Happy Birthday To you! :)

In each of our lives, there are days, dates when good things happen. They might not be one, but several. They might not have come, but about to come, to make the history for each individual.
But, there is one day for each one of us, destined to be ours forever; a day to feel special and to be on the top of the world, the day of our birth. On that particular day, we expect cakes and presents, attention and surprises, Lots of greetings and lots of love.
One such day has arrived for a unique one; obviously, we only remember the dates of our closed ones don’t we? So on the 13th of February an alluring being was born, a mother who had given birth to someone who was to come and do well to the earth. Do well to the students and change their lives in many ways. Yes, my previous science teacher Shahzadi Bhen opened her eyes on this day making it memorable for many.

Our school is our home (you might have well read in the previous posts). A home, where teachers and students both are friends and family. The bond which grows in here is indescribable, more so magical. When there’s a birthday, we serve the cake from the gatekeeper to the principal, everyone. There are no differentiations, each one is attached in one or other way, and no one is separate. It’s a one big family. The aura of affection and care and respect is too much to be inhaled by an outsider.

As it is, Shahzadi Bhen’s birthday, I thought there wasn’t a better occasion than this to write on. I recall her first birthday celebrated here in school. It was indeed a big bash, we all classmates had planned a surprise for her and she was just too exultant, although in the end we were scolded but it was all worth while.
And no, it’s not just her, but other teachers too. I remember our previous English teacher( Maryam bhen) she always had her birthday coming during our exams and so we couldn’t do much for her but we tried whatever we could do.
Well, it doesn’t end just here; the teachers also treat us, the students. The ex-students of year 2011 told us that our physics teacher cum coordinator treated them on his birthday.

So, the point is that be it teacher or student, birthdays are important for everyone. And here in Msb, you will always witness a grand bash celebrated amidst students and teachers.

And so I conclude by saying “Image” Dear Shahzadi Bhen.

We love you always no matter we are with you or not; and we wish you all the happiness of the world.

A proud MSBian,
Maria Sadri.

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16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To you! :)

  1. Firstly, Happy Birthday Shahzadi.
    What better gift to give someone than the priceless token of words which will live on forever in the heart and mind.

    Its wonderful that you remember and respect your teachers even if they are not teaching you today…very few pupils do so.

    Hope Apprentices will continue to post and delight us.
    Fondest Regards,

  2. ammar311

    Happy Birthday

  3. Aah birthdays! Atleast for me that’s a blog post in itself. These are the only special occasions that give us a chance to heartily express our affection.

    As far as Shehzadi ben is concerned, there was a time when we used to have sisterly chats with her. (:

    Happy birthday fellow Aquarius! May u have a good one. (:


  4. Sarah Munawar

    Reading about birth ‘dates’ and that also written by you seems comical! 😛
    Maria from begining to end I completely agree with you, celebrating birthdays in MSB are unforgettable memories!
    Keep writing without droughts in between! 😉
    And yes Happy Brithday Shehzadi ben! 🙂

    • Hahaha Sarah, I was hoping that you wouldn’t mention that. But yeah that is true, I dont remember much birthdays but just the few of them strike and stay in my mind forever!
      Yes, inshalah will keep writing, thanks! 🙂

  5. Hussain muslim

    Well DoNe MaRia…… I ThinK U WroTe This Bog On Behalf Of OuR Claazzzss :p 😉 …ThanK YOu For It..We’ll MaKe SuRe ThAt We Atleast CelEbrAte OuR Rest Of The Birthdays Together As Long Ass Wee Are iN Xkul …..>….. Nd Happii BirThDay ShahZadi Bhen…… :)… Awaiting For a Treat On Friday….. :p ……

  6. First of all, Happy Birthday Shehzadi Bhen! Coming to the post , Maria thank you for posting and bringing life to our blog :p and i second Sarah; u and birthdays no connection 😛 , as u rem only a few :p Great post partner! 🙂

  7. murtaza pishori

    happy birthday mrs shehzadi! 🙂 and yeah.. as far as birthdays.. and aquarius’s are concered.. im an aquarius myself.. 🙂

  8. murtaza pishori

    the moment i saw the post in my inbox.. i thought it was related to someone wishing me happy birthday.. hahaha! 😛 well.. maria.. fantastic post! keep writing! 🙂 salaams to everyone! 🙂

  9. Munira Khambatwala

    AMSB is truely ineffable and undescribable be it for education or occasions or birthdays..Though iam an outsider but i completely agreee with each an every word discussed in all the posts and i do regret that why dint i get the chance to mold myself under the shade of AMSB.
    Well as far as birthday celebrating in amsb is concernced, even i have experienced this great bash when my parents planned for me a stupendous surprise with the primary teachers and i celebrated my birthday with all the primary staff… Miss those moments
    Now about your writing , i have always stayed a big fan of your skill 😉 good luck for more writeups.

    • Munira, even though for only a month a week. Be it teacher or student, each one becomes a part of MSB.
      And see, it feels really good to know that you value it, some people dont!
      Hahaha, woww! well, thanks anyways! 🙂

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