WhatsApp Wackiness!

Aunty 1: “…How’s your daughter out there in Canada?”

Aunty 2: “Good. She’s pretty active on ‘WhatsApp’ and sends pictures frequently so I’m relieved to see what she’s up to daily”

Aunty 1: “Ohh I forgot! You lazy! I’m dying to see the pictures since ages. By God! I’ll give you the rida I’ve stitched of yours only after you’ll give me those pictures!”

Aunty 2: “Uhhh, okay bhae I’ll send whatever ‘maal’ (pictures and videos) I have of the function to you on ‘WhatsApp’, happy?”

Aunty 3: “Heeeyy make sure you do that in the group we’ve made!”

(To Aunty 4:) “When in the world are you going to get ‘WhatsApp’? You’re missing some reall stuff”

“Aunty 4: “ Ughhh, believe me now all I do is eat my elder son’s brain to get me a phone which has that in it”

In the previous weekend, after spending the tiring yet an ecstatic hangout with school friends I unexpectedly ended up with unknown mohallah aunties to head back at my place in a tiny car. Those typical women chattered endlessly… about politics, sales, dramas, his daughter, her son… everything! But my antennae at last activated at the point when I heard the heavy name ‘WhatsApp’. I was enjoying their conversation and wondered about the influence of it that has dramatically flooded all over the globe and has reached even to the 40 year olds!

They say books are our best friends, for me my cell phone is! It’s like a precious jewel in my pocket! Some of the reasons are because it’s my daily planner at times and at times it even plays the role of a personal notebook. But now, tighter the strings have become. Know why? Because after the journey of Facebook, there were moments when I craved to vent and express myself. When I yearned about keeping in touch with my people but gradually it started to fade after I was introduced to WhatsApp!

I’m simply drowned in it because this mini social platform fulfills my need of expressing through my two most favorite mediums that are words as well as pictures. Here contacts are automatically added, and so it makes it easy to remain in contact with people all around the world. It even displays the chats in the most preferred threaded way with a loaded topping of such attractive animated emotions and icons that speak volumes and truly add flavor during the conversation. Umm, maybe that’s why I enjoy re-reading special conversations more often;)

Then even the profile options have totally corrupted me! Frankly, some people would even be considering my WhatsApp-ing strange because of the thought I put in updating DPs and statuses every week. But they have no clue of the fact that it’s actually we-the active WhatsApp users whom I lovingly call my ‘true whatsapp buddies’-socializing that way and adding life to it! Hehe, yes it’s true that the pictures I change are very frequent and surely depend on my fluctuating mood because of which sometimes I even deliberately take portraits for it. to share them with my friends and family…I love doing it, clicking around and enjoying . 🙂 Also the statuses, though they are short and catchy one liners but the depth and emotion they contain is what I like to display.

The thing I enjoy the most is that WhatsApp also provides the option of groups. It’s the corner where we buddies toss around ideas, dreams, share incidents, feelings, dispel each others fears, keep in touch all together, share unlimited media and sometimes even pass time by joking about the lamesttt of things and never miss it even if some of us are offline. Even today, the ones who fortunately didn’t feel the earthquake shocks got aware of its severity by the dramatic conversation which lost no time to begin in the groups immediately after it was felt!

So you see, WhatsApp attracts everyone to it like a magnet. It brings us closer to our family and friends by having the access to share with them all the time through the availability of just a net connection on the compact tiny devices! How cool is that!?

Cheers to WhatsApp and its wackiness! 😉

Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

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22 thoughts on “WhatsApp Wackiness!

  1. Maryam

    Completely agree…watsapp has changed the way we communicate! Im in love with it too!

  2. Maryam

    also…two posts back to back! Way to go! Great job you guys!

  3. Huzefa hazari

    Sarrah thats a great idea to write a blog whatsaap…..
    I like how u started it, the “black mail” kind of thingy.
    But these days it is also missused to send images which we are not supposed to…
    Good job sarrah,
    i agree with maryam bhen, two post back to back…
    Keep writing 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s just so in nowadays. And the WhatsApp talk actually happened. 😛
      I know! I was going to mention the little lack of privacy that I feel bad about. Hope it wasn’t like that:(
      Thanks Huzaifa (:

  4. First of all, I love the picture that you have taken. Secondly, your article, so very apt! Great goinnggg! 🙂

  5. IbrahIm shabbIr.

    well written sarah and seriously whatsapp is really popular amongst peoplzz….:)

  6. Sarah Munawar

    Well I am not a fan of whats-app. Additionally i don’t even like to use it but that doesn’t make your post unappealing! And this is your strong point! 😉
    Keep on writing ‘Wacky’ posts ‘RR’! 😛

  7. Really cheers to the wackiness of whatsapp! It’s enjoying it’s prosperity period – as did many prev. things…
    The best point for me is it’s feasibility to share; pics, videos, etc….. thus it enhancingly merges sms and emailing.
    & I’d like to share the pen with which you write these posts – quantity with quality! 😮 😉
    Great going!

  8. I totally agreee wid you..its like an addiction..luw the article..*thumbs up*

  9. zainab hamid

    sarrah good job… and really fantastic pic.. loved reading it..:) keep writing :);)

  10. shahzad

    haha same discussion was goin here in my family last night… well I love whatsap… great job

  11. Taha Dewaswala

    Whatsapp is a blessing if you use it right, or else it’s a bane.
    well written blog,something different.

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