The Note.


 As I was going through my diary, I found a note from 2 years back, dated 2nd of February 2011, written in my hand writing that was quoted for me from a fellow mate. I immediately remembered what it was. In grade VIII we were asked to describe any one classmate in a single paragraph.

One of my classmates described ‘me’ and it went like this: “She has a really good accent of the language she uses, she has curly hair and a loud voice, and she participates in each and every thing she likes. She always tries to adjust with everyone; she has a very wide smile, when she smiles everything around me is smiling, even me. She is a person who is perfect though no one is. I am blessed with a friend who is charming, honest, loyal, good natured, and awesome. I love her and I want her to be with me, always present in my life.

First of all this is not self-praising and secondly I truly do not deserve what she said about me. When I read this, it brought back a flood of memories of  last year. I realized how much things had changed from that day to now. It was simply indescribable.

The thing that made me sad about this was that the person who had written this for me had left school. It was Zainab Hamid, the one who had spectacles, with a bit dark complexion but quite a charm in her personality and appearance. She was a bit plump and I could hug her like she was a teddy-bear. She was the happy-go-lucky one; I can still remember her laughing at my queer jokes. Her laugh was a unique one, as she used to laugh her heart out like me.

At times when I talk to her, I feel such a relief, as she makes me a stronger person; the one who is trust-worthy and gives the right suggestions. I don’t have words to tell her that how much I miss her. I treasure her friendship and will always do.

I hope she receives the best out of everything and may happiness follow her to the end.

Dedicated to you, my friend.

Sincerely yours,                                                                                                                                                 Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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15 thoughts on “The Note.

  1. Sarah Munawar

    Reminded me of an essay too! 🙂
    Indeed an excellent dedication!
    Keep posting! 🙂

  2. Lokhand, how shall I start? I have such a load of things flowing inside waiting to burst out.
    First of all, that awesome activities Mb made us do and this was one of it. That moment is still fresh in my mind when I read the three pages of my essay aloud for that someone special and she just couldn’t stop looking in my eyes and grinning uncontrollably. It still brings a big smile on my face:)

    Secondly, a flood of memories indescribable? Bilkul! Grade 8 was the best thing ever happened to me in all these years. Wont be able to forget it!

    And at last, i’m sooo glad you wrote abt her *a hug for that*. Ohh, my Zainu! She knows well how much I miss my teddy bear!
    My seat was in between her and Lily and Lamu beside her. That seat! That seat was the best where we would keep a sharp eye on the going-ons in the corridoor(haan Zainab, what say?) 😀 And the golden times we had! Ufff bomb! All the laughs, the silly jokes and pranks, the ‘pachkaas’, the mimickry(that I mastered in), the deep deep talks… I miss soo much! She was especially my lunck break companion too and we always used to lootofy each other! :’D How can i forget, ‘auntaayyy’ and ‘soch chay tari’ hahaha xD

    There’s so, so much more! Khair, about your writeup? It shows how much u treasure ur fraaanndddship 😛 Really good and pure writeup! Keep posting partner. (:

    (Excuse me for the huge comment, just realized it’s too long:D)

    Love love love to you both,

    • Hahaha yeah Sarrah! 🙂 It will be the best year we’ve had, the hand ball matches the hoots, the literature classes… everything ! 🙂 Thank you very much by the way.. 🙂

  3. zainab hamid

    hey, Ruqaiya it was realy thoughtful of you. I miss you and i always will. I cherish every moment i have spent with you. Thank you soo much. love you always.. 🙂

  4. zainab hamid

    hey sarah! soo very true, u left me teary eyed. we enjoyed soo much and yeah i still remember those pachkas,soch che tari, aantay and all those stuff very well!.. thank u both. miss u guyz..

  5. Ammar

    It pays high to appreciate, keep it on.

  6. Memories flashback! One surely does need such articles to bring them back and remember what’s gone. The other day I was going through my photos and went wild-eyed when I saw our group’s picture- such days! I wish that we have a reunion soon yaar! 🙂
    Lovely writeup!

  7. Thank you very much Maria! 🙂 insha Allah we’ll have a re-union soon.. 🙂

  8. ibrahim shabbir

    abey tumm logg ko kia pata k hum boyyss ne kitne “tafree” ki hai…:p
    will really remember those dayss..
    well recap…

  9. Rabab Dawson

    so nicely expressed ruqaiya.. i miss her too 🙂 and yeah 8 grade was really fun! 🙂

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