

Amate Syedna (TUS) wa Mansoosehi (TUS),
Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

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17 thoughts on “The Barakaat of MSB Assemblies

  1. usuffyy

    A masterpiece id say… it took me 4 years back to those days i can never forget, msb has given me countless memories which would never fade (:
    very well written my friend…uv used strong words to convince your blog readers to make them read with great interest (:

    • Heeyy:D
      Long time haan no comment on the blog? Agreed, the influence of MSB will always remain. Even just a little but it will. Forever. Anyways, thank you soo much:) keep readinggg!
      God! Im so high right now… Shhh! 😀

  2. Sarah Munawar

    SaRRah? Bona fide!
    MSB’s assembly is what I miss the most, from Quran’s dua till Wazaye-Funna! Nowhere such blessings are showered..
    I still remember last year when I heard the news of Shehzada Saheb..And the presentation showed in MSB hall, when then too we all were left in tears by his loss!
    Am waiting for such posts, to make me feel nostalgic! 😦
    You’re content discussed..
    About writing: Speechless! 🙂


    that is so patriotic of you sarrah. amazing, love thiss 🙂

  4. Ammar

    Sarrah indeed a master piece (chef-d’oeuvre) and a long awaited post. Your love for MSB and your passion for writing well reflected. It touched my heart, so must have with others too. Have it posted on the net on Monday with the current event pics. Keep on writing.

    • Thank you Janab (À votre bon cœur) ((: I’m so grateful for what MSB has been making me today. And I realllyyy wish to return it back in future sometime.

      Plus, can’t express enough gratitude to Maula (tus) when he showed up in my mother’s dream one night and helped her to make the decision of shifting me to MSB. It brought an incredible change in my life and that is the reason i’m here now.
      Thanks again Janab. I will (:

  5. I can see the poitners in here! 😛
    I’m awe-stricken maleeran, it’s B-E-A-utiful!!
    I wish all the MSBians read it, and the ones who haevn’t been inspired lately would get inspired after reading this piece of excellence!
    Love it thoroughly!:)

    • Oyeeee nani Maria! xD Now u know why was I so lost after Wazay-e-Funna?:P And yes, see the pointers are well followed:)

      Another purpose for writing about this was to make students realize the ne’mat we’re blessed with. We all should make the most out of it.
      Thanks A-L-O-T 😉


  6. Sarah! Exquisite!
    I loved it not only because the vocabulary is stunningly apt and well chosen and the language is powerfully vivid but also because your ikhlaas and love for MSB shines through every phrase breathing life into it.

    For me this post was a flashback. I loved MSB assemblies–the spiritual charge, the serenity, the love for Maula TUS in the air–its all magical.

    Please keep writing –you all have a gift, its a blessing!Dont take it for granted, the best way to show gratitude is to use this gift.

    • Dearest Maryam ben, I gotta say that your texts that day hit me hard, man! 😀 I’m touched, truly!

      Absolutely, magical it is! But that’s because you do realize it’s true significance.

      Plus, when a student has a motivating mentor like you, he would never stop! I mean it.

  7. Shamuil Badruddin

    Great piece Sarrah!! I think you have rightly expressed what each student and teacher of MSB feels everyday in all our centers. Our Tilawat ud Dua is something magical!! It has all the pre requisite ingredients necessary for acquiring the knowledge with right perspectives. The blogs in Writers Apprentice shows the deep impact of MSB’s T.Dua over the years on the subconcious mind of its students which results in channeling their thought processes in right direction.

  8. huzefa dohadwala

    very well written.

  9. Taha Dewaswala

    very well written. i just completed my career in msb and will never forget this institution which is a ne’amat of our beloved maula syedna Mohammed burhanuddin(r.a) and syedna mufaddal saifuddin aqa (t.u.s).the tilawat-ud-dua was a unique element.
    truly msbian,

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