It is a fact that the Allah Almighty’s most loved men face the most adversities in life. I often think why? And, I never found the answer to this question until I read this poem;

Fairer is the manuscript;

When the read is clipped.

Clearer runs the message when;

There’s a trimming of the pen.


Dimly burns the lantern but;

When its wick is cut.

Perfect will its luster be;

Through the wick’s deficiency.

The poem tells that when one goes through problems in life, he/she becomes a better person. This is because the person deals with patience and always tries to opt for the right thing during their predicaments. Those who are near to Allah Almighty face many difficulties and that’s how they are proved to be a role model for others. Otherwise, how can you judge a person? This is necessary to show, so that we come to know how ‘we’ can counter dilemmas. Life with no problem would be like food with no salt. It has its taste and value which makes us learn from our mistakes and errors.

After we go through the bad phases and gradually when we find our path there is no limit to our happiness. There is an inner satisfaction that we got something out of all our hard work. If there is no problem, no difficulty in life, we cannot enjoy that feeling of contentment, because we never faced any hard ship.


Problem has its own essence. When we deal with it we are also able to relate to someone else who is going through the same phase. We can even help that person to get out of it as we know how it feels.

For me, my greatest problem is my anger. It takes a lot of effort to control it and stop myself from bursting it out. The times when I cannot stop it I realize what I have done wrong and the times I am able to conquer it, is a time of blessing, I feel free from burdens.

I being a prefect at school, is a very tough job, I have to control my anger at many times. When I was actually able to hold my anger, my juniors also became my friends, and doing this job became much easier for me.

So, it’s about being grateful to what ever you get and saying that “why not me?”, because by facing miseries in life you will eventually become a better person!

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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8 thoughts on “Adversities.

  1. Heyyy, I was JUST going to post mine on adversities too! But after logging in and reading your post, it made me happy. (:

    I like the flow of it. Nice post dossttt! Waayy to go Apprentices! Much more posts comin’ up, inshaallah! 😉


  2. Ohhh sorry :P, well thank you by the way! 🙂 Yeah, insha allah! 🙂

  3. IbrahIm shabbIr.

    welll linked t your life…
    nice post.

  4. Huzefa Dohadwala

    nice work ruqaiyah, i would also suggest u to go through one of the munajaat of moula Ali AS which he gave to his daughter moulatuna zainab, وكم لله من لطف خفي (How many kindness of Allah’s are hidden, which is difficult to be understood by smart one). Our lives are something between destiny and our hard work. So in the time of difficulties we have to show gratefulness to Allah almighty which can reduce the intensity and also learn how to face it and come out of it.

  5. Taha Dewaswala

    firstly i would appreciate your efforts,
    i remember a speech from Shakespeare’s play ‘As you like it”
    “sweet are the uses of adversity which like a venomous toad carries a jewel in its head”

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